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Does the AARP Still Want Your Guns?

2nd Amend.

Does the AARP Still Want Your Guns?

A few years ago I turned 55—a scary time for a guy who had to buy his own health insurance on the open market. Talk about sticker shock! So I thought, why not join AARP, the mega-senior’s organization? Surely they have some sort of group medical insurance a member can piggyback on. It was only after I had purchased a multi-year membership that I decided to research this powerful special interest group and see what their official position was on issues important to me. First and foremost was the issue of gun ownership. What I discovered surprised the heck out of me.

I did not know at the time know that AARP wanted to severely restrict its membership’s right to own firearms.

That was back in 2007. Here’s what their website said at the time: “AARP believes in the Constitutional right to bear arms. But to make the nation safer, we must do what we can to keep guns out of hands of children and criminals. AARP supported the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which went into law in 1994 with bi-partisan support. AARP supports measures to eliminate firearm possession by juveniles, convicted domestic abusers and those under domestic violence restraining orders.”



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  • joanc

    AARP lost me when they backed Obama care. I toss any mail they send into the garbage where it belongs.

    • The Old Man

      Me too !!

      • radcont5164

        Same here

    • boone1

      The people who run aarp are nothing but communist anything i get from these people gos in the can.I join AMAC these people care about old people and stand up for the U.S.Constitution and the Bill of Rights and it it soon will be coming to a head when we stand and fight for FREEDOM against this communist government go down as a communist country.IT’s up to us.GOD BLESS GOD AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

      LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!

      • slickzip

        AMEN GOD BLESS AMERICA ,,,,,,,,,,

      • Eaglestrike

        I also joined AMAC because they stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There was no way I was going to join AARP.

        • douber1

          i joined amac also
          in n.h.

    • rivahmitch

      Yep! I dumped them as well. It’s clear from their continued efforts to expand the welfare state that they’re the enemy of those of us who have worked and saved all our lives.

    • donl

      I worked at a gov. nuclear installation near augusta ga. I retired a few years ago. In feb. of this year 2013 they held several meetings on our insurance benefits. It should have been called socialism 101. Our insurance rates doubled, with less coverage and the paperwork is a nightmare. And now on 4-23-2013 they are holding more meetings. This must be socialism 102.

    • jong

      They sold their souls long ago for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

    • cheryll

      You got that right. I toss mine likewise…

    • dasbunker

      Send it back to them postage due.
      Allah FUBAR

    • Eric Saperstein

      Consider tearing it up and putting it back in the postage paid return envelope … w/ a note that says piss off RE your position on gun control!

      • Steve

        I prefer to just keep tossing them in the trash & let them keep on wasting their money on postage. After all, the post post office needs all the help they can get

        • douber1

          they also have to pay for you to return their crap also
          so they pay 2 ways

          • Andrew Newton

            Your idea is even better than than the first one.

          • violater1

            But they will take you off their mailing list if you return it to them! Whereas the other way around they will keep spending and hoping to hook you!

        • Andrew Newton

          I like that.

    • John The Baptist

      joanc, I will have to AGREE with you 100%. I o the same thing.

    • Steve


    • Work2SnowSki

      Sorry, I always open them and then stuff the Prepaid postage envelopes with as much junk as I can to add extra weight and then promptly mail them back. :^)

    • douber1

      no do not do that
      what i do is collect it and return it to them in one of their no stamp needed envelopes
      i do my membership card too but i cut it up first
      go get them
      in n.h.

    • garysvent

      I’d put in the birdcage, along with the local newsrag. It might also contribute to useful kitty litter.

      • Jay W

        That’s pet abuse. 🙂

        • garysvent

          Naw. I asked them first. They said they’d be more than glad to “P” on AARP.

    • john galt

      I send their mail back to them in their own pre paid envelope

    • tampapatriot

      Don’t lose AARP mail, it’s mostly self-stamped return envelope. Save all your junk mail, stuff it in
      the AARP envelope and mail it back to them. They have to pay the postage! ! !

    • Jay W

      I stuff it into the postpaid envelope and mail it back to them so they can help support the failing Postal Service.

      • joanc

        Great idea- that’s what I will do if they send me any of their junk mail. Thanks for the tip!

    • violater1

      Same here! They call themselves representing us but my term is misrepresenting while getting money from both sides of the fence!

