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Mums need guns

Every good mum in Great Britain needs a gun. Law-abiding citizens should have full power and ability to protect themselves against criminals and evildoers. Despite America’s current failing economy and self-obsessed political leaders, the United States of America is blessed with a Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights. There is one right that is exceptionally practical; and that is the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms.

With this lovely amendment, Americans possess the power to defend their person, loved ones and property with lethal force.

It is a statement of freedom.

Rather than relying on unarmed police men to come and save the day in an untimely manner, like so many British citizens do, gun totting Americans don’t have to depend on law enforcement for protection. We can take care of the unlucky thugs before the police get there, and walk away with hardly a scratch, and our dignity still intact.

One recent example of an American exercising her right to self-defense is Sarah McKinely. Sarah was home alone with her 3-month-old baby boy on New Year’s Eve when two reprobates tried to break into her house. Upon realising that her and her son were under physical threat, she loaded up her 12-gauge shotgun and her pistol, placed her son down in his room, shut his door and stood guard.

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