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Maryland School Board Nixes “L” From Alphabet Because it Looks Like a Gun


Maryland School Board Nixes “L” From Alphabet Because it Looks Like a Gun

In a desire to remove all things gun related from American culture, a school board in Anne Arundel County, Maryland has suspended use of the letter “L” in Baltimore area schools, citing the letter’s resemblance to a handgun.

Dr. Michelle Gramig, Anne Arundel County School Board Commissioner, is leading the crusade against the 12th letter of our alphabet. “There mere presence of a pictogram that resembles a gun is evidence of the violence inherent in the system,” Gramig told CNN. “And we teach these letters to children.”

This isn’t Anne Arundel County’s first foray into gun control. Park Elementary School in Baltimore gained notoriety for its decision to suspend second-grader Josh Welsh last month when he nibbled his Pop Tart into the shape of a handgun.



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  • CrustyOldGeezer

    I see “STUPID” has continued to run amock in the stupid state of maryland.

    I’m in favor of building a wall to keep them all there and don’t let any of them out until the epidemic is over.

    Now I just need a list of all manufacturing companies located there.

  • shrgngatlas

    April Fool!!! Although, in light of many other equally silly things, it is almost believable.

    • leewacker

      No, I believe it all right! The country has gotten so PC that it can no longer function!
      Time to clean house!

  • leewacker

    I have an “L” in my middle name, and if any of these dingalings think I’m going to eliminate it, they can kiss my grits!

  • tlmartin

    Hey let’s ban F as it looks like an AR-15. Are you shitting me. We pay people to be this stupid and teach our kids?

    • oldguy199

      Aint we blessed with an abundance of great “thinkers”? (sic)

    • greyghost69

      Should we ban “A” because it’s the first letter in A-hole? Better yet, all of you that think the second amendment is outdated, what about the first? Same age. Myabe it is time to quell all this free speech, huh?

    • Charles

      Afraid so !!!!!

  • Thomas Gentile


  • Steve Rogers

    Now I’ve heard it all ! This person has lost a ability to think and reason, a true gold plated MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chuck newman

    what the L? are you kidding me? april fools, right ?

    • oldguy199

      Better check- do not underestemate the stupidity of the PC left Pols.

  • Linda2955

    May be the stupidest thing i have heard yet

  • lokiswife

    Oh No! It’s a perverted letter – look, it’s crawling down below the boy’s shoes to peek up his shorts leg. That poor innocent kid, being visually assaulted by a perverted L and Anne Arundel county didn’t notice that? For shame! They are so busy relating everything to guns that they missed this? (sarcasm intended)

  • John Detwiler

    And these are the people that we have teaching our children. What in the hell will they do next? Eliminate the capital J or perhaps a P, or maybe a small g with a straight tang. And these are people who are considered normal. My God where did they come from? Certainly not in this world. There has always been speculation that there are other in the Universe, and this sure as hell proves it. Remember I said before that all liberal thinking is maniacal.

  • Lgbpop

    Please tell me this is an April Fool’s joke. The alphabet was around before firearms were. At some point, kids are going to stop listening to adults altogether for saying such stupid things.

  • Casper

    ‘April Fools’, right?



    • Dan Stewart

      Easy, they don’t use these words.

  • Butch Stevens

    This guy is nuts! Next he wi** cut out *etters in “what the he**”. Or he migh* cu* ou* * he *wen*ie*h * e** er because i* *ooks *ike a machine gun. Wha* nex*? How si**y!

  • tom cook

    Wonder what they’ll call all of their queer non-male teachers? Esbians?

    • Charles

      Good one, Tom ! Although that is not what I call them.

  • SJvet

    Surely this is an April Fool’s joke.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Just when you think it can’t get any dumber?

    • Linda2955

      it will get dumber

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    Are you going to change the state’s name now, since you can’t use one of the letters in it (especially in capitalised) — and the names of its major cities (Ba#timore, Annapo#is, Wa#dorf, ….)?

  • Phaenius

    Poor Florida – It looks like a Gun and Dennis the Menace had a comic book years back of Texas with boots and a hat on the panhandle and pointing a gun about the place where El Paso is the tip of the barrel.

