DHS: Huge New Ammo Order With May 23rd Response Date

If the Department of Homeland Security didn’t already have enough ammunition, they’ve decided to place an order for 25 million more 12 gauge shotgun shells soon after an explosion at a shotgun shell producing facility in Tennessee.
Check it out:

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  • edro3111

    DHS needs to worry about a lot more than my shotgun shells. I can tell you that!

  • Red Steiner

    The DHS is a scary lot as is FEMA.

  • Red Steiner

    The only way to get the ammo one needs these days is to reload. It’s unfortunate that one can’t reload .22 ammo though. It’s as rare as .223 used to be.


      Indeed, RED, reloading is a sensible way to go. I share your regrets that we cannot reload good old .22 LR…YET. If push comes to shove, someone out there will find a way to at least make new rim-primed cases. The lowly .22 is almost a perfect survival gun for small game. Lacking that, there is the good old .17 cal air rifle for that purpose.

      • Red Steiner

        I agree, I have a 177 cal. Pellet Rifle too.

  • lbc

    Obama is trying every way he can to disarm America so his cronies from the Middle East can move in and take over America. Don’t agree? It’s already happening. Just look at all his buddies from the Muslim Brotherhood that he’s already appointed to various positions in his administration, that should tell you something.

    • Alex Delarge

      LMAO! No brain, no headache! Since Obummer will only be president til Jan 2017, his appointments will go away! Living your life in fear is pathetic but feel free to leave this country or just check out all together!

      • lbc

        You misunderstood me. You muslims are nothing to be feared.

      • daisykmt

        Fact: Obama has appointed many with ties to muslim brotherhood (CAIR) to positions in his administration. (1) Why would he do that? (2) Are they able to set the groundwork & put into place ideologies that might not be in America’a (Constitution) best interest—i.e. the taking root in a few instances of sharia law & other such ideologies?

    • MrD

      People aren’t even aware of the number of training camps all over the U.S. They are preparing themselves as he cuts our military and confiscates Apache helos from national Guard units.He will have Muslim pilots flying them soon.

      • lbc

        I know. And this fool down below on here that thinks we’re living in fear will be crying the loudest when the SHTF. Stay prepared for the worst MrD because if we have to put up with the abomination for 3 more years, we’ll probably see it get worse before it gets better.

  • Mrs. Patriot

    Dear Ammo Mfrs: JUST SAY NO!

    • gutterfalcon

      I think all the ammo manufacturers have ” Contracts ” with the government, that they HAVE to fill government orders First, before making ANY ammo for civilian market.

  • Russ

    here’s a thought. quit selling them ammo! I understand it is about making money for these companies but I mean wth!

    • gutterfalcon

      My comment above. government “Contracts” MUST be filled, before ANY civilian market.

      • Russ

        I totally understand what you mean. What I meant was don’t go after Government contracts in the first place. Let them make their own frickin ammo out of thin air, you know, like the money.

        • gutterfalcon

          Oh I agree with you. But these “contracts” are already in place – legally they must fill these contracts first. Or maybe they will send in the BLM or somebody and sue & close the company. I read maybe two years ago how the government can keep placing more (millions, Billions) orders, enough so that they never get actually filled, But if they’re still working to fill gov. orders, the civilians Never get Any.

  • Cameraman

    This should be a wake up call to all the Fence Sitters, and People that don”t believe this Administration has Not Declared De Facto war on the Public, he is trying to dry up as much ammo as possible, and make shortages real and not just Hoarders doing his Dirty Work, people we are in serious trouble as long as This Idiot is in the WH…..Prep Train and Pray….

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