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Kentucky Trial Balloon: RFID Tracking Chips on All Guns

The Senate of the state of Kentucky wants to run an experiment. It has passed a bill that establishes a new law. As of January 1, all gun owners in one city must bring in their guns. The police will attach a battery-powered chip that will track its whereabouts. The police will charge the gun owners for this service.

Anyone who fails to do this could be fined or sent to jail.

The city chosen is Winchester. You think the politicians are not sending a message? If there had been a Kentucky city called Glock, they would have chosen it instead.

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  • ronalddweddlemd

    I don’t think this is true. I live in Kentucky and have never heard of such law. The article says the State Senate passed this. The Kentucky Senate is controlled by Republicans who are not likely to have allowed such a bill to pass. Even if such a bill passed the Senate, it is not law unless passed by the House and Signed by the Governor. Kentucky Legislature is not in session at this time.

    • ginger

      Have you researched it for yourself?? Don’t depend on others to do it for you.

  • rick blankenship

    i live in ky. and i too try to keep up with the gun laws. as a hunter i don’t believe this post to be true. if this were so Rand Paul would have alerted us here on face book. ky. is built on guns and hunting .It’s bread into us threw our forfathers. so until i see a post from Mr. Paul or Mr, Massie telling me of the change . it’s just a story

    • fliteking

      Yes, it would seem Paul would be all over this kind of thing. Rand is a good man. we could use a few of him in the North East.

      • Rattlerjake

        The NorthEast wouldn’t have a clue what to do with a Rand Paul!

        • fliteking

          You’d be surprised then, many of us ridge runners would be in full agreement with the man.

    • TyreByter

      The law in California Maryland and New Jersey already exists. Whether this article is true or not it is reality in three entire states! You will not be able to buy a traditional handgun in California in less than three years….
      As a hunter you think you are immune to such tyranny? I live in California where they are going to kill hunting and shooting all in on swing of the pen. If you hunt with a shotgun you hold in your hands a ‘destructive device’ or a deer rifle you hold a high powered ‘sniper rifle’.

      • krell51

        Yea, but those are Communist states.

        • TyreByter

          Tell me about it… I’m stuck behind enemy lines…

      • Rattlerjake

        Just wait until Mexifornia kills hunting, there will be zero dollars from sportsmen to fund wildlife programs, public lands, and in a few years they will be overrun with diseased populations of animals (other than the mexicans and libturds – LOL), and the state endangered species programs will have no funding either. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

        • TyreByter


    • Magnis Madox

      why wait for a facebook post? call your senator and find out from the source.

    • Dave

      I agree. Usually a piece of legislation is identified by it’s bill number in these articles. Jane Agni should have referred us to the Kentucky Senate bill number.

  • fliteking

    I did some digging on the internet . . . if this is real the Kentucky Gov’t is not admitting to it. Lots of references but I found nothing from the State Govt.

  • foxxybey

    More Nazi control and bull crud, and take it apart and destroy any tracking and send it to the Nazi’s on the east coast.

  • bygonemel

    It would be time to find a new town to live it. Big-brother is going toooooooooo far…

  • Bill W

    This is false. The Kentucky general assembly met in a special session to address redistricting and a gas pipeline. Something like this would never have been able to muster enough votes to even make it to committee. Where do these stories come from? I may have to unsubscribe if something like this is taken seriously.

  • pointdan

    IF this is accurate, then there will be many “criminals” walking the streets of Winchester come January. Good People of Kentucky : Let’s get a roll call of which fools voted for this so called law and we will help you retire them from “public service” asap.
    If it can be done in Colorado, it can be done in Kentucky !
    Go TEA Party !!!

    • violater1

      Excellant plan! Wish I were in ole Kentucky to assist!Tarring and feathering works wonders with idiots also!

      • john4637

        It would be worth the fine to shove this law right back down their Marxist throats.

      • djstorrie

        I have the hot tar, anyone got some feathers?

  • Berzrkr50

    An RFID chip, huh? It wouldn’t take too long to remove it and attach it to the side of the shed out back. It’s run down, let them confiscate that pile of junk!

