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Psychiatrist warned campus police about Aurora shooter a month before mass murder

2nd Amend.

Psychiatrist warned campus police about Aurora shooter a month before mass murder

In a revelation that may have Colorado voters rethinking their state’s push on gun control, court documents revealed that the mass shooting in Aurora that killed 12 and injured 70 more could have been prevented by law enforcement. The psychiatrist for suspect, James Holmes, had warned campus police that Holmes was dangerous and homicidal a month before the shooting took place. Lynne Fenton even told the police that Holmes had begun to stalk and threaten her, and yet no action was apparently taken:

A University of Colorado psychiatrist told campus police a month before the Aurora movie theater attack that James Holmes had homicidal thoughts and was a public danger, according to records unsealed Thursday.

Lynne Fenton, a psychiatrist at the Denver campus, told police that Holmes had also “threatened and harassed her via email/text messages” in June 2012. He is standing trial for the July 20 shooting rampage that killed 12 and injured 70 during a midnight premiere of the latest Batman movie. …



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  • ride2live

    How convenient that the Colorado legislature managed to force their gun-control schemes through before these documents were unsealed by the courts! Imagine, if this Dr. would have reported Holmes to the proper authorities (as required by law), these people killed in the theater would be alive today. I notice they managed to turn off his keys to the school, they certainly wasted no time acting to protect themselves from the homicidal loon.

  • Tom Leist

    Government works best when is works very slowly, research all the facts, get public input, then and only then procede with caution, on controversal changes.

    • MontieR

      The only FACTS I see the government using are the fabricated facts from
      MSN. The government will NOT even use the FBI stats that show less than 2% of the murders were with ANY type of rifle. Or that the last (scary) assault weapons ban did very little to NOTHING to reduce violent crime.

  • Lucky3511

    And the sick liberal loon of Connecticut use the authorities failure to act as a means to make it easier for these type of crimes to be committed. Liberals of Connecticut and Liberals of the rest of America including the Obomintation, just make me SICK!!!!

    • mtman2

      You know even pepper-bear spray would have stopped this kid @ the door[30-40 range]. Nothing w/common sense has come out of it.The idiots are letting the insane to run the asylum.

  • ElderAmbassador

    Well now, the good Dr. was NOT willing to put a 72 hour hold on the idiot, so what are the Police to think? Oh, yeah, another attempt to shield Herself from the results. No, her sheepskin needs to be taken down so she can find work in a field where personal responsibility is not so important. She will always remain in my mind an un-indicted co-conspirator with the idiot.

    • Steve Thomas

      If I were a psychiatrist and could be held liable for one of my patients going on a shooting spree, I would not have a single patient that I deemed fit to own a gun. See the problem. If you make someone cover their a**, THEY WILL! And half of the country will loose their 2nd amendment rights…just as many veterans have. Everyone should be responsible for themselves! That includes no long term government handouts.

  • Joe Joe

    looks like we are on our own, school & police at fault

  • kjenkinsaf

    His mistake was telling “Campus Police”. Little more than rent-a- cops.

    • violater1

      Well guess what had he called the town police they would have referred him to report to the Campus police being under their jurisdiction! So what else is a mother to do!LOL?

  • auhunter

    Ah Yes, guns are at fault, what BS. Aurora cops should have been on this guy, like stink on ****. Known his every move before he made it. And this information has been where? in Sealed records until now, when he fixing to go to court. The cops thoughts “Ah yest another nut case, thinking a male student is stalking her. Pure an simple the cops weren’t doing their job. She was probably next on his hit list if he had not gotten caught. She is probably culpable in this case, though not indictable, as she was probably prescribing psychotropic drugs for his problem, which in reality most likely made it worse. It’s a shame 82 people had to pay for her mistake, and that of the cops. .

  • edc

    How many killilngs have any laws stopped, old or new?Laws, like locks, only keep honest people honest.

    • Ralph Collier

      edc you’re 100% correct….look at chicago…our great leaders hometown…….average 22 gang members to 1 law enforcement officer…….shootings daily…..highest murder by gun ratio in the US and some of the most strict gun laws in the country……boy it’s working great……I think we should move the white house to chicago and let the inhabitants deal with the lawlessness the citizens deal with daily…….what I find interesting is the analysis by Constitutional Scholar Publius Huldah;

    • violater1

      Yes absolutely and amen!

  • mesaman

    Identification of emotionally unstable, chemically treated disorders, especially those treated with psychotropics, and evaluations of on going behavior that reveal violent thoughts, a history of violent actions, and presence of violent, often homocidal, ideation is the key to controlling mass murdering incidences. Unfortunately the concern of Dr Fenton, and those who in mental health facilities who have pointed out the correlation, and likely causation of violent uncontrolled behavior, have been ignored by the democrats in power. I feel badly about their ignorance and you and I will bear the outcomes of their insidious laws.

  • Max Bolte

    After Googling Lynne Fenton’s psychiatric work with mind altering drugs she could have been a major party to the Aurora Theatre massacre. There are a lot of questions here. Why was James Holmes found “bombed out ” in his car. Why did they find the AR15 in the boot of his car? What happened to the person who was seen to open the theatre side exit door to let the shooter in? What happened to these witnesses? There’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the USA at the moment.

  • edgineer

    The Supreme Court ended any meaningful psychiatric care in this country in the 1970s. The Democrats have used the predictable results to attack our civil rights. Our mental health care in this country is a disaster and is this countries biggest problem.

  • jb80538

    Why would a psychiatrist not put him on a 72 hour hold if he felt there was the feeling that he was a threat to himself or the public?

  • ron

    it was reported then dropped from dissuasions that Holmes parents had been affiliated with GE in California. They also had been notified of his acting threatening and that also was never really talked about. I think that the progressives here had an agenda and didn’t want any one to queer the attempt to use the tragedy for their benefit.

  • jesus

    you sick NRA fuckers…….nazi murdering swune

    • Alfred Ferguson

      One might expect “jesus” (sic) to spell “Jesus” and “swune” (sic) swine, correctly. And “nazi” is nominally capitalized, “Nazi”. But “sick” and the “f” word are correct–doubtless from conceptual companionship of long familiarity.

  • Benjamin Fox

    The Police don’t protect and serve, they show up to clean up the mess.

  • $13614178

    One more very GLARING reason people cannot expect the police to protect them and so must protect themselves . This information should be enough to have the entire gun bills just passed repealed as politically fraudulent in not releasing the information to the public before voting on the legislation .

  • giley1

    Holmes entered through a back door of the theater? Where is the security here? It looks like someone dropped the ball big time. Holmes also selected a theater that posted “gun free zone” If that is not a welcoming mat, what is?

  • violater1

    Therefore if this article is to be believed and I believe this mass shooting could have been averted and may have never happened! Sounds like some investigation may prove out to be possibly conspiratory in view of recent Colorado Gun Legislation!

    • violater1

      Just let some liberal fool say otherwise!

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