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Biden mocks gun skeptics: ‘We’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America’

2nd Amend.

Biden mocks gun skeptics: ‘We’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America’

During a gun control speech Tuesday at the White House, Vice President Biden mocked the “black helicopter crowd” for opposing the idea of universal background checks for Americans purchasing guns.

“Kinda scary man, the black helicopter crowd is really upset,” Biden said, criticizing the National Rifle Association for promoting a “misinformation campaign” on background checks.

Biden insisted that there would be no central registry for background checks allowing government to keep records on gun owners.



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  • dave

    Biden, your dumber than you look.

    • pointman49

      Why would an attractive woman, intelligent, a doctor, find a man that foolish & stupid worthy of being a spouse? Lord knows she never needed him?? Maybe he told her he had a shotgun inside his Fruit Of The Looms?? One w/two barrels~!!??

      • Poodleguy

        Power is an aphrodisiac, don’t you know??? Have you every seen the bi itch that was married to one of the ugliest, stinkiest muslim gob of excrement that ever existed, Arafat?????? Sorry state of affairs, but it is the reality.

        • Sam Wicks Jr

          I was hoping it was a dream! Guess my vote AGAINST obamy didn’t count. Or the election was rigged…..

          • boone1

            The sandnigger won by fraud.

          • Sharon

            Very true. But, what can we do about it?

      • Sam Wicks Jr

        But NO firing pin…..

      • anniesdad

        More like a one shot snub nosed pistol that shoots blanks?

    • don

      thar is not possible

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      All he has to do is open his mouth to confirm how dumb he really is! Why do you think odumbo took him as a VP, Who would want Biden for a prez? Other than maybe his wife.

    • boone1

      You look up the word dumb than the same word dumber you than see biden but i sure would like to take his wife to bed Than biden would be history then for sure.and see would be one happy camper

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Dave, Not Really…

  • Pvt.Joker

    Yeah; that’s a REALLY funny joke. Why don’t you go tell it to some German Jews from the 1930s, or some Soviet dissidents from the same time period and see how much THEY laugh???

    • Poodleguy

      Sure makes you wonder why the secular Jews want the populace disarmed, after what Hitler did to them in the 1930’s!!! The Obamaliar regime is using the same methods that Jos Goebbles (sp) & the rest of the Nazis did during Hitler’s rise to power – – check it out, it is so very similar.

      • don

        play books are the same an fools keep falling for them

  • rivahmitch

    Special Forces? Doubt it. Many of them will be on our side. DHS, ATF and perhaps some foreign troops? As Bing Crosby used to say, “There’s no doubt about it”! There will be blood. MOLON LABE! Semper Fi!

  • tim meenan

    hey biteme, molon labe !


    Biden is a bought and paid for union parasite and has been since he held political office..he has stood there in the last few months and gives advice that would get you put in jail as if he knew the laws, he doesn’t know crap, he is a opportunistic jerk getting paid to sit on his hands and draw fire. he is the leading example of what this administration is composed of..

    • don

      i beg to differ== if he an the rest is as bad as you say an i agree in one way-then how come WE let them carry this nation to marixism an destrustion? looks like we are the fools .- don’t know if you have noticed their winning. wake up

      • ONTIME

        I am one vote….how many are you?
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Biden mocks gun skeptics: ‘We’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America’

  • barbiecakes

    Question, how did they get him away from the cartoon channel?

  • cwms2005

    If we abolish the amendment we abolish the Constitution, ergo we have no President, no Congress, No Constitutionally elected officials (no Constitution) What we will have is a free for all until a victor takes the spoils. Maybe that’s why DHS bought all the ammo and the tanks huh?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    First the denials, jokes, and mockery; then the hammer falls.

    • rcbobj

      Let it fall we are ready in Texas.

      • don

        WE that is a huge word.-an right now that all it is. we can win this but we have to be more that me an you. show me more. i’m looking for grow signes of a backbone

  • joshuasweet

    no central registry for background checks so says Biden, so using the fact that he can not tell the truth means that they are and that Harry Reid’s written laws are “Expanded” in this case is a term of art, as you’ll see shortly.” with Joe Manchin (D-WV) Pat Toomey (R-PA) supporting the efforts will be intrusive at the very least or lead to the same release of who these registered gun owners are like happened to the legal concealed carry holder in New York with a subsequent in crease in robberies of the listed homes!

  • BrassRing

    Hey Joe, It’ll cost ya.

  • Tonto

    Joe Biden is BHO’s best life insurance policy ever.

    Was the New York handgun buyback/confiscation an Internet hoax?

    I wish Joe Biden would focus on the tubby little North Korean!

  • Ronnie

    You have been on the kool aid too long. There will be blood shed in the United States if Obama and minions try that. You liberals had better look at the polls again, you all have lied so much about the majority of the people in the US being behind you that you have started to believe that junk.

    • gvette

      You don’t know how right you are!!

  • conservative

    If they deny it, they intend to do it.

    • JIM


      • don

        not real sure what you meant by the lady has not sang yet.— do you mean that we are going to stand up an do something to save our nation? really? i think obamas right hand man Holder had it closer to right.–when he said don’t worry their all cowards i hope ever day i see some sign that we are growing a spine. nothing but mussels in the jaw getting larger

        • mojo

          Right on don we are showing our jellly spine every day this regime is in office.

