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People sign fake petition to repeal second amendment

2nd Amend.

People sign fake petition to repeal second amendment

People Petition to Confiscate Guns From Tea Party Supporters and Repeal the Second Amendment.



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  • Concerned American Voter

    It’s almost hard to believe that someone could be that
    misled, to sign this petition, but it’s like those on TV who are asked about a
    polit9ical or very public person, or what someone said on a TV show the night
    before, and they make up something that is not true, not even clear, showing
    they just don’t know or even care about what they say or do. And these
    mostly young people are the ones we have to count on to carry us ahead into the
    future. America as we know it is rapidly declining, a sad state of affairs

  • spyderdalton

    There is a sucker born every half second… they are all liberals..

  • Paladin

    This is terrifying!

    He may as well have also asked them to sign over their paychecks.

    Now think about what happens when our kids grow up after bring brainwashed in school that anything that so much as resembles a gun will get them expelled or suspended, and a permanent “mark” kept in their file.

  • gdoggerz

    Why doesn’t anyone ask what they are signing…people are stupid!!!

  • winki

    ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when he told some of them that then only the criminals would have guns, THEY STILL SIGNED!!!! This is just unreal. I agree with Paladin; this is TERRIFYING. To think these people VOTE!!! No wonder our nation is going downhill on a slippery slope. Scary. Sooooo scary. And just wait and see what amendment they go after next.

    • TXSoldier254

      These are the people you work with, go to school with, live next door to. Just frighting!

  • gatorbait88

    Where was this poll taken?No wonder the president states falsley that over 90% of the people are with him on this farce.Gotta love the questions put out there.This was better than watching MSNBC.

  • TXSoldier254

    Amercia is in Critical Condition!

  • gutterfalcon

    What is it about Cal. that makes everyone Brain Dead ?

    • m2

      1. It is full of liberals. 2. It is full of liberals in all the universities and governmental positions of power. 3. It is full of scum from the entire world over who hate America and are therefore liberal. 4. It is ground zero for the American Communist Party ACP who runs the crooked elections and makes sure that the state stays broke, that the education curriculum is compromised on all levels, and the family is weakened. 5. It is full of liberals who are anti-family and anti-God (Christianity) – so any chance to promote atheism, antiChristian, antifamily, anti-white, or all around anti American(ism) as a political philosophy and way of life is fully embraced and welcomed by all the liberal stoner idiots and every other libtard sub-group with its uniquely liberal sub-agenda, most/all of which are congruent with ACP’s long stated goals (Marx —> Alinsky —> Obama).

  • fliteking

    Imagine if WE were to begin a well funded campaign to eliminate the rights of others concerning abortion, or where certain people can live, or what jobs people can perform etc.

    The Nation would be outraged . THIS IS NO DIFFERENT.

  • Bob138

    They did something similar on the “Man Show” years ago. Walked around getting women to sign a petition to end women’s suffrage. Telling them “women have sufferaged for too long, help us end their sufferaging.” Eventually someone with a brain came to the rescue.

    • Rattlerjake

      Jimmy Kimmel on J K Live does a segment on asking people on the street a stupid question, and he gets tons of these idiots to talk about it. Of course that is Mexifornia, what can you expect.

  • Ovea

    Where’s a clip that shows people who turned him down? Granted these responses are dismaying, but surely he didn’t get 100% ?

  • ron


  • LibertyLovingPatriot

    These same people voted for Obama. They were actually okay with the idea that only criminals would own guns and guns of law-abiding citizens would be confiscated. We were once a great country. Now all our enemies have to do is wait, as it will all be over soon. Liberals are truly a scourge.

  • jong

    I wonder if he asked these zombies something else what reaction he would get. Reminds me of a old song by the Refreshments called banditos. “the world is full of stupid people but, I have got the pistols so I will keep the pesos and that seems fair to me.”

  • Guest

    Obviously these media brain-washed kids are overjoyed about the latest government-sponsored child massacre?

  • Adrian Vance

    We are in much deeper trouble than I had ever imagined.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

    • m2

      Agreed. “lock and load” does not even BEGIN to describe all the work that those of us reading this shoulld be doing. When are they going to start putting the 50×80 foot posters of ObaMao on the downtown square of every city in America?

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