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The Recent Mall Shooting You Won’t Hear About

Posted on: May 24th, 2014

Good guys 1; Bad guy 0 Check it out: On May 10th 2014, a 34-year-old man named Fadi Qandil went to the Central mall parking lot in Ft. Smith, Arkansas to confront his estranged wife …Continue Reading →


Liberalism almost killed this black woman

Posted on: May 10th, 2014

Liberals are brilliant, creative in ways to either kill black people, or to get black people killed. If they are not putting Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, Liberals are creating Planned Hoods for …Continue Reading →


CONTROVERSIAL: Should Christian Parents Train Their Kids to Kill If Necessary?

Posted on: May 6th, 2014

If your girl is going to carry a weapon or have one in her house, then she had better perform the proper mental gymnastics necessary for her to move into Dirty Harry mode if things …Continue Reading →


Teen Gunned Down After He “Accidentally” Kicked In Door, Attacked Homeowner

Posted on: March 12th, 2014

Isn’t it wonderful when the family of a dead alleged criminal arrives to tell us how there wasn’t really a home invasion? Check it out: Somehow, the homeowner didn’t see it that way: Authorities on …Continue Reading →


Off-Duty Cop Road Rage Murder Trial – next big self-defense case

Posted on: February 24th, 2014

The shooter was black and the victim white, but there’s a big legal difference from Zimmerman and Dunn: In Maryland there is a legal duty to retreat. Check it out: Race has been a major …Continue Reading →


Ammo: How Much Is Enough When Carrying for Self Defense?

Posted on: February 23rd, 2014

No survivor of a gunfight has ever said, “I wish I hadn’t carried those extra magazines.” Check it out: When I get down to 1,000 rounds of any caliber, I consider myself out of ammo …Continue Reading →


No innocent is an underdog when they have a gun to level the field

Posted on: February 11th, 2014

“Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, fighting all who rob or plunder” if that is not a gun in the hands of the law abiding I don’t know what is. Check it out: Though it …Continue Reading →

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Can state limit self-defense to inside your home?

Posted on: January 27th, 2014

The questions facing the Supreme Court are whether the Second Amendment secures a right for self-defense outside the home and whether state officials are allowed to demand that people prove a “justifiable need” for self-defense. …Continue Reading →


District Court Strikes Down Gun Ban On Army Corps Lands

Posted on: January 18th, 2014

“The Corps is enjoined from enforcing [the ban] as to law-abiding individuals possessing functioning firearms on Corps-administered public lands for the purpose of self-defense.” Check it out: In a January 10th ruling, the U.S. District …Continue Reading →


How Do We Know Guns Save Lives?

Posted on: December 26th, 2013

Scholars will argue about how much and how often, but the good news is that law abiding gun owners continue to save lives. Check it out: I know it is the Holidays, but put on …Continue Reading →

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Notre Dame philosophy professor: ‘Most of us don’t have a good reason to keep guns in our homes’

Posted on: December 13th, 2013

Nutty professor. Check it out: “Should I own a gun?” That is the question that Gary Gutting, a professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, asks in a recent New York Times opinion …Continue Reading →


Intended Knockout Game Victim Shoots Back

Posted on: November 21st, 2013

The newspaper in Lansing, Mich., came so close to getting it right: An intended victim of the Knockout Game pulled a gun and shot at his attacker. So far so good. This version of the …Continue Reading →


The Newest Liberal Criminal Assault: The Right to Self Defense

Posted on: November 12th, 2013

Now it all becomes clear: Liberals want you to lay still and think of England while all manner of people molest your peace, you property and your body. Three cheers for old King George! At …Continue Reading →


A Good Reason to Carry Concealed and Practice

Posted on: November 6th, 2013

Why do you carry concealed? This is a good reason, and a better reason to practice your shooting… On Friday, 5 July 2013 I found out how important it is to have a “Standard” to …Continue Reading →

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Justice Alito: Self-Defense Is ‘The Central Component’ Of The 2nd Amendment

Posted on: October 31st, 2013

With the war against self-defense currently being waged via the Democrat-led attack on “Stand Your Ground” laws, it’s important to revisit Associate Justice Samuel Alito’s words from McDonald v Chicago (2010): “Individual self-defense is ‘the …Continue Reading →

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