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Armed Texas Homeowners Defend Themselves from Armed Intruders

2nd Amend.

Armed Texas Homeowners Defend Themselves from Armed Intruders

If you’re a woman, imagine being home alone in a rural area when you hear someone rattling your front door. You don’t recognize who they are. You call your husband just as the two teenaged boys break into your house and you see that they are armed. What do you do?

That’s exactly what happened to a woman in the small rural community of Maypearl, Texas, about 45 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It was Wednesday afternoon, she was home alone at their farmhouse when she heard her front door rattling. She looked out and saw two young men, one dressed in camouflage and had a gun strapped across his back.

She immediately called her husband and then ran to get her gun. Her husband was just pulling into the driveway when the intruders broke into the house. He entered the house through the back door, grabbed his gun and began shooting at the intruders. A gun fight ensued. The husband was wounded in the side but not seriously. The two teenaged intruders must have realized that they were over matched and rather than face going to jail, they took their own lives.



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  • Rodger

    I live in Texas and am thankful we have the right to protect ourselves from dangers like this. What do you think would have happened to these taxpaying home owners if they did not have guns for self defense? You would probably read about two innocent people being gunned down in their own castle. I love the Castle Doctrine in Texas.

    • GATOR007

      Amen Rodger, I’m in Fl. and we also have the “Castle Doctrine” we also have “stand your ground” our crime rate has fallen 30% since 2007!!

      • TexasOlTimer

        We have both as well and that’s what our ancestors understood – you’ve the right to defend yourself without having to run away first – which is a good thing ’cause these ol’ legs ain’t much use for runnin’ no more. Any call to 911 is going to be about 20-30 minutes before they can get to where I live and I sure can’t run that long!

      • Watchdogman

        Keep shooting and get those numbers down to zero!

    • TexasOlTimer

      I totally agree with you. There won’t be any verbal warnings if anyone breaks into my home – if they haven’t enough sense to know they’re in Texas, they won’t understand a warning anyway!

  • DarylD

    Sounds like a case of self-serving justice.

    • waterman

      What would you do DaryID, just let them kill you and your wife.

    • $26222150

      That’s the best kind.



    • Thomas Gentile


      • Esther Egan

        I agree. Years ago, I called 9-1-1 and it took them three days to get to my house. I was wondering what the police were doing this one day and why he even bothered to show up at all. I told the office that the crooks better hope he gets to them before I do. I was able to scare off whoever and take care of the situation.

      • Honorary

        Or the answer machine will tell you to Press 1 for Spanish or Press 2 for English, LOL.

  • TexasJester

    Kids from out of state just can’t understand that “Don’t Mess With Texas!” is MORE than just an anti-litter campaign – it is our unofficial motto.

    Ya don’t break into homes in Texas if you want to live a long life!! Chances are, the homeowners are better armed than you are – and we are quite willing to let you know what kind of weapons we have, one round at a time! And no warning shot – ammo is too precious right now. And no verbal warning – if you’re in Texas, and you’re breaking into MY home, well, that’s all the warning you get!

    You don’t rob gun stores or gun shows. Why? Cuz everyone is packing! That’s Texas..

    • garysvent

      Just to be polite, I always plan on two or three warning shots into their brainpan.

      • Ray – God Bless Israel.

        Retired Marine and former Pan Am/Delta Pilot John Lovell is Top Gun at Subway Sandwich Shop

        Plantation, Florida:

        Police were called to investigate an attempted armed robbery: The 71-year-old retired Marine who opened fire on two robbers at a Plantation, Florida, Subway shop late Wednesday, killing one and critically wounding the other, is described as John Lovell, a former helicopter pilot for two presidents. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, and he works out every day. Mr. Lovell was a man of action Wednesday night.

        According to Plantation police, two masked gunmen came into the Subway at 1949 N. Pine Rd. just after 11 p.m. There was a lone diner, Mr. Lovell, who was finishing his meal. After robbing the cashier, the two men attempted to shove Mr. Lovell into a bathroom and rob him as well. They got his money, but then Mr. Lovell pulled his handgun and opened fire. He shot one of the thieves in the head and chest and the other in the head.

