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Man Facing Charges For Not Being Mauled By Bear


Man Facing Charges For Not Being Mauled By Bear

A 76-year-old Auburn, Massachusetts man Richard Ahlstrand had spotted a black bear in his backyard last Thursday around his bird feeders. On Friday, he went to fill up his bird feeders, and as a precaution, he took his shotgun. Sure enough, the black bear showed up and started to chase the old man. The man aimed his shotgun at the bear and shot it, killing the bear before it dropped to the ground.

Now, he’s facing charges for illegally killing the bear, illegally baiting the bear, illegal possession of a firearm and failure to secure a weapon. Because he “murdered” the bear, police confiscated his shotgun as well as 2 others he had in his possession.

Mr. Ahlstrand pointed out the idiocy of his elected officials:

“They got me set up now like I’m some kind of murderer. And then the environmental guy told me, ‘You should have called me instead of shooting it.’ What was I going to do, say ‘Mister Bear, would you excuse me please while I go make a phone call?’”



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  • gvette

    Why am I not surprised! People in
    enforcement park common sense at the door, when they report to work!

  • gdoggerz

    Once an animal like a bear gets comfortable with going in people’s backyards he is a hazard. This bear could have killed small children…and they are throwing the book at him. He should get an “Atta-boy” for making the neighborhood safer.

  • Joseph Fyda

    He is a 76 year old man and he is going to out run a bear? Get real! I would say that community’s government needs a major overhaul. The ignorance of baiting of a bird feeder? And a day later as well. And where were they before this in removing this bear? If that is the case it is their responsability to remove the bear in the first place. Ever see what a bear can do to a person? I am really sure it is a rug by his fireplace. What morons for a government.

  • H8 the left

    Can anyone explain why this crap ALWAYS happens in blue states? Hell, Jefferson County, Colorado DA tried unsuccessfully to convict an 80 year old man on 4 counts of first degree murder for shooting 2 shots in a truck, hitting an illegal in the face while they were trying to run over him while stealing his trailer from the side of his house. Unfortunately, he lost everything including his guns to these a-wipes. Why 4 counts? 2 shots and 2 illegals.

  • OldDocBen

    He should have shot those who came to take his guns. I’m old too, but they aren’t getting mine. Look at NY where they are now (illegally) reviewing medical records and then confiscating guns based on medications taken. We kept telling everyone who would listen that all these “regulations” are about leading to confiscation. My question to you, America, is what will YOU do when they come for YOUR guns?

  • mesaman

    Perhaps he can contact mama bear and baby bear through the local PETA underground network and ask them to support the defense with evidence of child and spousal abuse of said trespassing bear. The bear was obviously on psychtropic drugs and could easily have turned into a mass murdering Boo Boo Bear. Does this make as much sense as the utter stupidity of the brain-dead, PETA *ss-kissing administrators of that backward hamlet.

  • cjpilot

    Boy would I like to be on that jury–NOT GUILTY!!! Ain’t JURY NULLIFICATION cool!!

  • barbiecakes

    This is why they call it Mass backwards.

  • $5708171

    The point is that they must use any possible excuse to relieve a citizen of his/her guns. Seems to be working pretty well, too.

  • joshuasweet

    I say next time get the bear in a trailer trap and deliver it to the door and release it into the police station and see what they do

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