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Manchin: NRA ‘made a big mistake’

2nd Amend.

Manchin: NRA ‘made a big mistake’

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said Thursday morning that the National Rifle Association “made a big mistake” by opposing his gun background checks compromise legislation, saying the amendment would have gotten 70 votes without the NRA’s interference.

Manchin said he’s not worried about the possibility that the NRA, which previously gave him an ‘A’ rating, will lower that rating because of the compromise he hammered out with Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.). And then the senator, who once fired a rifle at climate change legislation in a campaign ad, took aim at the group’s tactics.

“I think they made a big mistake,” Manchin said at a breakfast hosted by The Wall Street Journal. “I hope that they are able to look at the mistake they made and look at the bill for the facts that’s in it and say, fine, we gotta let our members vote and not score the next time we come — I would love to see that happen.”



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  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    I think MANCHIN & TOOMEY are the ones that made the big mistake! When only FOUR% of the country supports MORE gun control, that tells me that both liberals AND conservatives are in favor of the 2nd Amendment rights. IF the feds would enforce the laws already on the books, crime rates MIGHT drop. When the DOJ only prosecutes a total of FORTY FOUR fed gun violations out of over 40 THOUSAND, that shows that our government is more concerned with disarming the honest citizens, & could care less about the criminals.

  • Politicalchick

    Sen. Manchin, it wasn’t the NRA, it’s an upcoming election for some of your Dem, buddies, not to mention some may just really support the 2nd Amendment.

    • SpiderMike

      “Nothing so strongly impels a man to regard the interest of his constituents, as the certainty of returning to the general mass of the people, from whence he was taken, where he must participate in their burdens.” ~ George Mason

  • ElderAmbassador

    My personal opinion is that both Manchin and Toomey need to find gainful employment in the near future. I see NO need to keep anyone like them on any kind of governmental payroll.

    • TeaParty Patriot (TTP)

      Hell, they are not gonna look for gainful employment, They don’t have to they stole a forune 3 times over while in office and they will get some cushy position selling influence in DC of other Corruptocrats

  • DPMP

    The NRA opposed HIS compromise legislation ? I thought reps were suppose to fight for the people that elected them not take away their FREEDOM.

  • CaptTurbo

    The mistake that the NRA made was backing that rat turd, Harry Reid. I think they realize what a stupid move that was by now. Might be time to resume donations. They earned it this time around.

  • PAJ

    To say the least, I am very ashamed of congress for even CONSIDERING any violation of the 2nd Amendment! Without the 2nd Amendment, all otherwise would be not just easily violated, but overturned.

    It was NOT the NRA that was responsible for the success of quashing this attempt to overturn our Constitution, but the citizens of this great country. There is a reason we have so many people trying to get into the USA and become citizens, to the point of violating immigration laws that could mean death in their home nations. They know there really are freedoms here, even if our current administration is constantly trying to take them away.

    I appreciate the work done by the NRA, various firearms owners and sportsman’s associations in coordinating and helping to get information out to all citizens. And while these organizations, as entities, are the reasons for the success, they are extremely helpful. I encourage all the readers to be involved. My memberships have been a definite pleasure, and I have learned a lot from being a member.

  • noncommie

    and you did something wrong. enjoy your time in the senate while you still have time. loser!

  • Nanook

    Let me see, NRA has over 4 000 000 members, senate has 100. Yeah, I think the NRA has made no mistake; but about 40% of the senate will be unemployed in less than 2 years.

    • violater1

      I hope you are right!

  • ves

    I’ve been busy calling and texting these traitors to tell them how much pleasure I will feel working to get anyone that runs against them elected!!
    We have got to get rid of reid pelosi graham mccain rubio cantor boehner mcconnel durbin schumer flake bennet durbin sheilajacksonlee waters boxer feinstein biden obama etc!!

  • The Old Man

    Manchin and Toomey will be gone in 2 yrs… they have betrayed the people they represent

  • Patriot46

    Mistake my butt! The first mistake was Manchin and Toomey ever getting elected in the first place. The second mistake was not giving a hoot about what the Constitution says, plainly. The third mistake was the Repubs ever even wasting time talking to the progressives about this. Now the carenots who voted for this piece of trash will have to fight for their political lives in ’14. I hope they have a nice day.

    • Steve Harper

      The big mistake these liberals made was they thought all of the American voters on the right side where asleep and not paying attention!

  • Black Rain

    Manchin needs to understand that the NRA works for us, the members of the NRA. As do the senators and congressman work for we the people. Obama, Schumer, Feinstein, and Reid said 90% of Americans wanted to legislation I find hard to believe. I believe maybe 90% of the urban residents may have wanted but, they are not the whole of America.
    We had Obamacare ram down our throat, we were not about to have another useless piece of legislation ram up our azz.
    It is quite funny how our liar n chief uses citizens to promote his side of the legislation. One day I hope people wise up and see what Obama is doing to tear us apart.

    • Steve Harper

      Lou Dobbs says that 90% figure was from a 1994 poll of 251 people on the phone no less and yes it was conducted by Bill Clinton administration, so you are right they misrepresent every thing they say or out right lie about it

  • Shane Lechner

    joe manchin can go F himself

  • Ed Scott

    “I would love to see that happen.”

    Yes, I would. I would love for joe manchin to shut up about gun bolls..
    Now, we are even, joe.

    Man, these Liberals cry worse than spoiled three year olds.

  • Average Joe

    Why bother trying to pass un-constitional laws.

