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PETA Plans to Acquire Drones to Stalk Hunters

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PETA Plans to Acquire Drones to Stalk Hunters

Just when you thought you were gearing up at 4 a.m. for a peaceful, relaxing morning in the woods to bag that 12 point buck, think again.

In a recent press release, PETA officials have issued statements regarding their new “high-tech” initiative to obtain drone aircrafts to stalk hunters in the field. Calling them “impressive new weapons,” PETA plans to have these drones flying by fall to collect video footage of what they consider “illegal activity” done by hunters in the field.

PETA says they aim to specifically seek out hunters “drinking while in the possession of a firearm, maiming animals and failing to pursue them so that they die slowly and painfully, and using spotlights, feed lures and other hunting tricks” – things hunters simply do not do.

Think you’re safe if you are not a bow or gun wielding hunter? Don’t think too fast, because not only do they plan on stalking hunters who are legally pursuing game, they also plan on flying drones over popular fishing spots, commercial farming operations and other venues that are “hotbeds of abuse” according to PETA.



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  • Germeten

    It will give some hunters the opportunity for great target practice.

    • Ken

      Just what I was thinking.

      • Jay W

        Same here. PETA may as well yell “Pull!” whenever they send one out.

        • Sam Wicks Jr

          Wonder if there is a daily bag limit?!

    • hijinx60

      I had the same thought.

    • John Paul Jones

      This sounds very good to me, I would shoot one my self if I spent all day in the woods or swamp and had a buck scared off by a drone, hell it might even be worth some scrap value!

      • 7papa7

        You are right about that. It might even be more fun to hijack the control and crash it into the morons during a meeting so we could eliminate some of these idiots.

    • jong

      We could “wound” one and follow it back to its base and take care of the whole lot of parasites.

    • theo980

      Better than sporting clays!

      • RCGeckoman

        nah…nowhere near as hard to hit as good clays 🙂

      • mogul264

        Nah! Them skeet don’t taste good, no matter HOW you cook ’em!

    • Gribackalert

      Fun for sure even if they don’t scare your buck away,>}

    • 7papa7

      Amen to that. They will probably get them from the mad Marxist administration free of charge. I now wish I had some of the firepower I had in Nam.

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      Wonder what size shot is used? Do we have to use steel shot or can we use lead?

      • John W.H

        go ahead and use lead might as well piss em all off at the same time

  • pysco

    PETA is not a law enforcement agency, shoot the drones down, collect the leavings and send them to PETA to shove where the sun don’t shine.

    • Rattlerjake

      Hell no, I’d scrap it for parts, those things are worth a bunch, especially with the video electronics. If all hunters joint together and shoot EVERY one of these down, PETA will go broke. Additionally, they can be sued in most states because there are laws protecting hunter’s rights from harassment.

      • Sam Wicks Jr

        If one of those things spooked my game, I’d be rather ticked off. And the fish&game department allows this? I think it falls into the category of harassment. Could we SUE peta for loss of game, time, a license and harrassment? How about a class action suit?

  • David Berrian


    • Janthony132

      Hee, hee, hee!

  • Benjamin Fox

    Declare open season on drones, shoot everyone of them down, cost the idiots a lot of money buying new ones to shoot down. I belong to PETA, “People Eating Tasty Animals” let these air sucking idiots pound dirt, oops, might kill ant or roach and that would give them a heart attack.

    • Zeon Deikun

      Ants and Roaches have some value to the ecological balance of nature, leftist progressives are just a waste of skin! MOLON LABE!

      • violater1

        Boy howdy you got that right!

      • mogul264

        Bet they’re bitter even cooked nicely!

        • Sam Wicks Jr

          definitely crunchy. If you get one, I wonder how much the junkyard would give you for it. Or, ransom it back to Peta……

  • Adhemarde

    PETA members ARE drones. Those things should be better than trap shooting!

    • Janthony132

      heh heh – love that comment!

  • Texas29

    A hovering drone would make an easy target! Shoot ’em down!!

  • edro3111

    Get your .22’s out and your sights set. Gonna be some fun target practice coming soon!

