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NRA spokesman: I personally could support expanded background checks


NRA spokesman: I personally could support expanded background checks


NRO’s Andrew Johnson notes that the NRA rushed to counter its own spokesman for the new school-safety initiative shortly after this aired yesterday on CNN, but Asa Hutchinson’s “support” for expanded background checks was, shall we say, nuanced. While Hutchinson did say he was “open” to expanded background checks, his idea for expanding them runs counter to the proposals circulating in Congress at the moment:



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  • CaptTurbo

    I’m an NRA Lifetime member and I plan to support Gun Owners of America instead of the NRA with donations until the NRA gets their head right again.

    • tim meenan

      i agree, but will support both untill this fight is one by us ! molon labe !

      • mrsgunnut10

        I’m with you Tim. The News Media, especially the Liberal side, is known to change a few words, that mean different things, in order to get their point across. In addition, I’ve known Mr. Hutchinson for several years, while living in Arkansas. Sometimes, like other known Politicians, he also “mis-speaks” once in awhile, maybe he did this time. We Gun Owners, need our Gun Rights Organizations, all of them, working together to defeat these anti-gun Politicians. They do not need their Members to jump ship just because of a small error in judgement. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

    • GridRider

      Read the whole story and what Hutchinson said – don’t go off half-cocked. I think they phrase these headlines for maximum impact and they can be very misleading if you don’t track down the full story. I am also a Life member of the NRA and I know full well WE do NOT support this thing. The leadership has said so in about every way they can. The left continues to lie about the NRA and NRA membership relative to this bill. Only the gullible (not calling you gullible)… would believe any of their lies. Personally, I fully support the NRA and will continue to do so.

      • CaptTurbo

        Yes but “we” supported the beady eyed rat Harry Reid. That ripped it for me. The NRA needs to get back in line. We must stop making any compromises.

    • Shavager

      CaptTurbo–you above all others on here should know the media and other groups constantly present deceitful attacks against the NRA because they ARE the foremost and most powerful PRO-gun and Second Amendment Lobby in the United States. They have spent MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of members donations fighting in state and federal courts from coast to coast–“stand your ground” laws, conceal carry laws, Eddie Eagle program for schools and kids, DC v Heller, McDonald v Chicago, Emerson v U.S.-are ALL NRA programs or lawsuits they have fought DILIGENTLY TO WIN!! Do YOU really think they would sacrifice all those MILLIONS and give in on this issue? HELL NO they won’t! As for supporting Harry Reid–you have to remember–up until recent presidential election, the NRA has always been a ONE ISSUE organization–they support and defend the Second Amendment, Harry Reid has always worked in their favor against most gun control bills. It’s evident now to NRA leadership–of which I’ve personally sent protestations about–they MUST recognize the RATS in DemocRAT party can’t be depended on anymore for protecting our Second Amendment rights, their priority is OWEbama’s agenda, NOT that of the American people.

      • leewacker

        And, evidently Harry Reid fell off the wagon or something, because even the ACLU is fighting him on his gun ideas! They say he has gone too far in order to disarm the American people, and what he is proposing is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

        • Black Rain

          You do as much as the ACLU. You the citizen calling your senator, calling your congressman makes a world of difference. Letting them know how serious it is not to uphold the oath of office. That it is a treasonous offense to go against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    • Black Rain

      Another good one is The 2nd Amendment Foundation. Neither of these compromise on firearms rights. NRA is the reason why we have the present background check, the Brady bill, the firearms act of 1938 and 1968.
      We have all learned since those days.

    • mtman2

      Don’t forget the 2ND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep + Bear Arms, + the Jewish Right to Bear Arms org.

  • tim meenan

    that is bull ! you can’t give them an inch, or the lib-tards will take a mile. come on nra get your head out and fight every stupid law they try to pass! you want new members – then get with it and fight them in the streets if necessary !

  • Maxie Anderson

    If the NRA has a spokesperson really saying this, then he needs to be replaced. This is not what they have stood for all of these years. They have always told us that one thing of getting any control would only lead to the next., whether be be registration, background checks, or taking away ANY of our guns! If they don’t feel this way now I do not want any part of them. The government just wants to be weaponless and themselves to have all. They for sure aren’t going to give up their protection. BUT, I guess it’s okay if our families get killed.

