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Background check setback: ‘We will not get the votes today,’ Manchin reveals

2nd Amend.

Background check setback: ‘We will not get the votes today,’ Manchin reveals

Sen. Joe Manchin, West Virginia Democrat and one of the co-sponsors of a measure to expand gun-purchase background checks to sales online and at gun shows, said that proponents do not have the votes to pass it Wednesday.

The development is a gigantic setback for gun control advocates, who, after the Connecticut shooting rampage, had their eyes set on much more ambitious controls, such as bans on certain types of weapons and magazines and universal background checks on all gun sales.

President Obama has made campaign-style trips to sell the administration’s package, crafted by Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who has been Mr. Obama’s point man on the issue.

“We will not get the votes today,” said Mr. Manchin, according to NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell.



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  • polmutant

    perhaps the sponsers and supporters of this bill can choke to death on their own tounges tonight,

    • Aristophanes

      Maybe their bodyguards, with guns, will help eliminate the problems.

  • 7papa7

    This is fantastic, the Constitution is protected for another day at least. It is a crying shame that only 46 senators felt that the Constitution is worth defending. Hopefully the people will remember and vote these 54 traitors to our Constitution out on their butts the next time they run. They don’t deserve the privilege or trust to be reelected.

  • Cougar Smith

    YES!!!! Liberal secular progressive NWO fools LOSE!!!

  • Airdoc507

    And Toomey will not get the votes he needs in his next election.

  • OneHoleBull


    • Dave Phelps

      I could not agree more, my state has two republicans in senate, and would support another if either one of them voted to destroy the 2nd, or any other one except the tax one..

  • Michael Williams

    For the moment that will through a big road block in the way for One World Order and their Communist takeover of American. They will now go to the U.N. and try to use the Small Arms Treaty to take away our Guns!

  • jwoop66

    The anti-gun nuts are already back on it, probably. They wont quit.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I would suggest and old movie line from “Out West with the Hardy’s”

    “I Should remind you, young man, that the Halo you wear around your head has but a short distance to fall before it becomes a noose.”

    That sounds like a good reminder to all the ‘elected’ jackasses, as well as their appointed allies in the bureaucrat ranks.

  • tommy2guns

    the background check rejected today Obama speaks he’s pissed

    • TJ

      oboma SHOULD BE PISSED ON.

  • Paladin Firearms

    You think they woukd have learned a lesson from the last time a dem (Gore) stood up against the Second Amendment.

    But this is a long term fight and we do not have our eyes on the battlefield.

    The REAL battleground is not the halls of congress. It is the halls and classrooms of our schools where our children are taught every day that guns are bad.

    Imagine what laws they will pass when they grow up unless you take action and get involved with you child’s education.

  • rivahmitch

    Good. Now if only Manchin and his Obamanoid cronies go down, we can rest.

    • mogul264

      NO! You can NOT rest, as THEY will not rest, EITHER! Remember, ETERNAL VIGILANCE IS THE PRICE OF FREEDOM, whether watching for enemies far, OR NEAR! The gun-control NUTS will just sulk back into their cesspools of self-loathing and hateI They will be always blaming anyone but themselves for their poor and illogical postures and acts, waiting another cowardly fool who decides to create a kill-zone! This would be a place when and where he feels no one can stop his actions, and so, the gun-control nuts can begin anew!

      • Dotti DeGregorio

        This was obvious from Obama’s speech today when in his anger he blamed his own party and asked that all supporters of this bill including his own be voted out. I’m with you Mr. President I have no problem in voting out any of the Democrats who voted for the bill starting with Harry Reid.

  • The Old Man

    I said it before and I will say it again, they will try to bring it up for a vote as often as they can. As long as Obama is president, he will never quit with the newtown group or anyone else he can politisize.
    The bad part is that he still has 3 yrs to go. Blackmail will prevail and he will get the votes

  • CaptTurbo

    “Boo-hoo” said the Communists.

  • Cooleemee Edd

    We won THIS battle, but the war is still on! Keep reloading, America!!

  • Ronnie


  • Jerry Reames


  • Nanook

    Irony. I carried an AR for most of my military career & did not like it near as much as my original M 14. My safe was loaded down with 30.06 rifles until Obama got elected and they started their BS against AR’s.Now I have 3 AR rifles, one in 7.62 & two in 5.56. Thanks Barry, Thanks Joe for giving me the heads up on being prepared. No that is ironic……

  • Benjamin Fox

    Good news for the Constitution and if the idiot-in-chief writes another EO, put him on a raft to Kenya with his fat butted wife Moochelle, that is where he is from and needs to go back and be a Sheeple herder without pay, then Moochelle will leave him and he can go back to being a homosexual that he is.

  • Ralph

    He claims that he’s a West Virginian? There is no way. I was always taught by my Uncles in West Virginia that gun control was keeping your powder dry, learning how to shoot correctly and to put your bullet on target. They would never have voted for a government bootlicker like Sen. Joe Manchin. Any West Virginian who has voted for him must be ashamed of their state heritage.

  • Dotti DeGregorio

    The Senators who voted for the passage of this bill refuse to accept that this is a violation of our Second Amendment rights. The passage of this bill would not have prevented the carnage at Newtown and his use of the parents of these innocent children was totally disgusting. To use the grief of these parents for his political agenda is immoral and I am grateful that this time the people saw through him and his ridiculous campaigning. My heart goes out to these parents but violating our Second Amendment rights is not the way to correct the problem. Violent criminals do not register their guns. They will find a way to obtain these weapons regardless of the law. This bill penalized the legal gun owners and as an example we have only to look at the crime in Chicago Obama’s home town.

  • Lester Peoples

    God shows that he truely Does exist answering prayer, and we should pray and ask forgiveness for our nations rejection of Gods Word, His Holy Bible. 2 Chronicles 7:14 tells what we must do that God might return to favor our misguided nation. Prayer Changes things! [from the change some voted for]

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