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Grouse Hunter Shoots, Kills Wolf at 8 Yards


Grouse Hunter Shoots, Kills Wolf at 8 Yards

A hunter was pursuing ruffed grouse with his bird dog near Park Rapids, Minn., when all heck broke loose. There was a commotion, and the dog ran back toward the hunter with a wolf hot on its heels.

“The hunter shot the wolf at about eight yards as it was coming directly at him and his dog,” Minnesota state conservation officer Sam Hunter told the Minnesota Star-Tribune. “It was a frightening experience during a grouse hunting trip that will not soon be forgotten.”

The wolf was killed by the charge of birdshot, presumably rather quickly at that distance.

Equally as disturbing as the attack itself are the few people in the Star-Tribune’s comments section who think the hunter was wrong to protect his dog and his own life from the wolf.



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  1. Sam W

    October 17, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Did anyone think for a wolf to charge a hunter and a dog it may have been rabbit? But; I would have done the same thing to protect my dog. I suppose those that think he was wrong to shoot the wolf, would have let the wolf attack themselves, a pet, or child; right? It’s easy to point fingers and damn someone from protecting his/her property or family……

  2. Maluka

    October 18, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    Out here in the western states we have a big problem with the wolves and the idiots that want to hug and kiss them. We have areas where cougar kittens have not live more than a few months because wolves eliminate the competition. Our elk and mule deer herds are being reduced and the moose in western Montana is in a crisis and losing battle. The do-gooders who think wolves only kill the weak and old are idiots. Wolves kill and eat what ever they can find and defeat. In North East Washington state the state had to hire a hunter to hunt and kill from a helicopter to eliminate the wolves of a pack that had lived only on cattle. The wolf head count has far exceeded the original number cited in the re-introduction plan and the results have been devastating. Guess the wolves failed to read the guidelines laid out in the federal moron report. Don’t get me wrong I think wolves have a place. Skinned out and hanging on a wall is the best place. Until their population is controlled we will continue to have the problem. If someone can develop a plan to get the wolves to stop their high rate of reproduction it would help solve the problem. Then we could use a similar plan on liberals and solve another problem.

  3. Gobbler1116

    October 22, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    This is what Hillary wanted when she was first lady. Like the bengazzy incident she creates problems everywhere she go’s

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