  • gutterfalcon

    If true, you don’t call this registration, a preamble to Confiscation ? Under Threat of Fines & Imprisonment Forced to Disclose every single fire arm, for later confiscation.

  • Bisley

    Lies and nonsense; this couldn’t pass the Kentucky legislature and if it did, the public wouldn’t comply.

  • edro3111

    You do NOT mess with gun owners….especially in the south and especially in the rural south! Period!

  • Chuck S

    Read the comments on the article. Pretty sure this is bogus, and Patriot Outdoor News got punked!

  • higgy01

    If this is true these nut case politicians have their heads stuck where the sun doesn’t shine. Even if this specific article is not true there is some yellow left wing liberal politician out there that is thinking about this or something similar. I can see all those dirt bags with illegal weapons bringing them in. Ha Ha!

  • Jay Star

    Please get off this BS on our guns! I know I am not the only one that is tired of hearing this crap! If the people of that city/county dont get in their face about this, then they are not Americans who value their freedom! Recall those idiots, do what ever it takes or at least get them out of office next election, period!!

  • ginger

    So, do you live in Winchester? Why don’t you look into this for yourself? All legislation can be found…it is public domain. Trouble is, people do not keep track and this kind of thing can happen and no one knows until it is done…keep yourself informed. The anti-gun , anti-American gang counts on folks being uninformed and uninterested ..

  • violater1

    Remove chip if true and you are dumb enough to fall for this registration stunt! After removal find an officials vehicle super glue it to their vehicle or toss it in a garbage truck and let them track! There are many ways tp skin that cat!

  • TyreByter

    Check out http://www.triggersmart.com/Pages/TriggerSmart.aspx they capability to shut down any rfid fitted gun up to 2 km away! it exists it’s being pushed to women with kids and states like Ca Md and NJ

  • Magnis Madox

    good luck on enforcing that law. i’d never turn mine in.

  • slickzip

    Of all the stupid ideas this is one of the biggest

  • JJ_Swiontek

    It is a fake. The original author just wanted to kick the hornet nest and watch the crazy gun nuts. No such action is happening in the KY legislature.

  • scotfahey

    The US Navy taught electronic warfare. The electronic warfare for control never ends

  • Starbrander
  • eganstew3

    if any one is stupid enough to do this, I hope it is a criminal. Do they really think the bad guy will do this? How many so called sane people will do it because they have no back bone to stand their ground? Already our government wants us to rat on each other. They have the doctors ask us intrusive questions or they ask our children. it is time for us to take care of ourselves and not rely on police and doctors.

  • Rich2741

    These numskulls better start pouring every cent they have into building jails non-stop.

    It ain’t gonna happen. I fear many politicians will die. Oh well.

    Then again, JJ_Swiontek says it’s fake.

  • john4637

    When the next election is held in Winchester, KY I bet those that hold office will wish they had considered what happened to the gun grabbers in Colorado!!

  • Guest

    This is an unconstitutional state law as it violates federal law i.e. the Constitution.

  • 1LTVeteran

    The only way this would stop crime if it had been in place before Obama and Holder became gun runners to the Mexican mobs better known as fast and ferious. but Obummer can thank his lucky stars Syria got gassed andtook the spotlight of his scandals remember IRS, NSA?


    How about RFID chips embedded in all criminals with gun offenses and violent behavior…..stop making the legal and sane gun owners into criminals…I know that the right to carry is pro life and anti criminal.

  • John Kaelin

    This story is a hoax, no such law has been passed, the fact that such an obvious fake story has been published makes me less likely to read this web page. http://kentucky.gov/Pages/search.aspx?terms=RFID+Tracking&affiliateId=GENERAL

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    these politicians are morons. Okay, you get the chip installed. You go home and remove the chip. Duh!

  • Darrell Lynch

    Trust me, ladies and gentlemen; I would not comply, and dare them to do a stinking thing about it. The legal fight would ruin them financially. I’m not studying law for nothing. I’m studying it to learn how to use their own asinine stupidity against them.

  • MeMikeT

    Idiots! There would still be criminals with guns that don’t and will never have a tracking chip on their guns. Only law abiding citizens will….and guess what….the criminals would probably find a way to track them too. Criminals don’t obey the ‘gun free zone’ signs. Criminals don’t do background checks. Don’t the idiots know the difference between a criminal and a law abiding citizen?