    • Ginzo

      I took a 5 year membership. When they backed OBAMA I called them canceled my membership and got my money back.

    • Aristophanes

      I joined when I was around 57-58. When obamacare was being debated and I found out aarp supported it, I cancelled my membership. I have finally convinced one of my friends to do likewise. People just do not pay attention to this and I do not understand supporting an organization that does not support America!!

  • medivac

    I’ll be signing up with another old folks outfit that supports my right to own firearms this year. I was waiting for my AARP membership to run down as I had it paid up for a few years and this is my last year !!

    • Charlie

      Join AMAC conservative alternative to AARP

      • rivahmitch

        I’m unsure whether AMAC or ASA is the better alternative choice. Did you examine both and, if so, what decided you?

        • Charlie

          I joined AMAC —-don’t know anything about ASA .

      • Cougar Smith

        I joined AMAC ten minutes after I discovered they were in cahoots with Obummercare. I too send back their junk mail at their expense. Keep it up aarp, I love costing YOU $$$$!!!!

      • medivac

        Got their paper work on my desk right now !!

    • 7papa7

      I complained to the BBB that AARP was continually harassing me with their socialist propaganda and demanded that it stop, it did.

    • boone1

      Dude all that is,is a sorry ass excuse.I don’t if i had 10 years left on a aarp membership i would be telling these people to gave me a refund now that they are communist and are getting a kick back from obamacare of well over one billion dollors over tens now tell me who readly cares about old people money talks bullsh#t walks think it don’t . dude you are not living in the real world.Theres people out here that would sale there mother for a pice of crack.Wake up don’t be lost when the time comes and the time is a coming soon.

    • OldGuy

      I cancelled when AARP supported Obamacare… AND I had them refund the monies for future years (5 to be exact). AARP is only for the liberals.

  • ron


  • DenverKitty

    I got out of AARP and joined AMAC…a gun-owner friendly organization.

  • billk

    AARP does not really support seniors. It is in a business to make money and they do not care how they do it or what they have to so to get it. No matter what they say, they are not a senior’s best friend. I quit when they supported obamacare, as did millions more. There is another senior organization that, having a senior moment, I can’t remember the name.

    • rivahmitch

      There are two that I know of, AMAC and ASA.

  • Joanne Satmary

    I have no use for AARP. They stood against the Seniors who had supported them in the past. No more.
    My mail from them goes from the mail box directly into the trash.

    • tim meenan

      send it back to them on there stamp !

  • Kiminator

    AARP has never had seniors best interests in mind. They are a marketing company masquerading as a non profit. They make commissions off of any insurance they support.

    • Aristophanes

      Have you also noticed that anything they are pushing is much more expensive than going somewhere else and getting it. That was one of the things I noticed when I was a member for 1-2 years. The magazine was VERY negative and the product and services that was in the magazine was very expensive. Glad I went with AMAC.

  • usmc1063

    AARP WHO? Never joined them never will. Ohhhh just to let the people know at AARP I shred all you mail as I get it just hope there wasn’t any real money in those envelopes ohhh well too bad.

  • J. Brown

    AARP lost me when they unilaterally cancelled my hospitalization insurance because the payment arrived a day late. Called the following week and offered to reinstate it at a higher premium, because of my poor payment record. I had not been previously been made aware of my leadership at the post office.

  • fearlesskris

    “AARP supports measures to eliminate firearm possession by juveniles, convicted domestic abusers and those under domestic violence restraining orders.”
    So tell me “patriots” – which of these violent offenders and children would you like to see have access to weapons and obscene amounts of ammo? The right to bear arms does not, in any, any, ANY, sense of the word or of the reading of the constitution mean or say the right to bear any weapon of war we can get our hands on, legally, illegally, by whatever means necessary. Stop being so pro murder – couple of four year olds fired off a few rounds this week – one killed a woman, the other nearly killed – definitely permanently damaged – a six year old. Is that what you’re all about?

    • edodaniel

      Before YOU go off half cocked READ some of the proposed bills that AARP and others have stood behind. Some want your ability to pass your own firearms on to your children curtailed. Some want firearm rights eliminated for anyone ever charged with domestic violence whether convicted or not and in a very large percentage of such incidents the accused NEVER DID ANYTHING!

