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Gun Owners Cornered: It’s time to remember the 9th Amendment

2nd Amend.

Gun Owners Cornered: It’s time to remember the 9th Amendment

How many things can be used against us to control our guns? “Universal” background checks, making us pay for our own background checks, backlogs for processing background checks, extra taxes on guns and ammo, mental health records, size of guns, parts of guns, size of magazines, approved locations to use or carry guns, special locks, “acceptable” storage, transportation laws, military service, gun permit stats and of course, now – our kids.

It was bad enough when my junior-high-age son had his American Rifleman magazine taken out of his hands on the school bus and told it wasn’t “appropriate.” He was confused. He asked why it was inappropriate when it is legal for him to hunt and there are books in the school library with guns and tanks and wars. It was bad enough when even in high school he has been told he can’t talk about hunting or guns in front of other kids because they might be “offended” by it. It was even worse when kids started getting kicked out of school for pictures of guns and especially for the now famous “pop tart gun”. Every person with an ounce of common sense shook their heads at that one. Anything else can be discussed in school – sex, drugs – but not guns? We’ve made the mistake of allowing too many concessions, going along to get along, allowing the schools and liberals to call the shots and letting them deny our kids their constitutional right to free speech.



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  • fliteking

    Frankly I had to look it up.

    9th – The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    I feel the liberals will go to any length to get us to surrender our firearms.

    Said another way, I think they will push very hard in hopes of accomplishing their goals.

  • quarkie009

    The responsible people are turning their backs on common sense approach in all areas of life and are allowing the liberal/leftists to take control of everything and then we complain about it and don’t do one single thing about because we might seem to be aggressor. Sometimes it is necessary to fight fire with
    fire and we need to do a better job than the liberal/leftist/progressives/Marxist/communists that are sticking their fingers in our eyes and destroying the US Constitution more and more every single day.

    It is well past time to fight back and kick them out of power in the schools, universities and more importantly in all three branches of the US Government. It is our responsibility to stop this madness before we are all end up in labor camps likened N. Korea.

  • tlmartin

    This thing might well explode. I think that is exactly what Obama wants so he can declare Marshall Law.
    Beware the dictator is coming and the liberal fools wont see it until it’s to late.

    • Rattlerjake

      Martial (not Marshall) law will only establish the start of the eradication of liberals, socialists, marxists, and communists from our soil. At that point patriotic Americans will rise up and do as our forefathers did with the British, it will not be pretty, but it is long overdue.

      • NolanR

        Do you think that obummer will eradicate himself and all of his cabinet (all marxists)? He will try to eradicate all of us patriots.

      • Chet Radven

        You my friend, took the words out of my mouth.The next civil war will make the last look like a block party.It’s coming, when the population finally gets smart to see they’ve been screwed by Obama. The gun owners will get fed up with this B/S and will rise up. It make take a war here but the outcome is certain.

    • william C

      The dictator is here now. He just needs this to consolidate his power. I wonder, though, will our military and our state police, etc turn against American citizens, or will this thing blow up in Obama’s face?

      • Rick Zimmermann

        WELL BILL 98% of Our Military will live up to Their “OATH” as well as the State Police and tha Sheriff’s of America will stand with the ex-military and the Patriots on the FIELD OF HONOR to destroy all …..and besides Osama does not need them He has His own Army and it’s Traitorous leader Janet napolitano Yes people the DHS.!!!!!

        • pointman49

          In a conversation w/a retired police sgt. from Bossier City, La., we discussed this same subject. He is adament that local law enforcement & the military will never turn on our citizenry. He stated the ones that will knock down our doors will be the Feds, the U.S.Marshals & the BATF. I would not want to be one of those people. They are incredibly out-manned. They will face a scoped rifle from every corner, every tree, rock & yes blade of grass. No need to buy more ammo, just collect what is on the ground along with that ‘full-auto’ AR laying beside them. How many of them will be willing to die for Obama???

          • John Paul Jones

            the smart ones won’t obey this a$$clown and this is a good point about using there full autos against them.

        • Ron

          Yep! you are so right, that was what he said in 2008, he wanted an army of his own{DHS-Nazi’s} that was as strong as our military, which is also un-constitutional!

      • NolanR

        That is the million dollar question.

    • Docs357

      I agree he wants marshal law it’s control he can use to kill with Like his way is the only way and he will kill to get his way.

    • covert1970

      Give Obama nothing he wants including an assault against him !

  • DouglasDauntless

    Where is our Senators and Congressmen to uphold the Constitution for us? In Obama’s pocket for the take over into slavery for us. Vote out all Demo-rat Senators, along with their Rhino friends, John McCain is their leader with Lindsy Grahm

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.the longer we allow these 535 unamerican lawless,useless,treasonous do nothing in ovomit/satan and his treasonous unamerican traitors in his adminstration.the longer we will have this treason continue,i again call on wayne/nra/amac/john birch society/all militias/all freedom loving,god fearing american veternas/citizens,to come together under one giant fredom umbrella,and donald thrump you stated ovomit/satan in revolution donald an evolution of we the people.we no longer have a government,we have tyranny and we can,t count on or trust any of these do nothings in office,any more,all they give us is window dressing.while they continue to ride the taxpayers gravy train.donald/wayne time to come together.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all legal american veternas/citizens.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

  • Bobbi Sue Myles

    We the People need to take the constitution right into the face of our so called bloodsucking millionaire Congress men and women and the same with the house or Rep’s. Both Dem’s and Repub’s are sucking the life out of America and allowing the Kenyan Imposter to become dictator without hardly a whimper of protest. They have shown their utter disdain for the Constitution and for Us.

