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If Gun-Control Worked, Chicago Would Be Mayberry

Posted on: December 31st, 2013

Gun control advocates have long feigned respect for hunting, self-defense and the Second Amendment, yet always with a qualifier such as “no one needs an ‘assault rifle.’”
Check it out:

Have gun control advocates ever been right?

Though the concept of the powerful few disarming the populace as a means to maintain control is nothing new, modern-day anti-gun activists can trace their roots back to the mid-1970s. With a record of rhetoric and advocacy spanning four decades, they should have a few things right by now.

They haven’t.

When called upon by reporters harboring an agenda of their own, individuals unfamiliar with the gun-rights debate instinctively try to strike an intelligent balance, acknowledging hunting, self-defense and the Second Amendment, but then proclaiming, “no one needs an ‘assault rifle’.”

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  • RM Molon labe

    punks don’t use them…too hard to conceal…they are however our best defense against TYRANNY..that’s why TPTB, want them out of our control, did you notice that word…CONTROL….Molon Labe!

  • rjhollydog

    No one needs an assault rifle, But I want one, I would have to get that special tax stamp($200.00) wait 6-9 months and it could cost me $20,000.00,…… wait, don’t mean an assault rifle, you mean a semi-automatic rifle, a MSR, a Modern Sporting Rifle, like an AR 15, something I could go hog hunting with, varmints, etc. well that is different, I can get an AR 15 clone today, right off the shelf for about $600.00. you had me going for a moment. I still want an assault rifle!

    • RightPassage

      No one should need an assualt rifle unless their home is being invaded by more than one armed intruder. but some may, being bad shots.

  • RightPassage

    Chicago is Mayberry. Ran by a bunch of Barnie Fifes..

  • Tom Allison

    The toughest gun laws in the US is apparently not even close to the correct answer… Will they wise up? NO….. Way to much ego involved to say they are wrong and should follow the rest of the country.

  • CowboyUp Mayer

    Yes i need an assault rifle if i am going to defend my self against this Jack Boot wearing COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT !

  • Jim213

    The Jefferson’s visit Mayberry ! Has a nice ting to it.

  • d

    And Detroilet would have to change it’s name.





  • servant1jkb

    Why is it? Why, in ALL gun restricted cities, states, gun crimes are outa – sight?
    Why is it, that in cities and states, where concealed carry is legal, crimes are also among the lowest?
    How come all this is common knowledge to all but those within the anti-gun crowd?
    Or do they have another entirely different reason for disarming the private citizens?
    Can U say CONTROL?


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