14 Nov 2016

Redneck + Bow and Arrow + Explosive = Bad Idea

Guy straps a a firework to an arrow and it goes about as well as you think it would.

19 Oct 2016

Hunter Smacks Snow Goose Out Of Mid-Air With His Gun Barrel [VIDEO]

Watch as professional waterfowl guide, Denny Pitman, hits a snow goose out of the air with his gun barrel.

23 Sep 2016

Where’s The Best Place To Shoot A Deer?

There are cues to watch following your shot. The deer’s initial reaction, the arrow’s appearance, and the blood trail quality are all important to considering not only where the deer is hit, but how long you should wait before taking up the trail.

18 Aug 2016

Hunting, Butchering, And Cooking Wild Boar- With Gordon Ramsey

Gordon heads to Georgia and learns how to hunt and butcher wild boar, then cooks up a feast.

04 Aug 2016

US Military Switching To Glock. Good Idea, Or Nah?

With the military looking to introduce a new sidearm, Glock looks to be the front runner for replacing the M9.

Man Shot Right In The Neck By A Flaming Arrow On America’s Got Talent
03 Aug 2016

Man Shot Right In The Neck By A Flaming Arrow On America’s Got Talent

America’s got talent contestant shot in the neck on live TV by a flaming arrow from a crossbow.

19 Jul 2016

Crowd Funding Sites Refuses To Allow Camera Mounts For Guns

MT Tactical was denied access to nearly every crowd funding platform (e.g., Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder) because our tactical camera mount was considered to be a firearms accessory,