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Polishing a turd: Hickenlooper lies, suggests new CO gun control laws will prevent suicides

2nd Amend.

Polishing a turd: Hickenlooper lies, suggests new CO gun control laws will prevent suicides

When human beings make a mistake, and know they are making a mistake, they attempt to rationalize their decision. Most of the time, these justifications are shallow and nonsensical.

Here’s a perfect example:

When Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law sweeping new restrictions on firearms this week, he cited the prevention of suicides by handgun as one of the reasons he supported the legislation.

“However many homicides we have each year with handguns, we have about 20 percent more suicides,” he said. “That number drops significantly when you have universal background checks.”

The new law in Colorado expands the requirement for background checks to private and online gun sales. Previously, only licensed firearm dealers were required to run a background check. Now, nearly all firearm purchasers will have to undergo a background check, and experts in suicide prevention say adding that extra layer to the process could save lives.



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  • Jeff Thomas

    americans better wake up to the talmud feinstein schumer communist jews

    • Lester Green

      don’t blame the jews, religion or race has nothing to do with it, its the liberal communist left and believe me they come in all races.

      • Jeff Thomas

        get serious ..the talmud jews have a lengthy history of communism..they invented it…the feinsteins schumer rat pack are IN YOUR FACE and theres no denying it…

  • McCabe

    Let the law suits fly.

    • Tonto

      I wonder if the Gov. was high on pot when he said that pearl of wisdom.

  • gutterfalcon

    What an IDIOT !

  • huddy

    If some looney wants to kill himself or herself let them have at it. Just don’t be taking sombody else who might love life with them.

    • Steve Thomas

      And hope that they succede, and not end up in the hospital.

  • Greg Wofford

    gov that is pure crap!

  • obhfwb

    This turd is right out of that sissified BOY obama’s black butt.

  • $927781

    What idiots we have in our government these days! Pure IDIOTS! Guess prescription and street drug overdose suicide, suicide by cop, suicide by vehicle, suicide by rope hanging, must all be banned then, because geez, we wouldn’t want people to have anything with which to take their own life with. We may as well just start removing brains, because you know, people should never think for themselves whether it be a right choice or a wrong choice!!!

    • $12994363

      Probably out there sniffing that stuff they just legalized. Or some polecat’s arsehole.

  • $12994363

    Talk about stupid people! Hickenlooper (should be Chickencooper) has the brains of a chicken. IN the egg.
    Wonder how he’s going to rationalize the suicides that are now going to be done by cop, by car, by jumping from high places, and the like. Probably ban police, automobiles, and level all the high places.
    Either that or blame it all on the NRA.

    • McCabe

      All that AND blame it on the NRA.

    • Ed Scott

      that is an insult to a chicken in an egg. Even they are smarter than Hickenlooper.

    • garysvent

      Half the population of Colorado committed a kind of State suicide by voting this turd into office in the first place. I guess the only answer is to outlaw ballot boxes and voting machines.

      Hickenlooper. I wonder if that’s any relation to Shicklegruber?

    • June Gagnon

      Trust me, “jon the hick” doesn’t “rationalize”! By the way, he’s the libtard that turned Denver into a “sanctuary city”!

  • Benjamin Fox

    Is he going to outlaw building, people jump off them, how about light rail, some jump in front of them. Drugs? take to many and you die, and cleaning materials that can be drunk and kill a person, this guy is a nut job and knew the dad of one of the mass murders. Has to go, just like his wife did, she knew a nut job by living with him.

  • wildeagleone

    Hey Governor——-your stupid piece of cow dung——how many guns does it take to slice ones wrists with a KNIFE

    • Ed Scott

      or razor blades.

  • Ed Scott

    Where and When did Colorado go so wrong? They used to be a great state. Now, they are just another obama pawn. Maybe that is what happens when you breathe all that mile high air.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      that once wonderful state has been Kalifornicated. I think it has something to do with the adultrated gasoline they are forced to burn.

      • June Gagnon

        Actually, it has more to do with the “libtards” who migrated here from Kalifornication, NY, NJ, DE, Chicago et. al. – -we’re now “infested” with them. Most congregate in Fort Collins (agenda 21 promoters) and Boulder – libtard city!

        • Daniel F. Melton

          I lived in Colorado Springs from 1971 to 1993. I began noticing a general deterioration in the intelligence and morals of the state population about the time that the water started tasting of MBTE. Both Ft. Collins and Boulder have been bastions of liberalism forever. I blame radon gas and academia for that. I’m not sure which is the more destructive as the effects of both are cumulative. They’re just not fatal fast enough.

    • crusader2010

      Liberals moved there…….


    Well the next thing he should ban (based on this illogical and inaccurate viewpoint) would be razor blades and make EVERYONE use electric razors or just turn into Mountain Women and Men!! Need to see if he owns any stock in companies that sell electric razors. In reality it might just be a self-interest case.