  • GridRider

    From – I am ashamed to say – CNN:

    After the remarks, an NRA spokesman told CNN that Hutchinson was “not speaking” for the group.

    Hutchinson later affirmed that he was not speaking for the NRA, and put his remarks in line with the group’s position of including only more information on people with mental illness in the existing National Instant Check System.

    • CaptTurbo

      Even the mental illness thing is compromising. The Second Amendment means what it says. Don’t give a freaking inch to these slobbering liberals.

      • Dave

        I agree. Who gets to define “mentally ill”? They need to punish criminal acts, not criminalize law abiding people.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      The ‘instant check’ system should be:

      The local Sheriff runs every known resident, including any illegal aliens, once every quarter.

      Then, when somebody tries to buy a firearm, a group of names including the purchaser is run through the Sheriffs database.

      If the Sheriffs record shows clean, then the sale goes through instantly, and the record is deleted by the point of purchase.

      The Sheriff has no record of the actual name being checked.

      And the feds have no way to find it.

      • Shavager

        The Sheriffs should already have a database on known criminals and felons. They need better co-operation with Feds on national database info for these people. When a firearms purchase check is made–only those who are in the system will show up–the “universal” or expanded checks are to FORCE YOU TO PAY for a background check on any relative YOU give, sell, trade or loan a weapon to, it also FORCES individuals to PAY for background checks on any transaction with any other individual–it is ALREADY a FELONY CRIME to knowingly SELL, GIVE, TRADE, LOAN guns or ammo to any person with KNOWLEDGE of that person’s disqualification based on a criminal or judicial decision prohibiting that person from possession of those items. It is NOT about preventing criminals from access to weapons, IT’S ABOUT MONEY AND MORE CONTROL OVER LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!!

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    In related news: If the North Koreans are about to go to war with the USA, then shouldn’t the gubmint’s gun grabbers be encouraging us to bear arms instead of infringing upon that right?
    Molon labe and viva NRA

  • Joseph Tortorice

    I am a NRA member and a Friends of the NRA member as well, I guess I am turning in my membership card and going to GOA as a member. Why you ask? I will tell you . I understood that the NRA stood for the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution but I am wrong because the NRA makes these type of comments and works back door deals…I served my Country and took an oath to protect the Constitution and my Country from all enemies foreign or domestic… GOOD LUCK NRA on keeping members with people like him speaking for the NRA.

    • Shavager

      Joseph, you are overreacting to a story being used to disseminate negative information against the NRA, just as Piers Morgan tried to claim Newton school shooter Adam Lanza was an NRA member! The NRA has spent MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of dollars fighting policies that are being pushed by the RATS in the DemocRAT party and the Chief Rat in Charge, OWEbama. Do YOU really think they would just sacrifice those hard-earned dollars from members and give in on these issues? HELL NO THEY WON’T! IF YOU WANT THE ANSWERS–YOU CONTACT THE SOURCE, NRA-ILA spokesman Chris Cox at–he is the HEAD of the NRA’s political action arm, The Institute for Legislative Action.

  • ron

    Whats with the comments on checks. Don’t gun sellers already have them? Some one had better make it clear to the worthless media there is a difference between gun shops and gun shops just like there is difference in politicians and media. Don’t let the big lefties in congress and in media dictate how to run an honest business, They need to get honest before pointing fingers at gun owners!

  • Benjamin Fox

    Background checks have never stopped one criminal, they steal their guns or buy them on the black market. In my city I could get a illegal gun in less then a hour, so it is to find out who owns a gun so the nazi’s can take them away. If this nation doesn’t wake up they will have to salute the nazi-in-chief with a right hand just like Hitler had. I’m ashamed of this nation that my dad and brother died for and I served for 12 years, it has become the most immoral nation on earth and looking forward to the time it won’t be anymore and coming soon, blind, dumb nazi’s who are satan’s children can’t get their heads out of where the son don’t shine and have become slaves on the plantation of the demo-rats and RINO’s and comprized of all colors and races. What a terrible nation we have today under these nazi’s.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    I have no problem with background checks to a point. But, I DO have a problem with them using the background check against honest people. I’m the grandmother of 8, & my 2 oldest grandsons own guns, & like to hunt, with their dad. If I wanted to buy a gun as a gift for them, I couldn’t according to what the liberals are wanting me to have to do a background check on them first. Crazy!

