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3 Reasons the U.N.’s Arms Treaty Is Useless

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3 Reasons the U.N.’s Arms Treaty Is Useless

It sounds nice to say there could be a treaty that would make all nations responsible when it comes to their arms exports. Of course, it’s also impossible.

The latest draft of the U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which would regulate imports and exports of arms around the world, failed on Friday after a two-week negotiating conference.

Many media reports have said that Iran, North Korea, and Syria were the reasons the treaty failed. But Heritage senior research fellow Ted Bromund was at the conference and reported that, in reality, 29 nations voiced opposition. “All in all, about one in five of the nations at the conference did not back the treaty,” Bromund said.

And it’s not over yet—the U.N. General Assembly is still likely to vote the treaty into being this week. Unfortunately, the U.S. is likely to vote for it in the Assembly.



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  • leewacker

    It is very sad that the American people have a government that hates them so intensely it would gladly sign away their freedom and rights under the Constitution!

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      I believe there is a conspiracy in Washington to disarm American citizens so as to facilitate an anti-Constitutional Washington power grab.

  • shamu9

    Why doesn’t O’bullsheite DIE of AIDS, and put us out of His Misery

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    Actually, the reasons listed were #’s 2-4; #1 reason the treaty is useless is that it is put forward by the Useless Numpties!

  • garysvent

    Not sure, but I don’t think the Constitution grants government the right to give away unalienable rights.

  • mickey

    IMPEACH THE WHITE HOUSE, most of them are worth a crap.

  • bfit58

    an arms treaty is farcical on the face of it. Just like gun control measures desired by our vaunted politicians here at home, despots, dictators and criminals don’t care a whit about laws or treaties. They serve only to keep the law abiding defenseless.
    Any politician at home who votes for this treaty should be immediately impeached or recalled.
    Of course this treaty, even if ratified, would not stand litigation. there is too much case law at the Supreme Court level that would cause this treaty to go down in flames in this country.
    Not to mention the 29 nations who do not support this at the U.N. It has virtually no chance of ratification.

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