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John Kerry’s claim that foreign students are ‘scared’ of U.S. gun violence


John Kerry’s claim that foreign students are ‘scared’ of U.S. gun violence

“We had an interesting discussion about why fewer students are coming to, particularly from Japan, to study in the United States. And one of the responses I got from our officials, from conversations with parents here, is that they’re actually scared. They think they’re not safe in the United States and so they don’t come.”

— Secretary of State John F. Kerry, interview with CNN, April 15, 2013

Kerry’s comments, made in an interview as he ended a 10-day around-the-world trip, spawned numerous headlines, including this one from CNN: “Kerry: Foreign students ‘scared’ of guns in U.S.”

In the interview, Kerry specifically cited Japan, noting that it has highly restrictive gun laws and thus relatively few deaths from gun violence. “They think they’re not safe in the United States and so they don’t come,” he said, before noting that he was “out of politics” and so no longer involved in the debate.

Yes, but he is Secretary of State now, so his words resonate around the world. What do the facts show?



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  • Ron Stephany

    Stay home,if free people bother you,you are not necessary here anyway

  • $12994363

    Kerry is a liar of the first degree. Has been for some time, is now, and will continue to be so. To believe what he says is to brand yourself as stupid, irrelevant, or one of the party’s Useless Idiots.
    Choose who you listen to, for you will be known for those whom you follow.

  • Berzrkr50

    Who cares? There are enough people here trying to get into good schools and can’t because they don’t fit in with “Racial Quotas”. In other words: they’re white. Pitiful…

  • Bruce A Silver

    Lets put this so even the most uneducated can understand it, John Kerry is a moron. And why do we care if foreign students come here to get an education. I personally don’t believe that we should educate any foreign student. let the find their education elsewhere.

  • John Spencer

    So, Kerry thinks we should give up feeling safe (because we are equipped to deal with threats) just so foreign students (who aren’t equipped to deal with threats) mistakenly feel more safe? I don’t think so!

  • Cougar Smith

    Unless they are muslim jihadis, they have absolutely nothing to fear.

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    The Department of Homeland Security just gave Saudi Arabian nationals a “fast track” pass for entry into the USA. Thanks, Nanny Janny Naps. What could possibly go wrong? Hmm, we’ll find out, if we didn’t already yesterday in Boston.
    Oh, and John Kerry is a liar, plain and simple. We don’t need any more foreign students here anyway. Educate Americans first, I say.

    • 7papa7

      John Kerry is absolutely a liar, remember his numerous false statements in the hearings about Nam? He lied through his teeth. I was there so I know what was happening. Also if foreign students are afraid to come here because of our gun laws, who cares? We have our Constitution and if they don’t like it don’t come. It would be nice if our children were getting educated here but they aren’t, they are getting brain washed. Why is it that in NY for example 80% of HS grads can’t read? I worked in a reading lab in college back in the 70’s and even back then the average reading level was at an elementary school level. The HS back then were graduating functional illiterates. This all started when they took discipline out of the schools and allowed kids to move to the next grade even if they failed so they stopped failing students. Here is one for you, when I was in college you could take classes pass/fail and the administration said nobody could fail. Duh!!

      • Dave Phelps

        As a Vietnam vet. he makes me sick to my stomach, the lying B……

        • 7papa7

          I to served in Nam in 67-68. The lies he told to congress should have had him thrown in jail. He is guilty of treason IMHO. He is no better than Hanoi Jane. Both deserve the death penalty before a firing squad. I guess you shouldn’t expect any higher caliber from the mad Marxist. Thanks for your service Dave.

      • Michael Mingus

        Yeah, they are staying away in droves because they are so afraid… right and I have some property in Fla. that I’ll sell you cheap!

        • 7papa7

          Expecting the truth from this administration is like expecting a balanced budget or an emphasis on the military or a love for the Constitution and America, it ain’t gonna happen.

          • Lionel Ducote

            Perfectly put #7

          • 7papa7

            Thank you

        • Rattlerjake

          Hey, a better line would be “I’ve got an AR15 with a 30 round mag in New York City to sell ya.”

  • mark

    Kerry is lying! My parents hosted Japanese every year for over twenty years. Every male that was in these groups wanted to shoot guns. One of my mom’s friends owned a shooting range. Another had a travel business. She routinely booked shooting vacations for Japanese tourist.

  • mesaman

    Hey, Kerry, why the long face? Could it be that you are impotent as a secretary of state? Maybe foreign students have quit coming to the US because they can get better education elsewhere. We aren’t the only country to have universities, but we may be the only country with universities in which socialism and communism is taught in more classes than physical science, biological science, or mathematics.

    • martin kaercher

      Let alone the study of history of any type.

    • Dan Stewart

      You are absolutely right, they don’t come because the universities have become such poor quality & teach very little real world subjects. “Afraid of guns?” Hell no, I have been married to a Japanese woman for 48 years, lived in Japan for 8 years & when our Japanese friends come to visit, the first thing they want to do is shoot a gun.

  • glen

    Sounds good to me! We need to educate American students, not the rest of the world!!