  • greyghost69

    NRA fire this fool! I will NOT comply with any laws from the odumbass regime!

  • whisper


  • wmdoright

    Don’t be too quick to play into their hands there Capt. I’m not a life member but I’ve been a NRA member since the early 70’s, (I think it does more good to pay annual dues vs a one time “life time” membership). The NRA has never hurt us yet and always is defending our rights. Background checks in the hands of this Tyrannical goverment is nothing more than a confiscation list and we all know that, yet I believe there are ways it could work in the hands of sincere enforcement efforts. At this point and time we can not trust anyone in goverment to act sincerely. Background checks are no different than guns, in the hands of the wrong people they can be disasterous. Besides “Gun Owners of America” ? they are so young, what’s the guarentee they are not part of the “machine” ??? They slam the NRA every chance they get. Does the NRA make accusations against the GOA ??!! Thats something to think about.

  • Shavager

    C’MON MAN–stop using deceitful headlines to gin up readership of the article–Hutchinson’s comments were in NO WAY acceptance of what the administration calls “universal” or expanded background checks. The NRA has spent MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of dollars fighting these positions being pushed–do YOU really think they would just sacrifice those dollars from members and give in? HELL NO!

  • Shavager

    PEOPLE, PEOPLE–ALL firearms transactions by licensed dealers REQUIRE a background check–NO EXCEPTIONS–even police/federal agents must pass inspection. The “universal” or expanded checks OWEbama and DemocRATS are pushing for–will wind up being REGISTRATION since it REQUIRES YOU to pay for a background check on your family members for any gun or ammo YOU give, loan, sell, trade them, or for any other individual involved in the transaction. This is the “gun show” loophole you keep hearing the RATS in DC clamoring about–there is NO loophole–individual citizens HAVE NEVER been required to run background checks–there are already state/federal laws in place for severe punitive actions against ANY individual who knowingly sells, trades, gives, loans guns and ammo to others who are prohibiting from possession of guns or ammo. DC wants MORE REVENUE and MORE CONTROL OVER AMERICANS–this is an opportunity that leads straight to REGISTRATION–the next step is CONFISCATION!

  • KDS

    No background checks, No gun control!

  • Brian

    I have been a life member for years . This type of small steps eroding of rights is never stopped being pushed. Enough is enough. Background checks with some gov appointed beurocrat is the same as the jim crow laws. Well you might not vote how we want so you can’t vote. My local pc brain dead sheriff will not do his job nor do background checks unless you do something for him. This is the type of gov permission background checks come down to Corupt and criminal supporting. Might as well go back to the old west and clear out the jails and resort to tar and feathering of officials that seemed to get a message across in the 1700;s

  • leewacker

    I’m an NRA Life Member, and I say NO to all gun registrations!
    That is the SAME trick used on people in Poland, Germany and Norway just before the Germans went Nazi, and began seizing all the guns from the people! Had the Germans been able to keep their guns, Hitler might not have even gotten off the ground! All they did was to go down the lists and take the guns—which WOULD happen here—already is in California—someone looks at a cop wrong, and is hauled in for a mental evaluation, and ALL guns in the house, whether they belong to the “mental” or not, are seized—the same reasoning is being used in Washington—while the idea seems good on paper—all it really turns out to be is a governmental gun grab, and we have the biggest grabber in the world now in the white house! He hates us Americans, our country, and our Constitution, and will go to any lengths, with any methods, with any means to completely destroy us!
    Registration of our guns is only ONE of his tricks!

  • richardcancemi

    Let’em check wherever they can with info already available. However, NO registration! NO limiting arms ownership! NO tax on ammo! NO control of magazine size or amount of ammo to buy! NO Tampering with the Second Amendment or any of our Rights!
    Give an alligator a finger and eventually he will eat all of you!

  • Constitution101

    I will send the NRA a letter to remove me from your mailing list. This is the end of the NRA if this is true.

  • Pan_Tadeusz

    The NRA had no problem supporting Harry Reid for election, year after year. One must be careful with “elite leaders’ Of any organization, whether it is the Rove/Bush/Rockefeller RINO leaders of the GOP, or the Hutchinsons and others in NRA-ILA. The good thing about NRA is that Big Media is so consumed by their hatred of the NRA, that real RKBA organizations like Gun Owners of American and the Second Amendment Foundation can work to protect the Constitution

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