      WHAT is wrong with juveniles having firearms? I bought my first 30-30 rifle at the ripe old age of 13 with money I had earned on the farm from a Sears Roebuck store and WITHOUT any parental signature (none needed) – just walked in, pointed out the rifle I wanted (a model 94 Winchester), told him I needed a couple boxes of ammo too then paid the salesman for the rifle and two boxes of silvertips. Went deer hunting that weekend after sighting it in at the house. Most of us in High School took our rifles and shotguns to school with us so we could get in some hunting right after school – not many incidents and the few that happened were LOCAL and didn’t become MEDIA CIRCUSES that tend to create copycats. Why aren’t you railing against those circuses?

      Since more children are killed by household poisons every year than by firearms why aren’t you and others like you screaming for poison controls (maybe because you use the products and don’t want your ability to have ready access curtailed?).

      Couple of dozen minors under the age of 5 took parked vehicles out of gear and rolled them into traffic resulting in accidents with severe injuries and a couple of deaths.

      YOU might want to read the Constitution and Bill of Rights again then take a look at the records of the ratification conventions and the Congressional debates on the Bill of Rights before even THINKING that the intent of the founders was not for citizens to arm themselves as well as or better than a soldier whether foreign or domestic –

      “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American . . . . The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.” — Tench Coxe of Pennsylvania in The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788


      “The whole of the Bill (of Rights) is a declaration of the right of the people at large or considered as individuals…. It establishes some rights of the individual as unalienable and which consequently, no majority has a right to deprive them of.” (Albert Gallatin of the New York Historical Society, October 7, 1789)

      “The prohibition is general. No clause in the Constitution could by any rule of construction be conceived to give to Congress a power to disarm the people. Such a flagitious attempt could only be made under some general pretense by a state legislature. But if in any blind pursuit of inordinate power, either should attempt it, this amendment may be appealed to as a restraint on both.” [William Rawle, A View of the Constitution 125-6 (2nd ed. 1829)

      “The right of a citizen to bear arms, in lawful defense of himself or the State, is absolute. He does not derive it from the State government. It is one of the “high powers” delegated directly to the citizen, and `is excepted out of the general powers of government.’ A law cannot be passed to infringe upon or impair it, because it is above the law, and independent of the lawmaking power.” [Cockrum v. State, 24 Tex. 394, at 401-402 (1859)]

      • fearlesskris

        Interesting discussion and I thank you for putting time and thought into this. The arguments about cars and other sources of danger is a bit disingenuous – cars (and knives, baseball bats, most household poisons) all have been purposed with a task – such as transporting people and things from one point to another. We are happily living through the purpose of baseball bats right now with the first week of ball playing under way. Guns have one purpose – the intent is to kill, there is no other purpose to their creation and existence. I also grew up in a rural community where hunting rifles and the boxes of loose ammo were common and I’ve never said we should take away the right to have that sort of weaponry. We are talking about machines of war here. Obscene amounts in rapid fire magazines and drums. And while you quote YOUR favorite constitutional scholars, one can not, under any circumstances, disregard the phrase well-regulated. And we do not regulate anything at the moment. No papers are filed, no records of background checks – it’s insane. Perhaps the members of AARP (yeah, I have my invite already – it’s kind of disturbing the first time you get that in the mail or email) care about their children and grandchildren and want to see the nightmare of gun violence and death minimized. I know I do. And I want to make sure that gun owners are “law abiding” (funny, seems nearly every gun owner is “law abiding” right up until the moment they or one of their family, opens fire on the innocent population, i.e. Mrs. Lanza), but more than that, held responsible for what happens with their weapons. Especially when we’re talking about gifting a weapon down to a child or “friend” (straw man purchases). You say you’re law-abiding, you say you’re responsible – walk the walk.

        • edodaniel

          Actually the arguments about cars, knives, bats, etc. are legitimate as all have been used to purposely kill other people although killing was not necessarily their primary purpose. Killing is also not the primary purpose of firearms. Their primary purpose is to launch a projectile much the same as a Bow launches an arrow or a jet engine launches a rocket. The arrow, rocket, or projectile launched can be for fun, entertainment, warning, or with intent to harm.

          I, and many others, have some rather expensive competition firearms (pistols, rifles, airguns, and shotguns) and I assure you their primary purpose is far removed from killing and as a matter of fact because of weight or sights or a plethora of other reasons would make poor weapons for either defense or assault.

