How to Skin a Deer with a Golf Ball and a Pickup Truck [VIDEO]

It doesn’t take much; just a golf ball, a thick rope, a sturdy pillar and a good ol’ truck with a hitch.
Check it out:

Behold, another way to skin your deer.

We take pride in gutting, skinning, and butchering our own deer, and like most hunters we have our tried and true methods of getting the job done. That’s not to say that we’re not always on the look out for improvements and new methods, but we were pretty shocked at the efficiency of this particular tutorial.

It doesn’t take much; just a golf ball, a thick rope, a sturdy pillar and a good ol’ truck with a hitch.

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  • CowboyUp Mayer

    I don’t hunt but i found that very interesting and was wondering if you tan the hides and use them ?

    • Mr.Timothy Harrington

      i tan hydes and am 3rd generation taxidermist , from ny state where i want to move from ?

  • Paul Berman

    I wish I could go hunting, being disabled as I am I can’t walk well. What I doneed is the skin of the animal. Any one in the area of Spokane washing you can e mail me at I live in dpokane. Also I need some one to hunt deer,besr,elk,moose. ect I can get the tags and you can hunt.. if you want to email me Thank you Paul Berman

  • American Kafir


  • Sarah Conner

    Great video…we used to do it the hard way…now have a new and easier method to get at the meat and the hides…Thank You…

  • Redneck ingenuity is amazing.

  • rick0857

    WOW you guys just saved me and my sons TONS of work each year. Thanks a million. This looks like it should also prevent those pesky little hairs on the carcass you get when skinning with a knife or other methods.

  • Frank W Brown

    I love it!

  • bitterrootbill

    Very cool idea. You can bet I`ll give it a whirl!

    Just have no idea where to find a golf ball…

  • Paul Broussard

    Another excuse to go Hunting AND Golfing!!!

  • Looks like less hair would be left on the meat also… wow, looks easier…


    At last, a use for a Golf Ball. Good Idea,

  • James Maxwell

    Neat truck, first time I’ve see this one. Will have to try it this fall.

  • Doc

    I have been stripping deer in this manner (fist sized rock works) of their fur for 30 something years now. Nothing new to see here folks. I do prefer them hanging when I do it.

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