  • Bill

    Just tell them to avoid Chicago

  • 1sg Rock

    Hey Kerry you liberal piece of crap!!! I do not care what foreign students think,I hope they all stay in their own countries!!! They wouldnt get that great an education here anyway!!!!!


    BullS**T Kerry their you go lying again.

    • 7papa7

      Of course he is a liar, why do you think obama wanted him?

    • Rattlerjake

      Remember, When Kerry’s lips are moving, he is lying!

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      Kerry lie, he’s a democrap. Oops, your right he lies. All demoncraps lie! Look at the one in the oval office.

  • Sharon

    Perhaps foreign students aren’t coming here because they see a country being destroyed by the usurper in the Oval Office.

    • Lakoda

      What a great reply and I would say has great noticable value

  • lokiswife

    Kerry speaking on CNN – did anyone expect him to say anything else? Darn, where were the Swift Boat guys when his name came up for the SOS position? But then he fits the low ethics and character standards of the rest of Obama’s nominees….

  • gmhunt4

    They do not need to come her, they need to stay the f__K home.

  • atchafa

    Washington Post said the other day that foreign students are at a high in registrations

    • Lakoda

      Now why would they disagree with Hanoi Kerry

  • atchafa

    Soros must be paying MSNBC, Obama and his administration real well to lie.

    • Lakoda

      This we can be sure of>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Benjamin Fox

    Better to be afraid of the Viet Nam Coward John Kerry, a real nut case.

  • paulainsc

    Awwwwww. Really? TFB!!

  • TPS12

    So go somewhere else, take kerry with you.

    • Lakoda

      Tell the truth

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      AND, take obamy with you as well!!!!!

  • Doc

    It seems far more likely it is cowardly Kerry who is afraid. This man has no character, no heart, and certainly no honor. He has turned against those with who he ( sort of) served and is now once again showing his true character and now the nation must bear the shame of having another coward in a position in this sad, pathetic, and socialist regime. God save America.

  • Lakoda

    John Fonda Kerry Hanoi John, you lying piece of camel sucking dung

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    So what????

  • Hawkeye3939

    I understand why foreign students would be afraid of guns. They probably believe the propaganda that our African American populace is a downtrodden and peace-loving bunch of nice folks. Then when they make the mistake of going to deeply into the inner city portions of any of our major metropolitan areas, they get to see how peace-loving these savages can be when they get mugged and/or shot by teen-age punks with their hoodies pulled over their afros and their pants down around their knees.. But here’s what Kerry doesn’t bother to mention: the gang-banger punks carrying guns in our cities are all carrying guns ILLEGALLY. Authorities can’t or won’t enforce the law and put these vicious beasts away for long prison terms and get the guns off the streets. The authorities find it easier to convince the general public they’re “doing something about gun violence” by creating more unenforceable laws that can do nothing to solve the problem. Matter of fact, if I walked unarmed through Watts, I’d be scared s*itless of guns.

  • Oldman66

    Gee has everybody forgotten how much this man lies. It took the men that were with him Vietnam to get the truth out about his actions over there. Also the lie about throwing his metals away? Now because he’s the sweetheart of the Liberal media we’re going to hear more lies coming from this joker. Oh Please let him crawl back to the closet he came out of. He’s a sad joke for a man.

  • Mike11C

    If foreign students are “scared”, let them stay in their own country. I don’t really care. The point is: our rights are non-negotiable. Even an idiot knows what “shall not be infringed” means, They may not want to admit it but, they know.

  • IamWhoIam

    IF they don’t feel safe here then have them go to another countries college – most of Eur-Asia is at somekind of WAR so why wouldn’t they feel safe here?
    The US is still the safest country to be in because of our 2nd Amend.
    But they have a point – it goes = If bombs can be detonated at a Boston runnig-race, where they have tough anti-gun laws, where would you be safe.
    Even with tough new anti-gun laws, NY is safer than Boston, WE have concealed carry in NYS, just NYC is messed up!
    NOW the area is put on ALERT, why it wasn’t still on Hi-Alert is beyound me, but a bomb wakes ‘ our protectors up! ‘
    Then again, Bloomberg-NYC is in the pocket of the Boston Mayor and vice-versa – showing that NEITHER can STOP Crime!!!!! Too bad they both too blind to see this!

  • James Maxwell

    Kerry speak is like his Purple Hearts from Viet Nam, under question and his shipmates even came out
    to blow his claims out of the water. After he managed to get back to the states his first action before
    polits was to throw them over the fence at the White House. His tenure in Congress was less than
    steller as was his voting record while in office. When you see his “horse face” in the news it is as though
    he got more bad news about his party and lack of respect on the world stage. I would be very doubtful
    about any statement he might make about how foreign students view American or our ability to own and
    possess weapons. The ones I’ve spoken to cannot beleiver that we are allowed to own weapons and
    actually go to shooting ranges to practice. Their nations are very restrictive and dictorial in who is
    allowed to possess weapons. Generally only very rich powerful politicos and their armed guards. In
    the middle east they grow up with an AK-47 fully automatic weapon as soon as they reach manhood.
    In Japan though only the criminals have weapons and do not worrie about the law just like criminals
    everywhere do not.