  • edro3111

    Tear down the bridges. People jump off them too!

    • Daniel F. Melton

      No buildings higher than two stories and we must fence off all access to water.

      • george

        Of course there are all those people who purposely choke on a big bite of meat, so we better kill off all meat producing livestock. I know how to kill with a McDonalds soda straw, so we better melt all them down real quick. Does anyone on here know how to kill some one with a car> OOPS there goes our transportation. Many people find some ones hands around their throat tight enough that they can not breath, do we need to cut off every ones hands? I am watching a movie on TV right now, where the jealous girl friend is beating the mans brains out with a Cresent wrench. Guess we will not be able to fix our cars anymore, OH that is right we got rid of the cars back up the paragraph a few lines. In the Bible, Samson killed thousands with the jaw bone of a donkey it says. Now that is 1 weapon I would never have known about had I not read the Bible, Holiest book ever written. I suppose that book is next on the ACLU’s dance card.

        • Daniel F. Melton

          One of my favorite methods is a bootlace garote. Works every time.

          We have proof that the jawbone of an ass is lethal. hairy reid has murdered hundreds by means of his speaches.

          • K9Guy51

            that’s not murder – if you listen to Harry Reid long enough, you’ll kill yourself

          • Daniel F. Melton

            I lost most of my hearing to an RPG near Pleiku, so I’m safe.

  • Steve Thomas

    Could anyone help me find a website that sells or auctions guns that does NOT require the gun to be shipped to an FFL ??? I have not seen one in years.

    • Rosie46

      I do not believe there is one.

      • Steve Thomas

        Then what is the purpose of the new law requiring the use of an FFL. I think we need to check the fine print.

        • Rosie46

          Good question, but I have been told you cannot mail order. Maybe it is state-by-state and they want to make it federal, or across state lines. Fine print? You mean like pass it to find out what is in it?

          • Steve Thomas

            Yes. And pass it quickly too.
            I have read hundreds of gun auctions. They ONLY ship to an FFL. The only time anyone offers “local pickup” is when an FFL/gunshop is selling the gun.

          • Rosie46

            That is good to know.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Can’t figure out what stinking assshole all these supposedly educated people crawled out of. Bloomberg and idiots like him should not be allowed to hold public office,they are mentally ill.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    When democrats speak, nothing they say is true..

  • DesertPatriot

    I’m betting they believe limiting magazines to 10 rounds also reduces the incidence of suicide!

    • tedthebear

      Yup, shot 3 times in the back of the head. Worse case of suicide I’ve ever seen!

  • Lester Green

    John Hickenlooper is a dope, enough said, I hope we start recall elections on all these people who want to make us criminals for wanting to be able to protect ourselves. Between the Salazars, who think young ladies are stupid and the more than ignorant Hudaks who believe owning a gun puts you at greater risk when attacked than not owning one we are surely on a road to self destruction. I still want to know why these democrats are afraid of citizenry that wants to be able to protect themselves. I was a policeman in Denver for over 30 years and I know that the police can’t really protect you. They say the police are the first line of defense, well that is BS they are the second line of defense, they clean up the mess and try to put violators in jail where liberal lawyers try to get them out. I never have been leary of a law abiding gun owner, enforce the laws we have now, that would be a great start, believe me these new gun laws will not work, hell if gun laws or any laws worked the way they try to tell us they will there would be no need for policemen because there would be no crime.

  • ron

    biggest turd in Colorado is the looper..guy speaks out of both sides of his mouth when he does open it.I don’t know what happened here other then vary slowly they opened up the coffers to those they knew would vote their way.

  • ron

    The media here has this love affair with the left..the one daily rag we have left and the CBS, NBC,ABC bunch all has sold us out. its a constant diatribe of worthless in your face repeaters pushing the obama agenda,,its embarrassing to honest journalists, Tom Tancredo was about destroyed by them as was Douglas Bruce who only wanted fiscal responsibility.

  • mesaman

    RE: gun control laws in Colorado, “hickenlooper, hickenlooper, nothing but a chickenpooper.

    • tedthebear


  • James Maxwell

    Has anyone check the water in CO lately, with this line of BS floating there must be some pollution
    in their water supply that could effect the citizens. Please have the CDC do an immidate check
    before it spread to all the citizens. Maybe they have been infected with some new brain destroying
    disease besides collective socialistm from all the osocialist Kool aid they have been drinking.
    It will be interesting to see how the challenges turn out and there will be challenges to legality of
    thier new laws. Plus it will be even more interesting to see how the voters react to these corrupt
    laws goes in 2014 and 2016.

  • don

    It does seem like Colorado has many true Idiots that have moved in and they are putting the lives of honest people at stake with there fear of guns and many of them will change there tunes when the criminals they are emboldening has them in there sights.

  • fliteking

    Hickenlooper Likes to Talk Out His Pooper.