  • ireAmerica

    That’s not enough!
    M looks like a rear sight
    I looks like a forward sight
    D looks like a trigger-guard
    J looks like an antique pistol
    O looks like looking down the barrel
    F looks like a gun with a high-capacity “clip”
    C and K make sounds like children pretend-shooting
    G and U and N have to go because that spells you-know-what…

    • Almost_Blameless

      careful!!! they are gonna want you on the school board!!!

    • paulainsc

      Good job! If we aren’t careful we will be speaking that African language that uses clicking sounds. I can’t think of the name off hand.

      • oldguy199

        Visit Detroit, Shitcago, LA–any Prog/lib/dum city then report your findings


    April’s fools!!!

  • cooleemeeedd

    Yeah, well “April Fool,” folks!

  • gutterfalcon

    All teachers, school Board members there should immediately be Quarantined, and placed in a Mental Facility. (With NO Parole).

  • Tired of stupid school adminis

    Maybe we could immunize them with a new vaccine of 90% distilled water and 10% arsenic. It’s an either kill or cure tonic.

  • gdoggerz

    April fools…I hope?!

  • NatX

    April Fools, dumba@@es!!!!!

    • DenverKitty

      Nat: Don’t you mean “Apri Foos”, you dumbass.

  • The Old Man

    I can’t believe that we will be changing the shape of the letter “L” just ot suit the gun haters.

  • welduh

    Really? When fear such as this permeates supposedly mature adults, it says one thing pretty exclusively: these people are STUPID! How in the hell did they get where they are in society with thoughts such as these? And if one goes thru the alphabet, wonder how many other letters make them cringe with fear? F*** ’em; fire ’em!

  • DHConner

    Remind me to never again go into Maryland as I did in the days when I OTR. This is insanity. Sanity is seeing things as they really are and acting appropriately. I have been drug free for 30 years, but I’ve got to say that if I were still using, I’d drive there to get some of what they are smoking. Anything that would make you this crazy has got to be good! Not really, of course. But it surely does read like something by somebody who was high on pot, coke, meth, PCP, smack, mescaline, psilocybin and any other drug you want to throw in the pot. Any body that can “read” or “infer” violence as an alphabetical characteristic is just plain nuts, and needs life-ling treatment in securely locked facility. I’ve read some nutty things since I could read at 5 years old, 61 years ago, but I have NEVER seen anything like this. By the way, this isn’t a out-up job is it? The only stuff nearly this goofy I’ve ever read is L. Ron Hubbard’s nitwittery on “Scientology”, and even it is quite a way down the scale from this. These kids ain’t got a chance. What in the hell is the matter with their parents?

  • hotrod

    to all those now living in Batimore Maryand, here is to Petty Paranoid Pedigogical People projecting their idiocy on the genereal population – ppppphhhhhhtthhhhhtttt! – dont look now, but those “p”‘s could be pistol grips with trigger guards…………..hmmm – maybe we should use chinese characters.

  • DaveNTejas

    Looks like stupidity is in full force in Maryland, but this is past stupid, this a case of paranoia run wild.

  • Betty Jo M Cutlip

    This is ridiculous what is our freedoms coming to other than control of the government and pure ignorance, if you would believe that guns are our biggest problem. Let alone a letter L or toy guns for that matter I grew up with them both and you don’t see me out here shooting innocent people.

  • jstarusa

    It means nothing to the children till an adult puts it in their head! These people have lost their mind! Is this what we have for administrators of our school systems? Good Grief!! I don’t know how we older folks made it through school without these geniuses to guide our poor little minds.

    • Fuzzynite21

      Remember the child hood days when you could play cops an robbers an cowboys an indians an bang your dead an when you went home you were so tired all you wanted to do was go to bed from playing half the day an nobody got hurt or killed.One kid brought a small repica of a Tom Mix wooden gun to school an what did the teacher do,she did not have a fit as she was just as interested as the kids.What is heppening ti sociaty,they are running scared to death.

  • Darius the Mede

    There is a word for these nincompoops…….STUPID!

  • noweareman

    Is this an April fools joke?

  • nunyaeffinbizness

    I sure hope this is an April Fool’s joke, if not Dianne Feinstein is going to be pissed, she wanted to be the first one to suggest it.

  • Scott

    The capital ‘L’ only looks like a gun when this stupid (what ever she is) points to it and says, oh my, but doesn’t that ‘L’ look like a gun, then everyone looks at it an says, oh goodness graces it does look like a gun, that is where stupid starts.

