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9-year-old competitive shooter schools NJ officials over proposed gun control bill

From the mouths of babes.
Check it out:

From the mouths of babes. Meet Shyanne Roberts, a 9-year-old competitive shooter who was permitted to speak before the New Jersey Law and Public Safety Committee in Trenton, N.J., on Thursday to air her views on to a proposed bill that would further limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds. As Jason Howerton of the Blaze notes, her comments — presented in a no-nonsense manner as only a child can — were met with thunderous applause from the audience
“I am not a ‘gang banger or domestic terrorist,” she told the committee, adding. “This bill, if it becomes law, will severely impact me and a million other gun owners.”

The 4th-grade honor roll student continued:

I have worked and trained very hard to get to the level I am at and if A2006 becomes law, I will be forced to choose between giving up on a very great and promising future in a sport that I love or asking my dad to move to another state. I will not be giving up my sport.

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  • chasaragdy

    This “NRA activist” involved public speaker would have definitely made the Art Linkletter “Out Of The Mouths Of Babes” segment. The young lady has the cajones to speak clearly, precisely and without any PC crappola!!

    Place her name “in nomination” for the upcoming Republican Primary!!

  • TiredVET1

    A 9yr old conservative knows more about gun control than the State legislators who make these stupid laws. The time is near and at hand. If a 9yr old can see this and what is coming then what the Hell is wrong with the rest of the country. KOOLADE nuf said

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