    • actor44

      You had your chance to restore our Constitution,but you laught,and rediculed him.Why? Because everything he proposed which is Constitutional you all called him an nut-case! Now you see the results! BLOODBATH??

      • John Paul Jones

        If you want my fire arms come here and take them barrel end first! accident’s do occur!

  • horseridingplains

    And to think we almost lost our Sovereignty as a nation with the UN Arms Treaty–just about every treasonous dem voted the party line rather that looking at what is really going on–or do they want the New World Order–would bama be the new gawd then????

  • Cooleemee Edd

    Let’s talk guns everywhere! Bring it up on the bus, bring it up in church, bring it up (except at the bank and on airlines PLEaSE) where it makes sense to you. Be nice, NOT obnoxious, but get the point accross. Free speech (1st amendment).

    By the way, here’s the content of the 9th amendment. It is different from any other:

    The exceptions [to power] here or elsewhere in the constitution made in favor
    of particular rights, shall not be so construed as to diminish the just
    importance of other rights retained by the people, or as to enlarge the powers
    delegated by the constitution; but either as actual limitations on such powers,
    or as inserted merely for greater caution.

  • buffalobob

    This country is on the road to destruction and nothing short of a miracle will save it and us. The turning away from gods word as in the past is going to be the death of america. We the people will pay the price for our ignorance. This government is following the same rule book that hitler used back in the mid to late 30’s and we are to blind to see it but we will be blaming everyone but ourselfs for it. The question that i have will be what people will pay the price for our ignorance after everything goes to hell.

  • Murray Putnam

    Welcome to Obeyme’s brave new world where they discuss vile homosexual acts they can perform on one another. But talk of God or guns is strictly prohibited. And we pay these teachers and administrators to do just that The Bible says to judge a tree by its fruits, well those sure are some bitter poisson apples Barry’s been laying down.

  • william C

    I have been touting the virtues and application of the 9th amendment for 10 years, as soon as I began to realize that the states’ rights – 10th amendment – by itself was not adequate to thwart the avarice of the federal government.

  • Steve Thomas

    I am against the use of ALL drugs (including prescription and over the counter) BUT I am for the legalization of marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would take $100,000,000,000 (that’s $100 billion) of “law enforcement” POWER away from the government. i.e. It would help deplete BHO’s “army”.

    • NolanR

      No, it would just give them 100 Bil. to spend somewhere else, like fighting us.

      • Steve Thomas

        It is already being spent so that they can fight us. That was my point. Defunding the “brown shirt” like police, DEA, ATF, etc. would remove their ability to quickly mobilize an army against us.

  • Don Ruane

    Sinn Fein means “WE ALONE”
    I hope it does not come to that here in the USA.

  • mickey

    I hope the states Militias’s are Locked & Loaded, we need their weaponary to smash Obamas Tanks. I just wonder why no American Patriot amongst our government, hasn’t taken this nasty Arrogant/Illegal/Muslim/OBAMA, OUT?

  • pduffy

    9th – The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
    What does this mean? Well, the government claims to have the “power to tax”, and that this power gives them the right to impose Barry-care, however the so-called “power to tax” does not give them the right to create an unconstitutional tax to ENSLAVE an American to pay for health care, because that imposed slavery violates the BAN ON SLAVERY! So Barry-care is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. A tax on guns which would deny some citizens right to bear arms, is also unconstitutional for this SAME REASON. Therefore, the supreme court IS ROGUE and has not done their job to keep these tyrants in check. Therefore, its up to the people.

    • TexasJester

      Well said.

  • covert1970

    No if we keep our heads cool and fight legally with the LAws and Constitution, Bill of rights, which i carry a copy of at all times, they cannot abuse the Constitution legally and I will make a Citizen’s arrest under the Oath I took to uphold and Defend the Constitution against all enemies, Foreign and Domestic ! They would rather sandpaper a Wildcat’s ass in a windstorm than mess with me !

  • John Bechtol

    Its Martial law not marshal,get your s$%^ right

  • bayman61

    That’s when you should have went on the school bus and took the magazine back and dared who ever took it to touch it again. That it is private property and they have no right to take anything from your son. Or else they and you will have a big problem. Do not take that stuff from anyone. This is getting ridiculous.


    We see it but we do nothing so who is to blame.

  • jamohio

    I know this is a late response but It’s way past time to take back all gun and free speech rights guaranteed by The Constitution and Bill Of Rights!! Time for “Takeback”!!

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