  • James Fontana

    Another highly educated liberal lunatic. This one belongs in gitmo for being a domestic terrorist in her way of thinking. These lunatics are teaching oue young all the while drawing huge salaries for being stupid.

  • tedthebear

    The inmates are running the asylum and the primates are running the country!

  • ConservativeGrl

    This is an April fools, but regardless, Maryland is joining the stupid states such as NY, NJ, and IL. I will never move to Maryland for the point that it is a liberal paradise of crooks.

  • conservative

    You have got to be sh**ing me! I, in my entire life have never looked at an “L” and thought of a gun and neither has anyone else I know. This country is doomed.

  • OldDocBen

    Poor Larry, and Linda, and Laurence! “L” is for laughter, ludicrous and liable to be called loons. PC has always been absurd but now they are out of control. MD has now become a dictatorial communist state that needs to be ejected from America. Pay attention America; your state is next. Your school is already infected with socialist propaganda and every day your children are being indoctrinated. Do something.

  • Sukhotai

    That works… L for Laughable, Loon, Lunatic, LIberal..see, it fits.

  • Mitch A

    Wow, I don’t believe there is any hope for anyone displaying this amount of stupid.

  • Dawn Garland

    all I can do is LAUGH! what an ignorant, idiotic, stupid person!

  • Terry C

    This is the most idiotic, jam-brained thing I have ever heard of. People are going off the deep end. An “L” looks like a gun. I cannot believe these people actually made it through college and got a teaching degree. These people are actually teaching our young people? I think the parents in Maryland need to take a close look at the qualifications to be a teacher in their state. They are putting idiots in the classrooms

  • paulainsc

    How would she spell MaryLand??? Of all the stupid things and she controls what the kids learn?? Get rid of this looney tune character!!!

  • Barbara Anne Hess

    Did you ever try to read a sentence eliminating the letter “L” because it is funny. Ex: public (pubic).
    These Maryland Teachers and People who are trying to change everything we say, do, write, speak, all of those people need to be given a mental test and then locked up.

  • Andy Valadez

    P looks like a machine gun an O like a hand grenade.

  • Gray2Hairs

    Those who claim this is just an April Fools joke need to look closely as the rest of their ideas are equally as dumb. When an April Fools joke is equal to their normal dialog we are really in trouble.

  • Real American

    the lady is braindead,cluless !I’m sure she actually feels itsa thr right thing and everyone is laughing at the idiot and she has a Dr. in front of her name??? People be wary, very wary if this mad woman!!

  • bob novak

    OH COME ON, how the hell are they going to do that. Say “alphabet without the “L”, see where it gets you. In the first place this is just freaking stupid beyond belief. Everyone should write these douchebags not using the letter “L” and show them just how stupid they are. That will work both ways. I want to see a teacher explain the lessons without saying the letter L. If you can’t use it in writing you can’t say it then right? You can’t give out assignments with the letter L in it. You have to eliminate it from all school books, that’ll cost a fortune in itself. You have to eliminate it from all school memo’s and postings.
    Personally I say eliminate the school board.

  • don

    Next these stupid Bast### will put you in jail if you point to anything at any time because it may look like you are pointing a gun. These are the people we entrust with the Education of our children but they need to get an education before they try to teach our children anything. How the hell did these ignorant people ever get a license to teach let alone clean a toilet so now We the People should send our children somewhere they can get a real education send them to be taught by a new born child because the people that are running our education system are so mentally challenged they should be admitted to a padded cell.

  • marcyharris92


  • Shagnasty1

    I hope this is just another April Fools joke. But coming from Maryland the story is probably true. I just hope this woman, Dr. Michelle Gramig, isn’t related to be because she makes her people look bad.

  • Glen

    L stands for Losers. This has to be an April fools joke.

  • JJM123

    As if our youth are not dumbed down enough. Guess they can ‘ive in Anne Arunde County, Maryand and a city named Batimore. Does that make all schoo rues containing the banned letter invaid?

  • Vivian

    The libertards are getting more moronic everyday. I think they are leaking brain cells. Help. Someone give them a plug; for their mouths, preferably one with straps.

  • colleenf

    Stupid libturds run wild. Do these people actually THINK with their brains or do they just take them out and play with them from time to time?

  • Brrrr

    Please tell me that this is an April Fool joke two days late.