    • Steve Harper

      Remember who they are come election day!

  • Vegan802

    Unlike some congressmen, the NRA represents the people, 96% of whom oppose gun control.

  • TeaParty Patriot (TTP)

    Where was the compromise? The 2nd amendment says “shall not be infringed” All I read in the proposal was further concessions and more infringement on my RIGHT to posess firearms. What did Manchin concede? Oh I get it, you really wanted to confiscate all firearms but you compromised to only a registration system so that you can confiscate them at some future date. That’s the corruptocrats interpretation of compromise. To a Corruptocrat compromise means you put all your marbles in the pot and the ‘Rat contributes nothing. When you object the ‘Rat says “game over”, I’m gonna take half the marbles in the pot and go home and you are suppose to bend over and take it.

  • $10871898


  • StarDust Dolittle

    l live in WV and l am so a shame of this Manchin. He wants to take more and more rights away from the people, l hope West Virginia will boot him out of all offices, He is a turn coat and no way is he going to say he had a lot of people backing him. Only his paid voters most likely.

  • Doc

    No, Joe, it was you and Toomey and Donnelly of Indiana who have made FATAL mistakes. You put your faith not in the American people but in Bloomberg’s wallet. You chose to ignore the millions of emails and letters. And, Joe(s) you will pay for your failure to honor your oath(s) and can no longer be considered Americans but enemies of the nation. Next will come your reckoning.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Manchin was a big mistake by his daddy, was suppose to go off in his hand and not mommy, sorry manchin but the better part of you was a waste.

  • Bruce A Silver

    The tragic thing here is that Manchin got elected on his pro gun stance when he ran for office. Hey West Virginia how you all feeling about that right now?

  • Republicon

    Hey Munchkin…. Bite me!!

  • Bobbi Sue Myles

    Manchin you have made a big mistake by under estimating the Wrath of the American People

  • conservative

    Does Manchin realize that the NRA is 5 million of us! It is not an entity unto itself.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    The sooner this worthless Bas*a*d is voted out of office the better off the country will be!

  • Hawkeye3939

    Note to Manchin: The only mistake made was your attempt to infringe on the Second Amendment. Wise up.

  • Patricia McGehee

    No, Manchin and Toomey made the mistake. Turncoats! We cannot and should not trust this President or anyone that sides with him. He is a traitor and a liar. Words roll off his tongue like old butter and they are just as rancid.

  • $681255

    Hey, Joe Manchurian, YOU and your idiot pal, Pat Toomey made the mistake of turning your backs on the American people and the constitution YOU swore to uphold. Your traitorous acts will cost you, BIG TIME, you traitors!! See you both on the unemployment lines, lap dogs.

  • Frank W Brown

    What part of INFRINGE do you NOT understand??? Do you need a dictionary? I have one for you if you need it! Go after criminals and leave the rest of us alone.

  • Frank W Brown

    Another excellent reason for TERM LIMITS, it’s the career politicians that are destroying our country in order to keep their lavish lifestyles! Also, they should not be allowed to become lobbyists after they are out of office!

    • joanc

      How about making all politicians in DC undergo the background checks they wanted to impose on US citizens? They haven’t given up on pushing that one through that yet, it will be on the Reid agenda again soon. Do they think they are above the law? They cover up each other’s misdeeds by being judge and jury, instead of referring the culprit to the court system like us regular folks. Oh no, that’s not for the nobles in DC, who only get a slap on the hand for their indiscretions. Our Politicians continue to pass unpopular laws for US Citizens to follow, but make sure to insert a clause exempting themselves from complying. The Senate and House members are not people concerned with working for US citizens, it is quite the opposite, they are out to feather their own nests and to get reelected to stay in office for the perks. There are a few good Politicians, but unfortunately are very few in number, these are the ones to reelect and kick the deadwood to the curb. We need to wake up to how the USA is being changed and voice our dislike for it loud and clear to our reps. Good luck, for mine are all from the left and have closed ears and minds.

  • Jay W

    Uhmmmm… Don’t Manchin and Toomey remember what happened to all the pols that voted for Clinton’s AWB? The NRA had less to do with it than career politicians protecting their jobs.

  • bhudda

    Not a mistake in my findings .It was a gift from a true American organization or otherwise the government would have taken another step away from our freedom .

  • runnindeer

    I just bet he would love to” see that happen” If they really wanted to focus on mental health and to get the weapons from hands of sick people then they would be going in the right direction. They want to force gun control and to confiscate guns from the hands of every citizen. Except those who should have the guns removed and kept away from them. To continue as these Democrats and turn coat Republicans want to do is death to our United States Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

  • Ranchman

    What the hell is he talking about? The NRA isn’t a corporation, it’s us, the American people! The NRA, this time at least, did the bidding of its members, not the board of directors. Why can’t our politicians see the truth, we don’t want anymore gun control! Sheesh, get a clue, people!

  • greenjeans

    your proposal manchin would do no good against criminals… just admit it.

  • ron

    NO MANCHIN, it did not make a mistake, it kept people like you from going fotr totally confiscation..Hope you read this. Oath of Office smart guy.

  • rivahmitch

    The mistake the NRA made was giving Manchin, Toomey and Reid, among others, an “A” rating (in the hope of gaining influence with them?). Any rating other than an “F” in the future would be absurd. At the moment, by means of those ratings and trying to negotiate with these enemies, the NRA itself has become a questionable supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

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