    • Alexander Davidson

      wouldn’t it be better to have som Buckshot to get a better spread, and not waste too much ammo? – Sorry, I am just an old fart from Vietnam Era wars… we had to ensure we got the best shot when we were fighting, not to waste ammo, and run out just as charlie decides to make a bayonet charge.

      • edro3111

        Yeah, you’re right Alexander. I got so excited at the approaching opportunity that it fuzzied up my thinking!! LOL!!!!

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      A .22; don’t want to wing the sucker and let it suffer! A 30 caliber with hollow heads would definitely ensure a KILL!

  • mngriz

    Much more fun that shooting skeet…and many states do have laws against hunter harassment. It’ll be interesting to watch the lawsuits over their damaged property…

  • Rosco1776

    How about flying one over their own headquarters where they killed thousands of animals every year?

    • Independentrd

      Oh, that’s different. They do it to save them

    • flyovercindy

      Nice… Thanks for this info, it will come in handy…

    • violater1

      Yes I agree completely!

    • theo980

      They coulda at least sent the dogs to the Whitehouse chef!

  • Tray White

    Hahah. “PULL!!”

  • Idadho

    Do I need a drone endorsement on my hunting and fishing license to take a drone ? I will be sure to take it safely and ‘dispatch’ it as promptly as possible. I doubt I would need the services of a taxidermist to mount it. I could just hang it from the ceiling.

    • David in Dallas, Texas

      I think drones would be open season, too.

    • Rattlerjake

      If it is still moving when you retrieve it, just disconnect the battery and it is now dead!

    • Janthony132

      This really got a chuckle out of me! Who said Patriots had no sense of humor?

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      Maybe drag it behind your car or truck! Maybe mount it on the hood!

  • Average Joe

    Are they going to get insurancon them? Once they land on pivate property they lose em. The law suits will be flying for damages. Remember people make good money with record bucks at sporting shows accrost the nation.

  • hagar2935

    Hunters should hunt PETA members!

    • Rattlerjake

      When the new civil war starts be sure you know who the PETA members are, they need to be eliminated along with the welfare scum and politicians!

  • Independentrd

    See anything? Nah! But I got a couple sound shots.

  • CyclingFoodmanPA

    Hmmm, I plan on bow hunding but may bring the rifle to shoot drones. A challenge in more ways than one. Bow a deer, and bullet a drone. Need to make that a bumper sticker :).

  • GDC97

    That IS hunter harassment and a CRIME in Michigan!!!

  • stadalberts

    Oh yea………… PETA, another far-left- wing group of morons…..

    • violater1


  • Jay W


  • AmericanWarrior

    This will give us all an opprotunity to test our ability to camouflage and blend in with our surroundings. We all know that these targets will have cameras and that will ake the challenge just that much more fun. Thanks PETA for the addition to our sport.

    Semper Fidelis

  • Independentrd

    I know our local enforcement considers them to be a terrorist organization due to their tactics.

    They make no sense, fighting to protect animals, yet it was revealed on television that they kill the majority of the animals “they save”, or more correctly they kill most of them. Maybe it’s just a money making scam that uses false pretenses to get money.

  • Downit!

    I won’t hesitate to shoot one down!!!

    • tim meenan

      would love to have one mounted on my wall ! can hardly wait p e t a bring em on !

  • Bill

    Could turn out to be a target rich environment – woo hoo!

  • sgtshel

    Well, I saved my Lars rocket for over 35 years–hoping to bag that monster 37 point buck–but I guess now I’ll have a better piece of ‘meat’ to lay down on!

  • 9Spoon9

    Ditto on Airborne Targets! It is unlawful to rally, drive, harass, etc. game animals by use of land conveyance, boat or plane. Wonder how State Game Depts. see this threat as a violation of their laws. Many states also have laws prohibiting with the interference of lawful pursuits by licensed hunters during established seasons. Only an idiot might want to challenge such circumstances by manipulating a UAV in attempts to hinder hunters afield!

