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7-year-old Nabbed on Felony BB Gun Charges


7-year-old Nabbed on Felony BB Gun Charges

Sam Grant nearly celebrated his eighth birthday party in jail.

The North Carolina boy had been charged with two felony counts of discharging his BB gun.

The parents of a then-seven-year-old North Carolina boy are beyond angry after their son was charged with two felony counts of possessing a BB gun. Just moments before the child was expected to answer to the allegations before a Catawba County judge — the charges were dropped.

Sam’s parents, Ray and Cherry Robbins told Fox News they are both relieved and angry over what happened to their son.

“They considered his BB gun a firearm,” Ray said. “”It’s not a firearm. It’s a BB gun.”



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  • fliteking

    SO they are arresting 7 year olds now . . . and we are to believe them when the liberals say they don’t want our firearms.

    Liberals aren’t real men, they are robotic child haters enforcing the Kings Police State.

    If they’ll readily do this to a 7 year old boy . . . I bet they have much moire interesting plans for Conservative adults. Just a thought.

  • ron44

    WAY TO GO GOVERNMENT! way to be big shots! pick on kids you worthless bastards!

  • wowman

    The South has never had problems till the wanna be’s and those who could not cut it up north in their police dept. Come down here get hired in then force things their way and we here loose. Cause every time I call the law for help i get a Northern Boy who tells me there is nothing he can do, But Jump when you go to the Judge who tells them to do their job.

    • mtman2

      That’s not fair wow, there’s lots of libs all over + the Tory’s in the 1776-south were worse than the British. There’s also lots of us outdoorsman hillbillies up north that have the same problems only the bigger cities out vote us + WE get mayors, assembly,, congress, senators + governors that cater to the lib/progs. And then GOOD governors like Rick Perry invite the beleaguered northerners “welcome to Texas” to flee the socialist regimes that have entrenched themselves in overregulation + overtaxation. As U say the wingnuts will try UR patience + eventually push U to “go west young man” -er south- anywhere but away from overwelming tyranny + ignorance. It may come to states aligning separately along political lines … this letting the wingnuts collapse/bankrupt their states foolish ‘go broke’ + can’t do anything lifestyles.

  • Cooleemee Edd

    Well justice was served. I don’t know what the boy was doing with his B-B gun, but it wasn’t worthy of an arrest in the first place. Keep reloading, boy!

  • Bobbi Sue Myles

    This is the level to which our supposed legal system has sunken to in the march towards total disarmament of We the People

  • 7papa7

    Wow talk about PC gone wild. I guess they are worried that he is going to hold up a bank or something. He will probably end up being labeled as a terrorist. Well young man welcome to the world of Obama.

  • Ron

    I checked out these BB guns today. They have upwards to 800 foot per second impact so, yes, they are a weapon. They can kill. They can even kill a human if the BB hits the human in the right spot. What if the lad would have aimed just a bit to hit the driver in the temple. At 800 fps the BB would have entered the skull of the driver. I am not saying what happened is OK, but what I am saying is: this kid should have been talked to as the the correct use of a BB gun. But nah, he was taken fishing.

  • lokiswife

    Our government is doing this to many people – people who they know can’t fight back, can’t afford pricey lawyers to protect them. Our government is a bully in the sandbox – nasty as Hell as long as he can get away with it, but will slink away when people stand up to him. We, the people need to watch for stories like this, bring them out into the public and embarass the bully…It’s a power play to let people know what the government can do if we step out of the lines they have drawn in the sand, to keep the “sheeple” under control.

  • James Fontana

    It is this mentality the reason the North won the Civil War. I lived amongst them for several years so I can say this true knowledge.

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