  • Guest

    They don’t know it yet, but they just declared war on the citizens of Ky. And we will respond!

  • Arnold Young

    It may not be true but it might give some idiot political an idea.

  • Mrs. Yoder

    I am totally, 100% done with this newsletter. Strangely enough, I don’t remember ever signing up for it in the first place! This ‘article’ originated from the National Reporter. After a bit of research lasting all of 10 minutes, I discovered that the National Reporter is a satire site. They have some really nasty, disgusting stories on there, but thankfully I don’t think any of them are true. They’re all made up. The fact that this was reposted here as fact really irks me. It’s inflammatory and it’s like they’re TRYING to rile people up. Is patriotoutdoornews.com a fake site? Is this run by a bunch of nuts trying to make real people upset over nothing? Sounds like it to me!

    • TyreByter

      MOST of the time it’s a good site, but this story is a fabrication. however the technology exists has been implemented in Ca Md and Nj. Ca and Nj have made it law that No gun can be sold or RESOLD without RFID.

      CHECK OUT THE VENDORS SITE… http://www.triggersmart.com/Pages/TriggerSmart.aspx

  • Fred_K

    To nullify the tracking device, all you need is a holster made from chain mail. It is a good faraday cage. Where are they going to put the detection devices, and what are going to be the parameters? I realize this is designed to register the guns, so who are the people who came up with this abomination. Find them and remove them from office. They want to make gun owners criminals, and take their guns.

    • mogul264

      Just covering your holster with aluminum foil would work. Just wrap that with duct tape. Probably look like crap, but NO one could detect it!

  • Fact Check or Die

    The site that first published this story is a joke. Literally. It is a joke site. “Jane M. Agni” caused a ruckus a while ago with another RFID story, but that time they were going to be implanted in the residents of Wyoming, about two months ago.

  • Tea Party Marine

    The only possible good that this law could see would be the ability to track handguns once they were stolen. Everything else is an infringement on our 2nd amendment rights. Now once the criminals steal the handguns and make the chips dysfunctional, where are we then? That’s right, another unconstitutional law dreamed up by over zealous, emotionally indoctrinated liberals. Support your local Tea Party for this is where you will find love of country!

    • mogul264

      It would be so easy to disable or ‘muffle’ such a chip, it isn’t funny, Neither is this story!

  • Mike

    HELL NO!!!

  • Festerhawg

    Looking at this article, I am finding it a little hard to swallow. Anyone check with the Kentucky Senate website to see if such of Bill was actually passed?

  • wandamurline

    Sounds like Kentucky needs a recall election like Colorado. I guess they would have to arrest me, because this is completely unconstitutional and discriminatory and I would not comply. There is a time when it becomes a Rosa Parks moment (when she refused to go to the back of the bus) and that time is now.

  • Doski

    No Problem, I just put my weapon in a lead lined case for ‘gun safety’ storage. You see that way I cannot be harassed for removing the chip, but they cant track it either. Darn, the battery must really be a lemon.
    Kinda like a door being a-jar.

  • grg

    This Is Just Another Way To Register Our Guns So They Can Later On Come And Get Them.

    • crankyoldone

      And how much fire power THEY need when they do .

  • James

    This is an infringement as is illegal. I cannot believe Kentucky is doing this. The plan would be good in keeping guns out of criminals’ hands and I think that is the reason for this law; However, I would prefer
    putting the clip on the criminals and leaving the guns and honest people alone.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    I say if they want to put something on my gun the had better pay for it themselves or it ain’t going on there. The people of the city need to do as Colorado did and recall not just a couple of members of the State but everyone of those IGNORANT enough to pass this STUPID ILLEGAL Bill. I say Illegal because the bill is Unconstitutional.

  • Doc

    Think about how thief’s have code keys to get into and steal cars. Will they be able to get software to read RFID’s and know where and what house to rob to steal your guns? Some one might want to point this out to your dumass reps if they ever do make up a law such as this.

  • uptohere

    Did anyone else check the date this was posted?

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