  • LEL

    I presume PETA is buying the bullet-proof version ……

  • huddy

    I have alrerady made a personal vow to shoot any drone in range.

  • Gern Blanston

    SWEET – sounds like soon it will be peta drone season!!!


    2 issues: 1) Liberals can’t even drive a car well, let alone pilot a drone. 2) Liberals never consider unintended consequences, they don’t care if they hurt the target of their programs, But this one will hurt them. I’m referring to the reality that the same hunter they target can shoot down their drone.

  • unreal

    While hunting their are days you don’t see any deer ! Well at least now you’ll have something to shoot at, good hunting ; And just think of all the money you’ll save hanging it on the wall !!

  • violater1

    Yes sir this is a great group of asssholes! They take in adoptable animals then they kill them rather than allow them an opportunity to be adopted! This is the same type of animals that suppport abortion and all other sorts of inhumanitarian injustices to the world!
    They themselves are subhuman from the demons of hell!

  • Sarah Conner

    peta…People Eating Tasty Animals…we belong to that club…

  • James Singer

    One Word, “…PULL!” The multicopter shown is a DJI S800. Base price $1,900, as shown, about $8,000 depending on camera options. Okay, you idiots want to loose $8,000 a pop, fine with me and millions of others. We can and will, blow them out of the sky as fast as you can purchase, build and fly them. No problem. 🙂 Happy Drone Hunting!!

  • James Singer

    Harrassing hunters is a crime in all but few states. In some, it’s a felony.

  • $13614178

    Practice on them for the fed drones .

  • Shane Lechner

    shoot them out of the air

  • David in Dallas

    I see that great minds think alike…. They’ll track one hunter and lose a drone, track one hunter and lost another….

  • sudsy

    Only the first lie! It will expand from there, since they will already have the drones! The governments are becoming just one great big lie! They think they are smarter than the rest of the people!

  • mrsgunnut10

    Oh Boy,I was going to put my two cents worth in a comment. However, after reading about two dozen (or more) comments, I found out all of you are already talking about “NEW Flying Targets” in the woods. Knockem down and takem home for Party Conversation peices. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • usmc1063

    Hmmmmmm, Looks like Obama is having PETA take over Fish & Game. Now aren’t these the same people who support pro-choice and would sooner murder an unborn or post abortion child and call it choice but cry over a dead animal. Now what is wrong with this picture? Well just a little bit of information 44 of our 50 States have Hunter Harassment Statutes on the books that can levy fines and in some cases invoke jail-time. I hope PETA has fun in the woods while the American Hunters make junk out of their lil spy birds.

  • Robert Tolces

    instead of worrying about hunters maybe peta should stop slaughtering thousands of dogs and cats every year

  • Lester Peoples

    A drone would look good on my mantel! lol

  • sertnz

    Might wanna rethink this PETA!! How expensive are drones?

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    Yea target practice.


    States, or the Feds (That will never happen with this gun grabbing Congress) pass a law which requires all drones to fly at least 1500 feet above the ground and gives any person observing an unmanned drown the right to bring it down if they feel it is threatening their right to hunt and bag game. With PETA’s reputation I am sure they will be using them to scare away the game so the hunter will be denied the right to bag the game he payed for the license to hunt. Also, drones are a hazard to private aircraft, especially government aircraft belonging to the wildlife/conservation enforcement units of state governments and to police aircraft. Why should they have them at all?

  • Helen

    I love animals but I think we are getting a little carried away. Has murder become our National emblem?
    It is bad enough the so called leader of the USSof A is so fond of killing babies now we are going to kill hunters. Why not just advocate no permits to kill animals.

  • Bob Macfarlane

    Best keep them above the range of a .30-06 or a 7mm mag.

  • Ozark_Sunshine

    Shoot them down, take them to law enforcement and demand that the PETA people be arrested for invasion of privacy and also sue them until those animal killers go bankrupt. How many people know that PETA kills 95% of the animals brought to their shelters.

  • medivac

    I need more skeet shooting time anyway !! I wonder if there will be a season on them or they will be just classified as an invasive critter ??