          The phrase “well regulated” simply means trained and disciplined, and as a result, well-functioning as the Congressional debates on the amendment show. It doesn’t mean hindered by bureaucracy and record keeping.

          Since the Amendment was a condition of ratification of the Constitution to ensure that the government could NEVER infringe upon the citizen’s right the government has no authority to keep any records on ownership nor even on who you choose to give or sell your own arms to.

          Congress was also never given a right to punish anyone for acts they might commit but hadn’t committed yet – that is largely why you do not get a weekly speeding, traffic signal, and improper turn ticket for the weeks driving activities that you MIGHT have committed or thought about doing.

          Now as far as gifting firearms to a child or friend being some type of “problem” we are right back to the car or boat or motorcycle or bat or set of golf clubs – life offers no guarantees that they will not be improperly used but until they are it isn’t anyone else’s business.

    • tim meenan

      liberal ! right fearless skirt !

      • fearlesskris

        Which is it? Liberal or right – oh wait, I’m both. Thanks Tim! But you didn’t address any of the issues (big surprise) – which known offenders would you like to see have a weapon again? Or are you an offender yourself?

    • John The Baptist

      Hay fearlesskris, go back into your hole where the smell of human brine awaits you.

      • fearlesskris

        John…maybe I haven’t had enough coffee, but this gibberish makes absolutely no sense. I am not sure you are using brine properly in a sentence. Did you have any comment on which offenders you’d like to see handed additional weaponry? Because that is the subject here. Perhaps guns in the hands of four year olds is what you’re defending? It’s hard to tell – but I would be interested in which of those people outlined by AARP (felons, violent offenders) you are here fighting for. Try to clarify your point John.

  • GB.

    Instead of throughing it in the trash, i gather up as much trash mail that i can to fill their reply envelope and send it back to them.

    • TexasOlTimer

      I’m so glad someone else does that too! What fun! Especially if you have some that have a very conservative view point!

    • cheryll

      Good idea…

    • tim meenan

      ditto, because it is on there stamp ! hit em like Colorado–in the pocket books !

    • Work2SnowSki

      Me too, sorry, I posted that above before reading comments, I’m a Baaaad Boy. 🙂

  • fearlesskris

    Oh, and the headline is priceless – “Does AARP still want your guns?” I guess if by “your” he means you – domestic abuser – because apparently that is this group of people. Are you the people with the restraining orders? lol, the author has a high regard for his audience. Sheesh.

  • Daddy-Bill

    I treat AARP unsolicited mail the same way I do Credit Card solicitations. If it has a Business Reply Envelope, I note that I am not interested and use their Reply envelope….. they pay for the return mail.

    • lionel

      yea me to, ain’t it great. But not to the NRA, I didn’t even take the knife!

      • rivahmitch

        Same here. However, since the bulk of the Repugs that backstabbed us today had an “A: rating from NRA (as does Harry Reid), I’m considering shifting my support to GOA. I’m a member of NAGR, also, btw.

        • lionel

          i’m a Conservitive, not a repub. more like an independant or T-party

        • kenstaff

          I am a member of both NAGR and GOA. I cut up my NRA card after a heated exchange over their endorsing Harry Reid in Nevada several years ago, and joined the other two. I don’t know if they stuck the card where I suggested, but I hope they did.

  • lionel

    Remember what Jim Brady said after he got shot?? “I got half a mind to quit this job” LOL, even after all these years. and topic was brought up in article.

  • Lester Peoples

    AARP changed its written rules that denied my claims that I had been recieving from VA hospital. I was on to them back then in 1965

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The AARP has its collective nose so far up Obama’s rear end that it doesn’t know if it’s day or night. I cancelled my membership when their leftist rhetoric over Obamacare became unbearable.

    • garysvent

      They did his tonsilectomy for half-price; that’s waaaaaay up there!

  • Chris Knox

    Another “I support the Second Amendment but…” statement. Translation: “I don’t support the Second Amendment.”

  • Confuscious

    Make that three!

  • Cougar Smith

    Screw aarp! Join AMAC instead and give Owebummer the finger.

  • haroldson

    same here seems they went wild, oddly enough they keep sending cards to people who throw them away.

