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Deer Hunter Found Dead In Tree Stand


Deer Hunter Found Dead In Tree Stand

A Minnesota man was found dead in a tree stand this week with a gunshot wound.

CLOQUET, MNOn Monday morning, a man was found dead in his deer stand from a gunshot wound.

Carlton County Sheriff Kelly Lake said the 73-year-old man had been deer hunting in Red Clover Township.

Dispatchers received a call at 10:18 a.m. on Monday reporting the man had been found dead.

The incident is still under investigation, and the victim’s name was  being withheld until relatives are notified.

Meanwhile, a Lake Park man suffered a leg wound when he was shot while deer hunting in Becker County last weekend.

The sheriff’s office says 45-year old David Shaw was in one of two groups hunting on the same public land in Cormorant Township on Saturday. One of the hunters fired at a deer and the bullet struck Shaw in the leg.

He was flown to a hospital in Fargo, N.D., for treatment. His condition wasn’t immediately available.

The shooting remains under investigation. Continue Reading

This seems to happen every deer season, and for the same preventable reasons.

  1. Not Wearing Orange
    It’s annoying and doesn’t look as cool, but there’s a reason it’s the law. It can save your life. There are still some hunters that will shoot at movement. You can try to educate them, but you can’t fix stupid. A bright orange vest and/or hat could be what keeps you alive and able to hit the woods again next year.
  2. Shooting at Movement
    As mentioned before, there are still some hunters that shoot at movement. Whether that’s a rustling in the bushes, or the faint movement of something in the distance. This usually happens on private land where hunters don’t think anyone else on the property, but it happens on public land as well by novice or uneducated hunters. This is not only dangerous for other hunters, but an unethical hunting practice. Without having the proper sight picture, how do you know your shot placement will put the deer down in an effective and humane way? The better question is, how do you know if you shooting at a big buck or a guy named Buck?
  3. Glassing With Rifle Scope
    Probably the biggest reason for accidental shootings in the deer woods occurs when hunters use their scope to glass or investigate movement. It seems harmless, but the slightest twitch of a finger could end the life of whatever is in your crosshairs at that moment. This can be avoided by carrying a good pair of binoculars on your hunt. Not only is it easier to spot game, but a pair of binoculars won’t accidentally kill whatever you’re looking at.

In reality, this is a tragedy that doesn’t happen all to often. However, using your brain, following the law, and implementing ethical hunting practices can prevent you from being hurt and improve the safety of the hunters around you.

Stay safe out there.



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