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U.S. agencies join war against gun owners

America’s gun owners are under siege on virtually all fronts. Congress is after us, and so are governors such as New York’s Andrew Cuomo and Maryland’s Martin O’Malley. They must think that when they run for the Democratic presidential nomination, a strong anti-gun stance will help them with left-wing primary voters.

It doesn’t stop there, however, as the media, liberal legislators and both federal and state regulators are looking for new and often unique ways to please their liberal bosses by harassing gun owners, dealers and manufacturers.

One major national firearms retailer, for example, has been under fire for more than two years from the Obama administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It seems the company won’t hire convicted felons, which the commission claims amounts to illegal racial discrimination. The federal government these days argues that policies that have what government lawyers call a “disparate impact” on racial minorities amount to impermissible discrimination – even when the policies themselves were not put in place for discriminatory reasons. Thus, the government argues that a higher percentage of minorities within the felony population than in the population at large means that any policy that discriminates against felons as a class is discriminatory because its impact falls disparately on minorities.

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  • Richard

    Stupid people wanting to comit treason against our Constitution.


  • I’m telling you. The libs only have two years left to try to set up a communist govt and they can’t do it if the people are armed. Better get organized gun owners into militias and get ready for the fight cause that is the only way this will be settled in the end. Read your history.

    • ryandist

      IF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST THINK THE BOSTON Tea pary was a revolt wait til the “armed” americans & militias descend on obama

      • Darius the Mede

        AMEN to that, my friend.

    • pduffy

      Two years left? What country have you been living in? We have been living under communism for decades, but it was advanced slowly and methodically to where we are today. Like a frog boiling in a pot of water, it does not realize it is being cooked to death until it is too late. Barry-care was just another nail in the coffin of libererty, and that one was hammered into place with both the republicans and democrats holding the hammer.

    • sertnz

      I agree, Steve! Our only hope is the military ‘honors’ it Constitutional oath of office.

      • HS Pilgrim

        Sorry…..it will be UN troops….china, USSR, African trrops etc etc

        • GOOD I always wanted to kill me some commies anyway.. I don’t have 14.5 billion rounds but I have enough to stand my gound. OH yeah I got them there neat hollow points target ammo ! if they can shoot me with it then it’s good enough for them in return.

          • A small file and a 1/16 inch drill bit will make all the hollow points you want. That’s how I used to make them for squirrel hunting.

      • The problem is the liberals will pledge an oath but never have any intent on following through. Show me an instance of where a liberal honors what they pledge? Guns, human life,free healthcare, the Constitution, a good education system, which brings to mind what are the liberals doing to the education system?

    • goku vegeta


      • Dionysius

        Depending on the way the polls look, he might false flag this crisis before the 2014 elections.


    • Rattlerjake

      I’ve really heard enough. It’s long past time for us to converge en masse on every democratic stronghold in this country (whether it is city, county, state, or federal government) and start hanging the traitors. The NAACP, ACLU, planned parenthood, IRS, federal reserve, DHS, etc., etc. ; and especially the bilderberg group are priorities. Then we need to send all of the illegals back across the border, dead or alive, and reestablish Constitutional control.

      • HS Pilgrim

        I like the way you think. 🙂

      • patriot4life

        ” The Tree of Liberty MUST be Refreshed from Time to Time with the Blood of Patriots and TYRANTS “….. Thomas Jefferson.

      • Berzrkr50

        I tend to agree. It’s a losing proposition to sit around and let them make the first move. With a coordinated effort it’s much harder for them to put up a good defense…

      • shakeyj

        I’m with you ,Jake

    • Black Rain

      With law-enforcement and the military running out of ammo it will happen before two years.

    • I do not know how many from Springfield Mo. read these posts, but how about gun owners and survivelests in Springfield meeting at Fastnight Park at say 2:00 pm sunday afternoon March 31 for a informal get to gather and discus organizing, no leader and no real planing at the first get to gather. If interested feel free to show up.
      How about other towns doing the same thing.

    • Charlie

      Check out this website it is an acronym DUMBS it means Deep underground Military Bases.
      Actually think your time line might be a bit long. After all the Speaker of the House stated that he completely trusted the president , draw your own conclusion to that statement.

