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Colorado Strong-Arming Sheriffs!

2nd Amend.

Colorado Strong-Arming Sheriffs!

Gun grabbers have been on a rampage of late, doing their best to undermine the Second Amendment.

However, the nation’s Sheriffs have have mostly united to stand firm and respect citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed rights. Colorado has recently been the bully pulpit of President Obama, campaigning for more gun control. In response to new, intrusive and unconstitutional gun laws, the Colorado Sheriffs have issued several statements backing the Second Amendment, not the Feds.
The CO Sheriffs leave no doubt where they stand:

County Sheriffs of Colorado believe in the Second Amendment of the United States
Constitution that guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms and that this
right shall not be infringed. As our state and country continue to discuss and debate gun
control legislation, the position of our founders remains clear. CSOC will not waiver on our
defense of the Constitution and will stand to preserve every constituent’s right to possess a
firearm. We believe the Second Amendment is no less important as the other nine
Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.



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  • Real American

    Colorado Sheriffs, continue to stand strong,the lib politicians in Clolrado obviously never took their oath of office seriously ,they are fakes and unAmerican commies & will be the reason Colorado will turn into a unimportant hunting state but typical of liberals ,start with a good prosperous state and do their best to screw it up similar to the City of Detroit, 40 yrs of democratic mayors ,and it is like a 3rd world country, like Dearborn the muzzies screwed that place up!!

  • usmc1063

    I applaud the Sheriffs of Colorado for their stance. They are truly the ones who remain in touch with the people. The onesize fits all liberals have forgotten the simple premise that they are the ones who are working for the people. I hope that the honest hard working citizens of Colorado see this in the upcoming elections and show these politicians the unemployment line.

  • disgusted

    So why doesn’t someone in Colorado make a Citizens arrest and arrest the Governor for infringing their rights, breaking their oath and bullying. I believe the Governor and his minions are breaking the law and it will take the Citizens of Colorado to take it upon themselves to defend themselves. Then when the Governor is fighting his arrest they need to file for a RECALL. It should stop him from doing anymore damage for a bit. Just keep filing charges, one person after another charge after charge. Get rid of the SOB before all rights are infringed upon.

  • the Carpathian

    Enough of the cowardly, yekllow talk. Every time B.O. pushes, you fall back, thump your chests, make noise and declare a new, further back line in the sand.
    Most of you have never had to fight for this country. You enjoy your freedoms (as long as we can keep them) only because others have fought in your name. They have traveled abroad to live in deplorable conditions, get shot at,get wounded or get killed. And all the time, you have been able to toss back another cold one and watch whatever game is on your bog screen.
    Most of you have never had to matter, to count — to stand for something and have it make a difference that you have lived at all.
    If you are adamant about your 2nd amendment rights, if you really care, if you have the balls to do more than whine about not knowing what to do and wait for someone to tell you where and when to do it, then DO IT !!!!!
    Stand up. BE MEN. Feel those testicles descend.
    I’ll be happy to welcome you when you get there.

    • $12994363

      Big talk from someone who hasn’t said where and when service was rendered. There will be those waiting for you when YOU arrive.

      • The Carpathian

        1966, South Vietnam flying “Super Spads” (U-10 Helio Super Courier) with the 5th
        Air Commando Squadron. Not glamorous work, but getting a body part removed by ground fire got me sent home a mnth before my tour was up.
        I arrived decades ago, put my glutes in the line of fire. I won some and lost one. I’m going to be 70 this year, but I feel that my oath to defend the Constitution is still in force — an oath I will honor as best I can. Will you say the same?
        Now go try to trip up someone else, little pimple.

  • mydogpopo

    Its time to do it………..somebody do it…… it now…………

  • donl

    Our sheriff here in Ga. explained to us that the REAL reason for the second amendment was to protect We The People from tyranny. And thats exactly what our government has become under obama.

  • Seeker1212

    The Colorado Sherriff’s department should bill the state representatives for “legal services rendered”, and then swear out a warrant for their arrest if the bills are not paid.
    This would cover the funding of the Sherriff’s department.

  • SpudPicker

    I think the second amendment is the most important. It is the one that helps guarantee the others and the Constitution,
    Apparently the powers that be in W.D.C. think so too, Otherwise they wouldn’t be in such a hurry to get rid of it.
    The second amendment is our guarantee against tyranny. Hooray for the sheriffs of Colorado and other states.

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