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Oregon Women Fends Off Attacker with Handgun

2nd Amend.

Oregon Women Fends Off Attacker with Handgun

Joe Biden and the Left (some recently in Colorado) have been spouting ridiculous tips to repel attackers–fire your double-gauge in the air, wet your pants, tell the perp it’s “that time of month.”

All of these bizarre and inane suggestions are made to avoid the one method of self-defense that actually works: concealed carry hand guns aimed, and if need be, fired to stop agressors.

Sunday night, March 31st, at 10:21 PM Pacific in Oregon City, Oregon, a 22 year old woman was attacked after having parked her car near the intersection of 8th St and JQ Adams St.

The male assailant approached the victim from behind, grabbed her ponytail, and drug her backwards until the young woman was able to grip her legally-owned, conceal carry handgun and turn it on the man, who fled on foot.



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  • ConservativeGrl

    Another example of why our guns are so important. Despite all these crazy propaganda toting liberal law makers who are determined to take away our rights, never back down! Refuse to register your firearms, refuse to turn them in, and refuse to be taken advantage of. if we all stand our ground, all 200 million gun owners in the US, we will prevail!

  • lessthantolerant

    It is sad to try to understand how liberals think. They live in such a state of delusional disbelief it is hard to understand how they actually exist at all. maybe if the economy actually collapses we can hunt the for fun and use them for target practice later.

  • Marlin208

    To bad she didn’t shoot him. Now he is alive to rape again and again. Don’t just stand there and point it at them, shoot! You will more than likely be saving not only your life but someone else’s life.
    Remember rapist do not always leave their victims alive .

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      My thoughts exactly.
      Ret. LEO

  • KDS

    Never ever let them take our guns away!

  • Orvis Pigg

    People advocating gun control do not look at the statistics that show that criminal violence is much higher where guns are restricted from lawful citizens. In Australia and England who have extreme gun control criminal violence is much high higher than in the US. For some articles addressing this subject go to

  • giley1

    There are hundreds of incidents like this occurring across our country every month but the liberal press will not report most of them.

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