  • hwt

    “What the “Citizens” do not know is that the FOR PROFIT CORPORATION named UNITED STATES is bankrupt since 1933 & the CORPORATION is using the sheep er “citizens” as collateral & their birth certificate is traded on the stock market.
    The IMF handles the bankruptcy…
    Since the citizens are collateral , they no longer have constitutional rights.
    The CORPORATION uses statutes in place of law…
    the bankers want to take away our guns so they can take possession of AMERIKA , the bankrupt corporation…

  • A convicted felon, by Federal Law, cannot be around firearms. How can a gun retailer, a place where there a lot of firearms and ammunition, hire a felon?

  • walrus

    Once again, the ACLU shows it’s butt. The reason that the company (bless them) won’t hire Felons, is simply this. It is a Felony for a Felon to touch, possess any firearms, or ammunition, so perhaps the ACLU who is SOOO pro felon should move directly into the White House, but not into the new basket ball court, or obama’s new office under construction. Semper Fidelis!

  • mickey


    • Cant until we get control of SINate…Impeachment is in the House, the trail is in the SINate with Heil Hitler Harry in charge right now…wont happen. And I doubt if Speaker Boner has the balls to say no to his mommie let along bring articles of impeachment against the king.

  • pduffy

    And where in the Constitution does the federal government derive the authority to tell a business who they can hire, and how much they can pay them? I keep searching the document, and I just can’t find any such authority.

    • They just DO it, and make us law abiding citizens fight back. Impeachable (mutiple) offenses have occurred in this admin. Congresspersons strap on and get it DONE!

  • sertnz

    Undoubtedly, we are under attack by this Government. God help all of us ‘regular’ Americans! We must fight back!

  • robertjr

    That’s good don’t hire the most quailfied person without a record who deserves the job to be PC for the commies who are taking over our government.

  • CaptTurbo

    I can’t believe what I just read. The government blew up my stupidometer with that one. Morons.

  • DouglasDauntless

    Why can’t we put Obama and all the anti-gunners under the same pressure they put on us, That includes all the Hitler, Stalin, mayors like Bloomberg, and Emanuel, and all the rest of the Demo-rat traitors and that want to make us their slaves. What we need is a stand up ;leader to bring us all together.

  • Sgt. York

    All blue shirts feel as if they are the Gods of the streets and highways. What ever would anyone think they would be on the side of the general public? They are the big boys just watch them and see the law officer strut

  • bob novak

    Holy crap. Lets get this straight, the government wants to take my guns, while allowing convicted felons the opportunity to help manufacture, and quite possibly steal guns. Yeah, this makes a lot of Freakin sense.
    It seems to me that since 80% of convicted felons are of some minority race, then there is a disparity, and there should be for Christ sake. The laws states that you can not discriminate, it doesn’t say anything about throwing common sense out the door when you hire. Convicts have a criminal past, are you just going to forgive that? Or are you going to make them work for that forgiveness. Start at the bottom, working at a convienence store or burger joint, do that for a few years, if you make it through that, while maybe either finishing your high school education, or getting a degree, then I feel you’ve made good use of your time and effort and deserve another chance. Just because the government say’s you do, doesn’t make it so.

    • Wait now, think about what you just said. HIRE A cONVICTEWD fELON TO WORK IN A CONVENIENCE STORE>>>>>>>No doubt gun factory would be even dumber, but they would clean out EVERYU convenience store that hired them.

  • The Old Man

    This has been going on before Obama, so far we have been able to thwart their efforts. However, they will continue to hammer away until they can create a crack in the constitution and continue to make the crack bigger.
    Just think what would have happened in Cypress if they were allowed to have guns this week.
    The government knows they can only go just so far, but if we had no guns, they could go hog wild all the way.

  • Don’t do the crime if you want to work on the gunline.

  • They must understand they will never control the people of the great USA.

  • warpsix

    The Election of 2014 will have 33 seats up for grabs in the Senate and every house member is up for normal election . The country needs your vote while the left needs to be tarred and feathered.

    • correct we must vote!!!!

    • I belive we have the votes but do you rember all the fraud in the pres. race. they still own the voteing mechines

  • conservative

    Not hiring convicted felons is not racist. Actually, if the minorities would quit committing the majority of the crimes, they would not become felons.

  • pysco

    Maybe Gumba Coumo should look around 90% of New Yorks counties have filed resolutions against New Yorks new gun laws….Hey Coumo I guess you’re SOL, next time you run..