  • Rodney

    wow. this is going to be fun. Never shot down a drone……

  • $26338561

    Wait! When they (PETA) explains to me about all the animals they take in then kill, well, maybe I’ll listen to what these bottom feeders have to say.

  • MontieR

    I wonder if chain shot could be made to work in a 12 gauge.

  • wiltedrosemarybush

    What is really needed are the specifics on what drones they procure – range, altitude, size, speed, radio frequencies they operate on, etc. I would be most…. curious…. as to these details.

  • David Dickson

    I don’t see what their problem is – isn’t PETA “People Eating Tasty Animals”??!!

  • EnemyoftheState


  • FLBuck

    These PETA characters are definitely off the frigging grid!!! We should have drones flown against them to show the rest of the public what these imbeciles look like!!!

  • verminchef

    i find this satire quite humerous. But it seems like some of these commentators think this might be true. If so, someone needs to go to the body shop and screw up all those loose screws.

  • Fred_K

    The drones that PETA is going use are easy targets. They have to fly them, and they are not armed. One shot should do it. Then if there is a hunting accident…

  • rikker45

    They might make a good “mount” to hang on the wall. Or maybe a collection to see who can bag the most.

  • rikker45

    will add a little fun if your not seeing animals because of their noise. Take pictures for the fish and game law enforcement as it is illegal to interfere with a hunter in most states.

  • DevelDoc1

    Goooolllleeee! won’t the shot gunners have a ball. Free flying targets… sort of like shooting skeet or trap

  • Tom Leist

    According to the US Constitution, we will be in the right to shoot them down.

  • fliteking

    As affordable as drones will soon be** – – – – we can easily have a drone following each butt wipe PETA member.

    There are MILLIONS more outdoorsman than there are PETA members.

    **In 5 years the Chinese will be selling GPS / Person tracking drones 5 for a dollar and the Liberals are gonna wish they never started this ŜhiŤ.

  • Billy Hill

    Are they bulletproof?

  • fliteking

    You know what might be the most fun?


    Imagine a network of hunters tracking the activities of PETA members , Congressional Members, Liberals and Buttwipes in general . . . and then posting the outcomes to a central tracking website.

    The liberal clowns would be left speechless .

  • dave.

    The thing is, if they can get the drones close enough to be of any nuisance, which is obviously the real idea here, they will be well within firing or casting range. I don’t hunt any longer, but I do have a nice pistol and I’m also a very good aim when casting a 10 oz. Cobia jig through the air with my spinning outfit.

    These “impressive new weapons” as PETA calls them, will still be ruled under the same laws that prevent hunters and anglers alike from being harassed. I do see Game and Fish, Conservation and the U.S. Coast Guard using these drones to keep an eye on possible poachers and that’s a good thing. There’s way too many greedy scumbags out there who are abusing our natural resources.

  • Gribackalert

    How bored will they get??? Just think on how long you spend in the woods how many hunters have you seen breaking the law??? I think the people eating tasty animals should stick to killing poor defenseless animals in there cages its more there speed…

  • William Mdcannold Jr.

    I’ve harvested my share – have been looking for a new challenge!!

  • mogul264

    Better’n shootin’ skeet! These don’t fly known arcs, and challenge your skills! Plus, it’ll cost PETA plenty to replace! And forensics won’t reveal a thing!

  • jb80538

    They betyter expect to have their drones shot down. Harassing hunters is illegal!


    Neat, a new kind of target….I wonder if they are good to eat?

  • Nam1

    To show the extreme hypocrisy of this organization,more light should be shown on the thousands of animals that are allowed to die under the care of this extremist group!!

  • Alexander Davidson

    well, that should scare off all the game! – BTW, does “illegal shooting” include using drones for target practice?

  • ounbbl

    Good to me, but they should find more usefulness against wild life poachers in Africa.

  • David F. Podesta

    How about NRA drones going after PETA? Just a thought. This could get interesting…..

  • GRM

    Looks like hunters will get in some anti-aircraft practice.

