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Beretta 92 Series, Pistol 9mm M9, The one with MOJO


Beretta 92 Series, Pistol 9mm M9, The one with MOJO

Have you ever bought a gun just because it looked cool? I cannot believe I am saying this but that is the reason I recently bought this one. In the words of Austin Powers it has MoJo and it is one sexy beast. In the late 1990s a friend of mine purchased one and we went shooting. I was sporting a repulsive Smith and Wesson 5906 that was an issued duty weapon. He pulled that black beauty out and I was in love. I faintly thought I heard music. Up to that point, I hated semi autos, excluding the 1911. I saw all the new pistols as wannabe 1911’s with a sub-par cartridge. The designs looked sub-par as well at that time. The double-action trigger pull was a disaster

All that changed that morning on Stage Coach Road just outside of Colorado Springs. Here was a double-action pistol that looked like nothing I had seen before. It was not trying to be anything else—it was its own statement on the gun world. This was my first Beretta 92FS and I liked it. It was almost 20 years to get mine. My own Beretta 92FS, to be entirely honest mine is an M9, but what the heck.

Our gun of choice this week was the result of tweaks and modifications from its gun of origin, an improved version of the Medello Model of 1951. In 1976, it became the Model 92. A year later, the first modification was to the safety. Today, we know this as the de-cocking lever. This was the Model 92S. When the shooter pushes the de-cocking lever downward, it pushed the firing pin forward so it cannot make contact with the hammer, which subsequently drops. In looking at my M9 with the lever pushed downward, the firing connector tilts upward. You can beat on the hammer and it will not engage the firing pin. Obviously, this is a terrible idea as it will ruin your gun, and if I am wrong, you are in a world of hurt.



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  1. frank jackson

    November 3, 2012 at 2:23 am

    I acquired a 92S many years ago. The first time I took it out to the range a couple of my friends were there. So naturally they go a chance to shoot it. One of them was willing to trade me his Browning HiPower across the board. He said the gun was the sweetest gun he had ever handled. Knowing of his collection, and his knowledge, made me feel real good. Needless to say I still have that pistol. And it is still sweet.

  2. US Army (retired)

    November 3, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    As a retired US Army (24 yrs) veteran I carried a 1911 45 cal for my whole career until just before I retired. I NEVER cared for the 9mm. I still have the 45 and have never seen a reason to change because it is a one shot man stopper. I have seen people shot with a 9mm several times and they did not stop. I’ll stick with the proven one!

  3. CaptTurbo

    November 3, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    I have carried a 92FS for years and really love the gun. As far as one shot stopping power, you just need the right loads.

    • JIM

      November 4, 2012 at 1:28 pm

      WHICH ARE ???

      • CaptTurbo

        November 4, 2012 at 8:43 pm

        I prefer subsonic loads. The slugs I have loaded are CCI Gold Dots which will open to approximately the size of a nickle every time and not separate from the copper so … no fragging. The loads I have were a recipe the FBI cooked up for the Arizona State Police years ago. They should not deflect on severely raked windshields and can be relied upon to penetrate car door skins. They are said to have the stopping power of the .45 yet allow use of high capacity double stack magazines. I don’t know if these slugs are still available for hand loaders but there are similar choices out there in components or factory loads.

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