  • What a mobius loop. News flash a convicted felon is NOT allowed by law to have ANY access to ANY form of firearm. This however does NOT surprise me in the least. There is an old saying, if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with BS. About the ONLY thing I have heard from the left in ten or more years is gold plated BS.

  • omega2


  • dave_aka_lambsev

    We are all gonna die!

    Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

    Psalm 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

    John 1:12 But to as many as did receive and welcome Him, He gave the authority (power, privilege, right) to become the children of God, that is, to those who believe in (adhere to, trust in, and rely on) His name—Amplified Bible (AMP)

  • Rattlerjake

    Isn’t it amazing that with their complaining about this company not hiring felons, liberals have admitted that the majority of felons are minorities, a fact they have disputed for years.

    • Worse then that Rattler, is we now are supposed to feel sorry for the felons, they will be the next Protected class. Amazing that the gov’t can get away with not hiring felons but a gun maker is supposed to welcome them with open arms. Talk about inviting the Fox into the hen house.

      • I feel felons should be allowed to have guns once they are out on the streets. Have you never done anything concedered a felony and not got cought
        If a man is to dangress to have a gun he should still be in jail, or take away sticks and stones, ropes, rat poisen etc.

  • Spencer

    Don’t the military and the police department discriminate against convicted felons? And for good reason.

  • The government is intentionally trying to piss us off so we start an uprise so Obama call inact Martial Law so he can send DHS after us and round us up like cattle and exterminate “We the People”

    • Chris, we outnumber DHS by millions. They or the military would stand a chance iin the end. We are talking far less then a million of them & far more then 100 million of us.

  • They can go to hell before I give up my 2nd Amendment rights .

    • As I have said before many a man has laughed when the judge said hang him and cried when he saw the rope.
      I hope we both have the guts to live up to those words, and we can serve together on the battle field, if it comes about. Pray it is not nessecery.

  • hey sounds like fun huh…lets give them their right to vote back also. its not their fault they are felons right? i mean its someone elses fault that they do bad things. Just as obama. nothing is ever his fault either.

  • Just how many different ways can the govt. change a law to suit themselves and blame a business when it fails because of following govt. rules?. Idiots w/out reason are targets for the season! Lock and load and be ready for their next move. Congress needs a good cleaning along with the czars of commies and Islam idiots expecting what they demand to be given w/out a nod! Repubucrats and Iszombies are in the same barrell and should be dumped in the garbage pit.

    • Just think, Clinton forced financial institutions to gives home ;loans top people that couldn’t afford them & when it went bad, the gov’t & Demorats blamed who, the financial inst for the crisis. Thgey would do the same when THIS went bad.

  • ReaperHD

    That just puts these government agencies on the gun owners list for war against the Anti-American Commie Muslim Terrorist Regime running this country.

  • ECDucy

    You know maybe the libs have LESS than 2 yrs. left- TO WE THE PEOPLE- check you state laws across the Country, in many states you have the right to “Impeach” your local Government Officials, some states allow for “recall” elections- If you check each state, find the most communist, left wingnut, liberals & democrates, start petititions in each state to “recall” your Commie Officials. These clowns can be replaced if don’t right!!!

  • BrassRing

    Maybe if the “minorities” weren’t mostly criminals they wouldn’t have a problem. And since by law, felons can’t be around firearms, they can’t legally work at a firearms mfg. Duh!

  • marineh2ominer

    Then I am to understand the federal civil service system must hire felons ? I know some felons that would love to get a local civil service job and can’t , what is that all about .?

  • They do have a point. a larger percentage of blacks are felons so in order to be fair we must allow felons to have guns

  • Time for talking is over!

  • What the hell do these pussies thinks gonna happen when the shooting starts and the people take it to their homes. Call 911? Bwwwwhaaaa!!


  • Ranchman

    We had better realize real quick that this is all going to escalate into a shooting war with these bandits. No, I DON’T want that to happen, I’m just facing reality. We had all better get our heads out of our rear ends and face reality, if we don’t we’re not going to have a country left. You had better prepare for the inevitable. Obama and his minions will stop short of nothing to remain in power forever, destroying our nation in the process. Wicked times are headed our way, people. Get ready for it.