  • Tori Mcneal

    what is the fine for shooting predator’s trying to intrude on the LAWS already passed by the congress & US senate then signed by president George BUSH ??? Well if I feel threatened & ABOUT to be fired upon @@ I will shoot down those Alien space crafts !!!!! LMAO ? NOT — NO BUT — HELL No gonna
    Turn in a filled TAG — To whaichever state i will be hunting in !!! IF P/E/T/A wants to *** PET ** PETS ???
    THEN GO TO THE PETTING ZOOS …. Leave me alone WE ALL know these things are armed & ready o kill HUNTERS in wild woods .. &&& CLAIM A Mountain Lion or Bear KILLED ME or other hunters …
    SHOOT-EM Down —– Range that Target &&& FIRE .. Mr. Checkoff !!! AAAAaaaiIIIIIIIiiiiEEEEeeee !!!


    Those sporting clays are beginning to look very important now.

  • wowman

    Drone Season …How do you cook them???

  • TPM4


  • wellduh

    For all you uninformed folks, these drones will be well out of sight. In other words, don’t take a leak in the woods or you too might be on YOUTUBE!

  • gutterfalcon

    I would think harassing Hunters would be illegal. Shoot down those Drones !

  • gutterfalcon

    I would think Harassing Hunters would be illegal. Shoot those Drones Down.

  • Murray Putnam

    I sure hope PETA’s pockets are real deep, cause they will need to be. Looks like I will have to carry the 22-250 just for them. Game on !!

  • cowgirl20

    Shoot em down!!

  • reggiec

    No way PETA could afford enough drones to monitor hunters even slightly. Especially after a few fell out of the sky with “mechanical difficulties”.

  • TPS12

    Will they be sending them over Abortion clinics and schools to protect children or are they just after game hunters?

  • $26222150

    So once again they go after the law-abiding, instead of trying to stop the poachers. And in case you didn’t know it, PETA was caught euthanizing rescued animals in the back of the van they picked them up in, and throwing the bodies in dumpsters. The animals didn’t even make it to a shelter. They euthanize 90% of the animals they rescue, and who knows what heartless and inhumane methods they use when they dispose of the bodies in dumpsters, in the dark of night?

  • Alice Hallock

    There is a Co. that has or will have very soon a gadget that disables the programs of drones. It won’t crash them but it makes them useless to the gov. Don’t know how much they cost, but they sound good to me. They are going to sell them to anybody, they say.



  • Dr. Evil

    $17,000 drone vs. $800 12 gauge, which one do you think would win?

  • nonstopca

    OK….you’re setting on a tree stand, with your trusty 30-06 (with scope)…..and a @#$%%$ drone swoops in on you…WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO???? trophy drone, that what…

  • JohnHD

    When the hunters get done shootingthem down then maybe PSTA will come up with some other hair brained idea for their idiocy.

  • cwms2005

    After the hunters are through being stalked in the woods, they can then stalk PETA and won’t need drones to do so. Everything balances out in the end.

  • Sam Wicks Jr

    What’s the daily bag limit on these drones? And are there any directions on how to field dress these critters?

  • Mel

    PETA puts down 95% of the animals they take in. This is just a chance to “take down” hunters. PETA is a domestic terrorist group (and have been for many years).

  • ck

    OK, bring it on PETA, I believe the season for droans is January thru December!!!!

  • lostproton

    At a sportsman’s’ club pigeon shoot, they shot down a PETA drone that was videoing their shoot. Since it was over private property on a legally permitted shoot, PETA had no grounds for a law suit. If you shoot one of PETA’s drones on state or federal forest property where you are permitted to hunt; you may be in legal trouble as their drone, if licensed by the FAA, has the right to be there the same as the hunter.

  • Aristophanes

    Didn’t someone try this once before and the hunters used it for target practice and shot it down? Seems like I saw a video on that somewhere.

  • gm

    i think my .22 pellet rifle will take this down easily.

  • Tonto

    They already did this at least once….and whined all the way home because a hunter or two damaged their “drone” with gunfire. Serves them right. I’m so tired of being bullied by these “holier-than-thou” pukes.

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