  • whisper


  • James Maxwell

    Humm, got two L’s in my last name wonder if I need to have them removed from the spe**ing of it?
    What a piece of work, wonder what menta* camp it escaped from?

  • bfit58

    …so is she going to drop the last letter of her name.She has a violent name….by her reckoning. Insanity

  • reggiec

    Next on their list of things banned;
    1. Letters A and K …they are too closely associated with AK47 rifles
    2. The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10… they are all present in some gun caliber.
    3. The words keep and bear… They have to be eliminated to negate the Second Amendment.

  • MontieR

    You can’t fix stupid,but you CAN remove it from public school.

  • phunyfarm

    That just plain old-fashioned stupid. Someone needs to get a life.

  • rs1123

    If this is true the entire administration of that school should be fired at once.

  • cptcoors1


    • cptcoors1

      i hope it WAS a joke…

  • trupatriot1971

    I expect nothing less from a libturd…..Maryland is right there with California on nanny states!

  • servant1jkb

    Drop the the -eter (-)because it -ooks as a gun? How fo–ish is this? This must have come from one whose IQ is on par with a box of rocks, Don’t that just make us -ove the -ibera-s so much that we’d hope there was a pi– for this kind of foo-sihness?

    Sorry but I used the – in place of the DANGEROUS GUN SHAPED _etter! Now if the remove “B” for bombs, and “K” for ki–, or “M” for murder, I guess they’d also best remove spelling from the schools -essons right?
    C-sica- ibera- foo-ishness.

  • Vernon Luken

    I can’t believe that parents are still letting their children attend such an idiotic school! If my child went there I’d have pulled her out immediately!

  • greyghost69

    Are you Fuc&ing kidding me!? Biting a toaster snack into the shape of a gun now gets you suspended?
    What is wrong with this country? Idiots did not roam free when I was growing up, do we need an open season?
    This is not the USA I was brought up in. My Den Mother was straight when I was a boy scout. The gym teacher was a dyke, but I did not know it. Pheasant hunting was three blocks away. No one called the police when I walked down the street with Dad’s shotgun, loaded! If you had a Highschool education you got a good job. You did not have to worry about an illegal alien taking your job for half the pay. We had laws, and they were enforced. Nixon got caught, and paid dearly. Presidents didn’t do bad things until Clinton, and Nixon. Presidents were men to look up to, you know, the leader of the free world. And, then obama bowed the first time. Then again, and again. It is time to take the morons out of office by force if need be. At least before obama gets his private army assembled.
    Impeach obama now!
    Small case “o” used for obama because I do not respect racists. Impeach obama now!

  • Lynn Lindsay

    Maryland would do well to eliminate stupidity. If I were a resident of that dump, I’d get my kids the hell out of those schools. There’s no telling what those poor kids are being taught. MARYLANDERS, I suggest you get rid of, Dr. of Stupidity Michelle Gramig. There ought to be laws against people with IQ’s that match their waist size holding any Govt. job, however, in Maryland it seems to be a prerequisite. L. A. L. Jax., Fl.

  • Amazed

    We defiantly need to do a better job of screening our educators. These people should not only be banned from the educational system, I would question if they should be allowed to breed.

  • Bob Mosier

    Everyone is aware that this was an April Fool’s Joke, right? As the Public Information Officer for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, I can tell you that our school system doesn’t have commissioners and doesn’t have an employee named Dr. Michelle Gramig. This was a post on a website on April 1 with a very clear disclaimer at the bottom indicating it was an April Fool’s Joke. That obviously didn’t get translated to thsi page.


    can’t fix stupid

  • bobwhite1935

    How wiLL we & spell Lunatic, Lame Brain, iLLogical, Lunkhead, Loose cannon, Lacking sanity, iLLiterate, Lummox, imbeciLe & Lacking commonsense when describing Dr. MicheLLe Gramig & her foLLowers, I feeL sorry the children being raised in the pubLic schooL system now a days, they wiLL be dumbeLLs incapable of thinking with commonsense. God save us from these idiots before it’s too Late.

  • joshuasweet

    Mary and who? next to go is the number “7” so “_11s” will be popping up every where we will have to adjust all calculators and the new text books they will require a change to represent the new founding year of “1__6” can we adjust these fools pay scale to remove the “L’s” and “7′” from their pay ?

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    I looks like the first letter in the word idiot…as in Liberal idiot.

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