  • Julian DH

    Hypocrites again are exposed in the socialist obama administration. Federal, and many state laws prohibit firearms ownership by convicted felons. Hiring them provides instant access to firearms A Catch-22 situation for employers. Do they follow the laws, and prevent ready access to firearms, or do they kow-tow to a corrupt administration and face possible loss of their BATF licenses? One way or another this regime will eliminate firearms production and sales. Anyone know how to say Comrade obama in Russian or Chinese? We better learn, or stop this insanity before we are forced too.

  • And exactly how is this discrimination. It is protection, plain and simple. The felons made their choice and now they have to deal with it.

  • Murray Putnam

    Isn’t hiring felons to work in firearms factories a little like hiring pyromaniacs to work in the match factory?

  • BCohio

    First things First. We need to take Back the Senate in 2014. Vote in tea party people. Then start Defunding programs that Obammy wants in place at the same time start Impeachment on Obammy. He needs to GO!. Putting togather Militias now will give Obammy and his Bunch something Else to think About, if it can be done in a lot of Diffrent States. It doesen’t have to be real Big, Just in a lot of Diffrent Places. This will Up set their Apple cart.. It could make them do something Stupid and Tip their Hand Early!. In any case we need to Do something to counter act these Commies..NOW!..

  • Hawkeye3939

    So a firearms dealer can’t sell to a convicted felon, but is obliged to hire one for his business? Your government is being run by corrupt, mentally defective jack-offs. And the worst of them all are the clowns from Booze, Butts, and Bullets. They have taken a page right out of the manuals of the KGB and the Gestapo.

  • anastasia

    totally absurd! the liberal?Democrat population can turn anything into a crime…when in fact they are the criminals! it isn’t racist to not want felons dealing guns you MORONS! I guess because the “prezdint” hires thugs and criminals, everyone should stoop to their disgraceful LOW level!

  • Many states have the right to call up citizens to fight to protect the constitution and it’s citizens. E. G., In Ohio, able bodied men (I think it’s 18-65) can be called up.

  • Berzrkr50

    I sure hope people pick their targets wisely. Forget the peons if they aren’t a serious threat and go after the shot callers (the golden rings). They’re the REAL trophies!

  • These agencies’ better realize the people will disarm them…they are an UnConstitutional Standing Army on American soil…and We the People have had just about enough of them telling us how to live. We tell you…not the other way…you are the servant. Get it through your heads or they can roll.

  • Kurt

    I believe that when the rubber hits the road and the US Military is ordered to draw down on American citizens, mass desertion will occur. How many proud oath taking men and women in our military would be willing to eliminate freedom loving Americans so that Obozo can create his Socialist utopia.

    • AfghanVet


  • overkill

    kill them all let god sort them out

  • patriot

    This is blabber for lawyers and has nothing to do with
    common sense. They have to verify a right to use oxygen and take up space.
    Another time consuming and energy wasting exercise in dividing the people
    against each other.

  • James Maxwell

    Convicted Felons do not have the right to vote, own weapons and many other rights of law abiding
    citizens. Why would you want to employ one in a facility or company that produces weapons and
    could be a risk to those around them? Even the mindless liberals should be able to comprehand
    and understand this. But then you are talking about oscummer and his minions who are nothign
    but criminal in the first place and for the most part come from a criminal background or one that
    has skirted the legal system and not been caught as of yet.

  • giley1

    It sure looks like the line on the sand has been drawn. Our Constitution has to prevail no matter what. The Progressives/Liberals can rattle all of their sabers they want but we the freedom loving law abiding citizens of this country will prevail. Let’s not forget that Socialism, Communism, Marxism has been tried and it fails everytime. If it were not for the NRA we would not have any chance at saving our gun rights because too many politicians lack back bone to go against the grain and just want to protect their job.

  • AfghanVet

    The left will use whatever tactics they can to get what they want. They are virtually saying that minorities are far more likely to be criminals. And they call conservatives racists? The difference between left and right is that we actually believe in what we want for our country, we don’t apologize for it and we aren’t goint to sacrifice our values to get the job done.

  • kid721952

    People who own businesses have the sole right to hire whoever they want NOT the federal government telling them who they can and cannot hire that’s COMMUNISM

  • watchdogman

    The ballot is worthless…Bullets make a statement…Civil war is the only answer folks…

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