    • Janthony132

      Make no mistake, That is his plan. Disarm and marital law and imprisonment for any proterstors or even death. We are looking a a Dictator in the making (His plan) Infiltrate government positions with all his corrupt minions – and lets not forget the left-wing judges and on up. Solution? Well, some say that “we can do nothng” Hunters and the ex-military think otherwise. Obama can TRY to create his own Gestapo group, but they wont have enough support if the American people, Military, Veterans, hunters and YES, armed women chose to take up arms and take back our country and re-establiash a constitutional government. If you dont think thats a possible scenario – you will when you get the wake up call when it comes home to roost.

  • Poodleguy

    Joe Biteme is a lying gob of you know what as well as being quite intellectually challenged. The socialist liberal left is determined to disarm the American people – – – they never give up – – – but you know what? We Constitutionalists will never waiver, never fold, never give up – – – we are going to whip their collective asses however we must, never doubt it!!!!!!!!!!! “From time to time, the tree of liberty must be replenished with the blood of tyrants & patriots!!!!” Thank you, Thomas Jefferson.

    • don

      throwing this marixs Biden under the bus does nothing what so ever

  • Ed Scott

    Makes one wonder why a so called vice president of the U.S. would even say anything like this.

  • James Star

    And we should believe him why?” Biden insisted that there would be no central registry for background checks allowing government to keep records on gun owners”.

    • don

      james how old our you? if your at least 18 then this question you should all ready know. you see our problem. its plain as day

  • shiloh

    Biden could pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were wtriten on the bottom of the heel.

  • Johnny Geetar

    THIS is the problem with being a politcal ballbag; NOBODY TRUSTS YOU! Do you believe one word coming from the mouth of ANY gun grabber? I sure as hell don’t…… BOTH sides know what the endgame is here. That being said, I AIN’T registering DICK with these people. I’m not pating a tax, i’m not going to purchase insurance, and i sure as hell do NOT plan on forfeiting ANYTHING I have. Not to these A-holes, not to ANY entity, be it local, state OR federal! And I could care less if the federal snoopers are reading this or not.

  • hijinx60

    The registry already exists in Langley, Virginia. Biden is as big a liar as his boss.

  • Sarah Conner

    out of the mouths of stupid,they tell you exactly what they are going to do…

  • Charlie

    Truely think our sevaqnt that is our vice president has a lot of ideas that are ass backwards. First he thinks we are his servants, nope not true. Then he thinks he is so much smarter than the folks of our country, nope not true once again. He even might think american citizens can be run over like the dolts of Germany/Austria were run over by the tyrannical Adolph Hitler. If any of our servants don’t understand the oath they took to hold a seat in an office of our’s then they do not belong in our government of our country. If our servants do anything that is not constitutionally correct then they have broken the oath that was the final step that placed them in to our governmental seats of power.

  • OmniscientOne

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  • GDC97

    When will Biden be HANGED by the NECK until he is DEAD???

  • Marty Zima

    Tell that to the folks ini New York who have received letters revoking their firearm licenses and ordered to turn in their guns or face arrest.

    They are using state health records arbitrarily as a basis for revocation of licenses, without due process against HIPPA laws that are to protect patient rights.

    Think Im kidding, or lying? Its happening folks. Gun confiscations have already begun. New York is a trial run for the rest of the country.

    So maybe all those ‘black helicopter’ skeptics were right after all.

    • don

      if WE the people want stand then this is what your going to get. sad but true.

  • Average Joe

    Probly the dummest VP ever. To God Guts and Guns I will hold on till the bitter end. Semper fi

  • trupatriot1971

    Somebody fire a shotgun outside to run biden off!

  • joe

    how’s about special education for him?

  • joe

    just can’t stand the man

  • joe

    what a idiot and he is a heartbeat away from the big chair.

  • Tired ‘Ole Sarge

    Hey crazy Uncle Joe: KMA…!

  • don

    to BIDEN bring it on

  • RomyMon

    Foot-in-his mouth Joe Biden strikes again! The stupidity of this nut is boundless! Gather every gun in America? With Special Forces troops? Does this bozo really live with us on planet Earth? And I thought Reid and Pelosi are the most stupid Democrats! Now it’s Joe Biden hands down! Hey Joe, you are a big embarrassment for the Obama administration. But don’t let that worry you. Your boss Obummer is just as empty-headed as you and he and his wife both are totally and utterly shameless! America, my dear America, how sad and unfortunate that today you are being run by idiots of the first order!

  • James Crawford

    Biden…and the pet frog he carries in his pocket: “We”

  • TexasLady

    The poor dumb *sshole didn’t even realize he speaks the truth about what is coming. Obomit chose him twice to be Veep because he knows Biden is almost scarier than he is. Better than body armor.

  • Jay W

    Kind of like being mocked by Ronald McDonald.

  • anniesdad

    Why in the world would we not trust the two idiots,dumb and dumber? They have been the “most honest, transparent administration ever” This is true folks. We can see right through them and its not a pretty sight. We aren’t buying guns just to protect our friends and families against intruders but more so to protect them against our own governmennt.

  • Sharon

    Looks like the Lab is still trying to get Joe Biteme to pick up his brain. It’s either that or he keeps it in a box in his closet so he doesn’t wear it out by thinking.

  • Adrian Vance

    He now says that was a gag, but don’t you believe it.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Ernest Boggs

    This guy is such a joke. He’s even worse than Al (Baby) Gore. He gets things so messed up that no one knows what he’s talking about. He is still near the top of my Idiot file.

  • servant1jkb

    In Holland there is a saying: “Drunks and children will tell one the truth!” Well Joe, you are well past your childhood, so……… put the cork back into the Bottle Joe, have had more than enough. We can tell by what you spout!

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