  • colt38

    I quit the AARP in 2010 when they started backing Obama and then denying it. And I don’t like the way they talk down to seniors. Nobody ask anymore if you belong to AARP to get a discount. They just give it to you anyway. So now I send my membership due to the NRA!

  • $13614178

    I learned way back in the eighties , before I turned fifty and started receiving their adds , so I was fortunate enough to never send them a cent . I have also enlightened several of my friends as to their progressive support .

  • Don

    A few years ago, I received an AARP application in the mail. I tore it just about in half and wrote “UP YOURS!’ across it and sent it back in the self-stamped envelope. I have never received any mailings of any sort from them since. Guess I got the point across, huh.

  • Old American

    I return their mail and several other advertisers mail that I do not like in their on postage paid envelopes too. I think it may help the postal service also.

  • pikemaster1

    Send them back in their own post paid envelopes and it will cost them a great deal of money. Molon Labe

  • gundog1911

    I told AARP to shove my membership when they supported Hilarycare. They are
    nothing but Leftist douche bags.

  • ck

    Don’t toss AARP’s mailings. Usually they come with a no postage needed envelope. I send it back cut in small sections along with any other junk that came in the mail that day! Also, I have joined AMAC a conservative alternative to AARP!

  • slickzip

    SCREW the AARP they are nothing but a bunch of ODUMBA butt kissing dumbocrats ,,,

  • Luckyme52

    AARP is full of CRAP i quit them when they sided with Obama got all my 5 years of money back which i insisted on or else they would be looking at a law suit, i joined when i was 50 and quit 4 years ago at the age of 77

  • Winston

    AARP is but a voice piece to disarm and disable senior citizens. It acts no differently that the socialist agenda of the Obama administration to addict senior citizens on the lower health care costs while they work with the socialist government to eradicate old people and erode individual freedom, liberty, and Constitutional rights. They are a socialistic arm of the federal government

  • denny

    aarp wants everything there BOY wants mr. ocrap

  • moberndorf

    AARP has been far left for years, but without me.

  • tim meenan

    just another bunch of liberals expressing commie thoughts ! they can stick it ! they really do hate guns and have been known to support reps. that back gun control! dump them !

  • GRM

    I dropped our AARP membership when they backed NObama and his CommieCare. I send back everything AARP sends me with a clear explanation why I will have nothing to do with them. We also joined AMAC.

  • GATOR007

    AARP is projected to make over $2 Billion dollars over the first ten years from obamacare! Of course they would support it! Their main source of income is from the Ins. premium kickbacks they get, they are NOT a senior Org. first and foremost,they are nothing but Ins. salesman!!

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    AARP= Americans Against Retired Patriots……………..and against freedom, and liberty and independence.

    AARP has long been in the liberal democrats’ bag. Don’t support them and don’t give them money. They have long seen senior citizens as an easy mark and treat seniors as gullible sheep to fleece of their money. As a senior citizen I can say, I may be old, but I’m not stupid nor gullible.

  • $670769

    AMAC is the answer. I never liked WARP.

  • medivac

    Is it a fact that the AARP supports “The Chicago Bath House Meat Whistle Band” that obama is a charter member of ??

  • Hawkeye3939

    Back about thirty years ago, I joined AARP prior to achieving retirement age. One day I received an AARP mail-out saying that “AARP members support the Brady gun control policy.” I fired off a letter to the AARP asking when a poll was taken and what the questions were. The response told me in no uncertain terms that I had no need to know how AARP had arrived at the conclusion that its membership had spoken. I then sent a letter to the AARP president (whose name I have forgotten) asking for some answers: if you speak for the membership, when and how did you arrive at the conclusion that “the membership” supports your position? What questions were posed to the “membership?” And why didn’t I, as a “member,” get asked for my opinion? AARP told me to mind my own business, because they knew what was best for me. In response, I cut my AARP membership card in several pieces and mailed them back to AARP with a strongly-worded letter telling them Hell would freeze over before I would ever give them the time of day. This organization is the most despicable, lying, untrustworthy bunch of ghouls that have ever populated this globe–they feed off the fears of seniors, but do everything they can to hurt seniors. AARP was one of the biggest supporters of Obamacare–which will go down in history as the biggest scam-job ever.. I wish a curse on them and their issue even unto the seventh generation of the seventh generation. No real American should give these slimy jerks any support–they are a part of the campaign to destroy our country.

