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What Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t Know About Police and Guns

2nd Amend.

What Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t Know About Police and Guns

In the wake of the recent mass shooting in Colorado, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg called on police to join him in fighting for more gun control: “I don’t understand why the police officers across this country don’t stand up collectively and say we’re going to go on strike.” It is illegal for police to go on strike, and Mr. Bloomberg later backed off his statement. But the mayor is just as far off the mark in his assumption that police agree with him on gun control.

Take the annual survey by the National Association of Chiefs of Police of more than 20,000 chiefs of police and sheriffs. In 2010 it found that 95% believed “any law-abiding citizen [should] be able to purchase a firearm for sport or self-defense.” Seventy-seven percent believed that concealed-handgun permits issued in one state should be honored by other states “in the way that drivers’ licenses are recognized through the country”—and that making citizens’ permits portable would “facilitate the violent crime-fighting potential of the professional law enforcement community.”



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  1. John Brashear

    November 6, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    this only shows how disconnected Bloomberg is from this Planet, and just because he has a lot of money, doesnt mean he’s intelligent

  2. Anthony Alexander

    March 19, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    I have to laugh at Bloomberg. He shows us all that money can’t buy common sense. While he is creating campaigns against soda and now this, it is all a diversion and denial away from the REAL ISSUEs that plague NY. Bloomberg and Cuomo 2.0 represent Big Government. They “think” New York as the place to be, but its high taxes have made it a place to flee. Those who have escaped the Empire State tax man could fill a major city. These people either ignore the reality of it all or are in denial, EITHER way these are not people who you want running NYS. We left NYS as a business and relocated to a more business friendly environment in 2007 and have never looked back. The best decision my company made is leaving NY. In 6 years we have been able to GROW out business more than the last 15 in NYS.

    From 1949 to 1961, more than 2.6 million of East Germany’s 17 million population escaped to West Berlin or West Germany, a hemorrhage of humanity that led the Communists to construct the infamous Berlin Wall in 1961. The state of New York, with about 19.5 million people, has no known plans to erect concrete barriers or barbed wire fences. But from 2000 to 2010 it suffered an exodus of some 3.4 million New Yorkers — nearly a million more people than in Germany’s post-war experience and more than that of any other state. And the outflow hasn’t stopped. The income loss for the state is $45.6 billion, the Tax Foundation says.

    Granted, it’s not just one-way traffic. New York has plenty of immigration from abroad; its more than 4 million foreign-born residents give it the second-biggest immigrant population in America.

    So net outward migration is about 1.3 million.

    Most New York refugees are in sunny, zero-income-tax Florida. The Sunshine State, along with its rays, offer big relief from New York’s state tax on income, which starts at almost 6.5% and reaches nearly 9% for the overly successful.

    On top of that are high sales taxes that approach 9% in New York City, but 7% in some other areas.

    New Yorkers who leave an estate of more than $1 million to their loved ones get hit with a state death tax reaching 16%, bringing billions into state coffers.

    Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo admits that “working families can’t afford to pay the ever-increasing tax burden … and this state has no future if it is going to be the tax capital of the nation.”

    But like a long line of New York politicians from both parties, what he dangles is relief from the state’s high property taxes, which are tied to state government spending mandates on localities — a longtime shell game showing no real signs of ending.

    Cuomo’s predecessor, Eliot Spitzer (aka the Emperor’s Club escort agency’s Client No. 9), actually attained the governorship as a tax crusader of sorts, suing H&R Block for $250 million on fraud charges as state attorney general while simultaneously seeking the governor’s mansion.

    But Spitzer didn’t, and Cuomo hasn’t, threatened New York’s status as “tax capital of the nation” with any substantive reform that changes the status quo.

    Like those formerly enslaved behind the Iron Curtain, New Yorkers’ choice is a wrenching one: either escape by leaving home, or spend years waiting for a liberator to arrive. But if you leave it to a politician to solve your problems of tax and growing your business, you have a long wait……move out of NYS to states that do not support the current Marxist agenda Bloomberg and Cuomo support to run the lives of people and we cannot forget Osama Obama’s following and their constant trampling of the Constitution

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