  • Will

    I’m a college student in the Northeast and I’m scared. Not because there might be a gun wielding maniac, but because I can’t be armed and defend myself!

  • nancy miller

    And we are supposed to believe this from a man who lied about the medals that he didn’t earn while in service. I don’t think so. I wouldn’t believe what he said if I saw the same thing he did.

  • mac12sam12

    BS!!! The left is also saying that 90% of US. citizens believe in extensive background checks. Try 4%.

  • Dave Phelps

    If they are scared of our liberty, then by all means, stay out of our country, just wish we could send obummer out too

  • Paladin Firearms

    So what! They can attend school in their own country and enjoy the benefits of the education system that a country without a Second Amendment can provide.

    There is a reason they want to study here. Accept our country as is or stay the hell out!

  • ves

    Good … let them stay home and off the US Taxpayer Dime. … in Fact Don’t Ever come to the US!!
    We don’t have enough room for Legal US Citizens in the classroom so why do we need Foreign Nationals or ILLEGAL ALIENS!!

  • joanc

    Kerry is also working with the UN to allow them control over our gun rights, just as Hillary did before him. Where in the hell do people like these come from? They are sworn in to protect America, but their actions speak for them loud and clear! The UN has members that have reputations that are not anything to be proud of and should not under any circumstance be in control of any US laws!. What are Kerry and Hillary Clinton thinking? Kerry lied about his fellow Nam vets and lost the respect of them as well as all Patriotic Americans. His predecessor Hillary never could be counted on for the truth in anything. The sad part is despite her reams of lies, she wants to be President and is setting the scene for her aggressive campaign, while Kerry is looking to move up to a higher position. God help us all for what we are forced to deal with these days with the lies from our DC politicians, it’s time to elect people who will tell the truth, and who will not resort to the double talk and lies we are receiving. Another way to phrase it is, we need people in High office we can trust, and Do NOT have the desire to “Fundamentally change America into a New World order and Socialism”!

  • Tom Brian

    GOOD ………………

  • Jerry Reames


  • Nanook

    More Kerry BS. They don’t come here anymore because our schools have been dumdowned to the point that our current education system is substandard when compared to european standards.

  • AppraisHer

    I noticed how afraid the 9/11 Saudi flying school “students” were of our guns. They keep bringing planes and bombs to a gunfight. Good thing his old lady has big bucks and can keep buying him government jobs.

  • VictorLandry

    Tell me again, why should I believe him, and if true, why should I care?

  • R. Murrell

    What is the death rate for children in Japan and America from traffic accidents? If progressives are serious about protecting the kids, they should be pushing for a ban on private ownership of car and trucks. There is no Constitutional wording that says the right of the people to drive motorized vehicles, shall not be infringed. I’ll bet that a hundred times more kids will survive if we went back to horse and peddle bicycles. No, too much inconvenience for the modern world, try defending yourself from a 250 pound criminal or worse a jack-booted federal cop when they have taken the guns away. Can’t happen in America, read the history of what happen to the original inhabitants of this nation after The Constitution of the United States was signed. You should also ask the citizens of Chicago and Detroit how much safer their kids are with the government providing the armed protection duties.

  • tlmartin

    He got that opinion from the same source that helped him get all those Purple Hearts for scratches received in Vietnam. Just looked and his suit is still empty.

  • Lionel Ducote

    Like I give a crap what Kerry says or what forign students “feel” they can study in Venezuala or cuba if they feel uncomfortable here.

  • eight11

    Kerry you liar nobody believes you! The Democrats are throwing every low down and dirty trick behind their gun control (confiscation) agenda. The most disgusting is Baracks vial exploitation of the victims and families of victims just to push his own political agenda!

  • smogdew

    Who cares what John Kerry or other countries think about guns in America?. Our politicians are overly interested in the unimportant likes and dislikes of those from foreign countries – to the detriment of American people…the only purpose we serve are $$$ spawns. It would be in Kerry’s best interest to keep his lying mouth closed as nobody believes him, anyway.

    Besides, we have Obama shooting off his mouth to the UN or anyone who will listen, about the problems HE HAS w/us……we do not treat Islamists ‘humanely’ – according to Islamists, nobody does. Wonder why?
    Or LGBTs for that matter.
    While Obama has taken LGBTs and Islamists under his ‘humane wings’ and left the rest of us (especially Christians) to survive his healthcare program and impeccable leadership, more immigrants will leap to our shores to help O screw the economy further and that will put American 4th (or perhaps lower) in his view – LGBT, Islam, immigrants and finally ‘us’ to support them all.

  • Bruce A Silver

    John, if that is true all I can say is great. We don’t need them or want them here getting educated so they can go home and plot against us.

  • Steve Sparks

    Oy Another kosher criminal telling us how to live Fcuk him.

  • kds

    Tell them to stay home then. This will keep a lot of Muslim cells out of our country.

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