  • Chief_Cabioch

    if you want to support a “Conservative” group go with AMAC

  • $5905143

    Had AARP for several years, dropped them two years ago… Definitely a suspicious organization…


    AARP sold out many years ago! I once sought their help in an age discrimination case, and they did absolutely nothing to help me! They do nothing to help aging Americans! Just a bunch of turncoats. That is why I dropped my membership, and trash any and all of their advertising!…

  • Benjamin Fox

    I have nothing to do with AARP, a arm of socialist idiots in the government, shown by their support of a Islamic president, they suck and won’t have anything to do with them, not for the aged but, would make a good brown shirt for the new Nazi government.

  • I Love my country

    Thanks for the article as I have trouble convincing my friends their colors.

  • Darius the Mede

    AARP has drunk the Obaminator’s kool-aid.They don’t realize that strong gun control laws hurt society because only the homest citizens wil adher to the gun control rules. Crooks have NEVER obeyed gun control laws….and never will..After all, THEY ARE CRIMINALS!! This is why I will not renew my AARP membership. I now belong to AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens). This organization more truthfully represents the standards that I believe in, ie 2nd Amendment rights, truth of the Bible, opposition to homosexuality

  • Brian Engman

    AARP lost me when my father discovered this many years ago. I am with AMAC an orginazation the believes in armed citizens and believes that seniors do know what they are doing.

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    For the life of me I do not know why an organization which has been fed by seniors is out to disarm them or to harm any of us! Obama is a damnable ball and chain of which we must loose ourselves! AARP must support it’s supporters and tell Obama to take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut!

  • giley1

    The AARP has gone progressive. They buy into Obamacare and promote Medigap Insurance to supplement Obamacare. Any senior who buys into AARP is doing a dis-service to themselves. I am sure that as a progressive organization they’re also on the gun control campaing.

  • Rambo

    AARP owned and support by dear old George Soros. Liberal scum

  • Sgt. York

    AARP mail starts a fire in my fireplace as often as I can get them. They are a Communist Liberal group for the over 55 bunch. Never joined,never will

  • OldDocBen

    Don’t toss their mail. Mark it “Return To Sender” and, as I understand it, they have to pay the return postage. Every penny they pay in postage is a penny these communist/socialist/Marxist pay is a penny NOT spent on Gun Control. Just because we are older does not mean we can’t take action to protect our God Given rights. Stand up America! Join the pack of Gray Wolves fighting for liberty!

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    AARP has always been a left-leaning group, but these days it is more openly so.

    Some alternative groups which are conservative are – Generation America; American Seniors Association; The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC); and the 60 Plus Association.

  • CaptTurbo


  • kenstaff

    I left aarp several years ago and joined AMAC. They’re not a bunch of liberals who will sell us “old folks” down the drain!

  • Cinci Jew

    AARP are nothing but a DemOocRAT front group who supported Hitlery Clinton’s attempt to take over the health care industry before the DemocRATs succeded under the Obamuslim.

  • Fred

    I gave up on AARP a few years back after examining their political direction and finding that they truly do not care about their members well being. They are only interested in what is in it for AARP.
    I then found AMAC and found this organization is more concerned about the needs of Senior Citizens. I gave up my 5 year contract with AARP and signed up with AMAC for 5 years as it was much better value and they actually care about all their senior citizens memboers.

  • sudsy

    AARP does not want my guns as I dropped them like a hot potatoe long ago and want NOTHING to do with them! When they agreed with Obamacare, is when I dropped them immediately! They get mine-OMDB only!

  • GrizzlyIX

    Of COURSE they DO! ! ! !

    As they are Obozo’s puppets who stand to score over a BILLION dollars in kick-backs from Obozo-care when THAT FARCE kicks in, how do you EXPECT THEM to act! ! ! !ROFLMFFS-IAO! ! ! ! !

  • GrizzlyIX

    Of COURSE they DO! ! ! !
    As puppets of King Pinocchio Obozo, who stand to score BILLIONS in kick-backs from pushing Obozo-care when it kicks in, they’ll back ANY Stupid Commie agenda Obozo cares to foist off on US! ! ! !

    I signed up with AMAC as soon as they started their first membership drive, and would have signed as a Life Member if it had been offered. . . .

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