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‘Evangelicals could be put on watch list, denied guns’

2nd Amend.

‘Evangelicals could be put on watch list, denied guns’

Citing recent “inflammatory rhetoric” by Army officials, the head of the Family Research Council is warning supporters that President Obama could put evangelical Christians and Catholics on a “watch list” to prevent them from purchasing guns.

FRC President Tony Perkins said on his “Washington Watch” radio broadcast Wednesday that the Senate’s bipartisan proposal requiring background checks for Internet gun sales is “very concerning given the fact that the United States military has been increasingly showing hostility toward evangelicals and Catholics as being somehow threats to national security and people that need to be watched.”

In an email today to FRC supporters, Perkins explained that a recent Army briefing on “religious extremism” declared evangelical Christians and Catholics are among the biggest threats to America, along with Islamic supremacist groups such as al-Qaida and Hamas.

Perkins said it was also discovered that, in an email, Army Lt. Col. Jack Rich highlighted FRC and the American Family Association as groups that do not share “our Army Values.”



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  • Demonfire

    Way to go army for pointing out the problems with bible thumpers around the world

    • OldDocBen

      Let’s be clear that this isn’t the Army any more than it is the Marine Corps. This comes from career political officers. Obama has been purging the military of real dedicated soldiers, sailors and Marines and replacing them with a$@ kissers. 95% of the regular military is anti-Obama while the remaining 5% are those who place ethnicity over truth and their oaths.

  • Jay W

    What? Tea Party didn’t make 0’s terrorist cut? I’m disappointed.

    • 7papa7

      Actually they did. The bill states that anyone seen at a tea party event will not be allowed to purchase a gun. What I find interesting is that none of the mass murders we have seen in CT and CO etc have all been from democrats or children of democrats. None from tea party folks, not from evangelicals, not from NRA members, not from CCH folks nor any other law abiding person or group. It seems to me that if you are a democrat aka communist then you should be refused the right to get a weapon other than maybe a super soaker.

      • 7papa7

        Agree totally

  • Real American

    demonfire is a hateful muslin extremet who should be in jail.Thr demonic col rich is about to be removed from his duty,.It has been determined col Richs email is considered hate rehortic and will be deal w/accordingly

  • Adrian Vance

    Oh yeah! You’ve got watch those folks who stay close to their guns and Bibles. They have just saved the country several times, that’s all…

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.


    When they came for me there was no one left to speak up for me .We are there now !

  • liliq

    Sen Dianne Feinstein just announced today that anyone who opposes her ‘sensible plan’ suffers from psychopathology, so just being a member of the Republican Party would be legitimate ground to deny firearm ownership rights under the new plan.

    • Jocon

      Maybe now is the time to deny oxygen to the DemocRATS!! They are totally wasting it.

  • fliteking

    Time for some online churches and a good proxy.

  • OldDocBen

    Funny how they all call us “disturbed” when it is the democratic liberals who have the most severe mental health issues. They are infected with hatred, bitterness, and a complete lack of faith. If that isn’t an illness then will someone please tell me what’s wrong with them?

    • Yarply Twelve

      Soulless, trying to fill the void with the pleasure they receive by doing harm to those with one.

  • Alexander Davidson

    Sounds like the Army has already signed themslves over to Mullah Baraq Obama, and abandoned protecting their citizens. Christian groups are THE LEAST dangerous people in any country, teaching PEACE not war…. which means only 1 other thing, that the ARMY, using God’s logic in Rev., “thou art either FOR Me or AGAINST” – are now PRO-MUSLIM, and therefore pro-terrorist themselves, and ALL PAY should be immediately cancelled to ALL public servants, including POLITICIANS, until the sign THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to THE CONSTITUTION and the people of the USA,

  • Yarply Twelve

    The majority of Americans (73–76%) identify themselves as Christians.

    How many this time next year will make such a claim.

    Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
    And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

  • ron

    Are we at the door? nothing will add up here.MSNBC, CNN ignore this threat to Christ’s followers

  • Sky Soldier

    Army Lt. Col. Jack Rich should be forced to retire and forfeit all benefits for those stupid and inflammatory statements he has made. He is NOT a partiotic American or he’d live up to his oath sworn to preserve and protect the U.S. Constitutional rights of Americans regardless of religious identification. God have mercy on his damned soul.

  • ounbbl

    Sad fact for the Demo-k-Rats is that the guns of ‘evangelicals’ they have to take out is actually the very mouths. They have to come up with a scheme of shutting out against the evil perpetrated in this country for the leftist, socialist, welfare-statist, and fake christian ideology. Trumpeting freedom of speech, except speech of hate and intolerance, yada, yada.

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