  • pissed off conservative

    i only wish he decided to commit suicide

  • 2War Abn Vet

    This is a great way to criminalize otherwise law-abiding citizens who won’t go along with this crap.

  • Terry Thomason

    If an individual is bound and determined to commit suicide, that individual will do it. If a firearm is not available, there are pills, ropes, cars, cliffs or buildings. It is most likely that the individual has not been to a doctor or has not been treated for a mental condition. If not, there is no record of mental illness and the individual most likely will be able to get a weapon. Reducing the capacity of a magazine does not reduce the possibility of suicide. For the governor to use this as an excuse to sign the bill is a wishful hope that the people of Co. will buy this excuse. Hopefully, the people of Co. will see thru this and remember it when thse politicians come up for re-election.

  • DenverKitty

    Higgenlooper is “loopy”. At there is a petition to have a recall election to oust this total incompetent liberal. Please consider signing it, alerting your friends, and adding it to your facebook page.

  • cool breeze

    higgenlooper is a disgrace. coloradoans otta run his ass out of the state

  • cool breeze

    we will vote you out doesnt scare you… does “we know where you live”


    Deemers…It’s not what they say it’s what they do…..We must pass this bill before we know what’s in it….
    Libs are a special kind of stupid, RINO’s are closet libs…

  • Lou

    Experts in suicide prevention don’t own guns. I’m tired of of all the yuppie leftists telling me what I can and can’t do. It’s a form of bullying. Because they don’t agree with my ideas and values they pass a law restricting them. I wish I could pass a law a abolishing arrogance and stupidity.

  • colt38

    Totally stupid. If someone wants to die they can find many different ways to accomplish the act. I know one thing that will see a setback in, tourism, hunting, fishing, backpacking, camping and several other outdoor events. This idiots mindset on controlling and ruling a state instead of being a leader. I would be willing to wager that he was fully investigated, he most likely has guns himself and some of the same ones he is banning.

  • mesaman

    Now that marijuana is legal in Colo, there is no need for gun legislation or control. All violent crime has escaped to greener pastures, thanks to Chickenpooper Hickenlooper. Now leave him alone, he wants to grow the weed in the governor’s mansion and doesn’t need any interference.

  • Daniel Gray

    You can polish a turd? First why would you want to and second who was the first person to figure out you could do this? LOL

    Lawsuits are already filed. Title 18 USC Section 926 makes it a federal felony 4th Class for anyone other then the BATF to make a registration list if at any time in the present or future said list can or will be used as a confiscation list. Punishment for this violation is a minimum 10 years in federal prison and or a $250,000 fine. According to federal laws and statutes, each separate day the law is in violation it is a separate chargeable offense complete with fines and or prison terms.

    Second you have well over 40 Sheriffs who have outright refused to enforce this law. And the Sheriff is the top law officer in that County

    Thirdly there is no part of the Constitution that allows for universal background checks on all gun sales. IN fact it is discriminatory. Do they require a background check on cars that kill more people in one day then a gun has in over 20 years? (Source FBI Crime Report 2011) Do they require a background check on furniture that kills more people in one day then guns have in five years (Source FBI Crime Report 2011) And by what right do they have demanding that you take private property that you legally own, and be forced to pay for a check to see if the person buying it can do so? That makes as much sense as saying that they are now going to start filing charges against the brewers and the car makers when some idiot has too much to drink and then drives and kills people?

    This and NY’s law are just another two that are going to be overturned by federal courts

  • Alfred-King of Wessex

    This turd, Higgenlooper is more of a far out nut than Jerry Brown. How can someone who is such
    a pathetic worm fool so many people into voting for him? Are that many people in Colorado drug addicts or seeking to life off the largess of taxpayers? So much for rugged, western individualism. Colorado is one of those states now going lib. Too bad. New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Ohio and a few other places are now overrun with vermin, all with their hands out, and looking for the people who actually work ( and pay taxes) to support them. That means voting Democrat……which is perhaps the largest and most successful criminal enterprise ever foisted off on a once, great people…..and America.

  • John

    Another moron Libtard!

  • June Gagnon

    Bob-Had to laugh; my son-in-law’s favorite question is “What do you get when you polish a turd”?? At the time he wasn’t referring to liberal, progressive, socialist commies, but that has since changed!

  • crusader2010

    bye John Hickenlooper wonder who will be the next governor of Co.

  • Karen

    Could, well then band, Tylenol, street drugs, ropes, cars, etc….. I see suicidal patient’s in the ER and do psychiatric evals …they come in for a lot of other reasons and use many things in there attempts to kill themselves….. guns aren’t the problem, it’s their mental health issues….. but then what do I know, I’m just an MSW and a medical social worker for 17 years .

  • radcont5164

    They’re afraid of not getting their tax dollars from the Gov, and not what the people want.

  • mesaman

    The conclusion is Hickenblooper doesn’t know schlitz from shinola. But then who presumes to expect reasonable, rational and intelligent behavior from a politician?

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