        When police arrived, they found one of the men in the shop, K-9 Units found the other in the bushes of a nearby business. They also found cash strewn around the front of the sandwich shop according to Detective Robert Rettig of the Plantation Police Department.

        Both men were taken to the Broward General Medical Center , where one, Donicio Arrindell, 22, of North Lauderdale died. The other, 21-year-old Frederick Gadson of Fort Lauderdale is in critical but stable condition.

        Mr. Lovell was a pilot in the Marine Corps, flying former Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. He later worked as a pilot for Pan Am and Delta Airlines.

        He is not expected to be charged authorities said. ”He was in fear for his life,” Detective Rettig said, “These criminals ought to realize that most men in their 70’s have military backgrounds and aren’t intimidated by idiots.”

        Something tells me this old Marine wasn’t “in fear for his life”, even though his life was definitely at risk. The only thing he could be charged with is participating in an unfair fight. One 71- year young Marine against two punks. Two head shots and one center body mass shot.

        Outstanding shooting! That’ll teach them not to get between a Marine and his meal.

        Florida law allows eligible citizens to carry a concealed weapon. Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending?

        Old people don’t fight, they just shoot you.

        • TexasOlTimer

          You got that right, Raymond! “Old people don’t fight, they just shoot you.” These ol’ legs aren’t good for much any more – certainly can’t run (thank goodness for ‘stand your ground’ laws here!) and I doubt I could beat up a young punk anymore – but I sure can still shoot straight! I figure if those young ‘uns don’t know they’re in Texas where most people are armed, then they won’t understand any verbal warning anyway.

    • disqus_weuwecik7o

      I hope so–There are 30k troops training in your state right now to seize all firearms–Prepare..

      • john Goult

        Come and TAKE them!

    • tedthebear

      Those two punks were from Oklahoma. They wanted to try their luck in Texas because they knew they’d never make it in their home state!

      • Bradley Jones

        I am from Oklahoma and the same thing would have happened here, we have the make my day law

  • Jaime Cancio

    Good Guys 2 Bad Guys 0 and the bad guys will never again ply their once armed budding career criminal behavior. Two more vermin of the streets and scum of the earth removed and the world is a little safer today and tonight. I sure wish the husband was a better shot and both the husband and wife learned from this critical incident situation the could of ended in tragedy. And as for the news services please no more news about how good and decent children these two dead criminals are; and, please this time don’t interview their parents we have seen the example and products of their failed parenthood and they are not good examples to foist upon the rest of us – they just gave the world an example of who they are and what they do…and how their decisions have rendered them dead – good! Works for me.

  • obhfwb

    What a beautiful ending and the only thing is the DEMONCRATS will say the home owner were wrong to protect themselves.

    • Speaking the Truth

      Yup, those poor kids would be alive today, if you had just let them kill you. How dare you protect your own life. Our twisted society, I tell you.

    • Watchdogman

      Do we ever hear of Liberal homes being invaded? I am sure they do but the press just may not want to print the outcome? Hmmmmm?

  • Greg Wofford

    Seems like the intruders could have saved everyone some ammo and just have shot themselves at the start. Maybe at their home so someone did not have clean up after.

    • garysvent

      Yeah. Next time just go out into the woods and do it.

    • Rosie46

      Now that is an outcome worth celebrating. I think i will move back to Texas.

  • VQ

    The anti gun folks would have done their best to call 911 way out in that rural area to wait 45 minutes for the Police to arrive…pretty sure THEY would have loved to borrow one of our guns at that moment. Or better yet wished that we would have been there packing ours…blessings

    • Alexander Davidson

      Maybe it could be found out for argument’s sake, of HOW MANY defenceless people were seriously hurt by armed intruders, versus those that WERE armed householders. And balance that with result of time taken to respond to 911 calls, and outcome of armed intruders / robbers if arrested or died. We only see part of the picture most time, with biased media giving us info that only they want to release for their own agendas. And media AGENDAS seem to aim only at gun control, because they KNOW that the crims will never give up good guns, and the people, well who cares? – Media sells news on innocent deaths, which will actually INCREASE without defensive weapons as happened in Australia, after gun laws were enacted.

    • Despicable REM1875 ✓certified

      Make no mistake many leftist and liberal anti-gunners are armed, they want our guns removed because we can’t handle them but their superiorty means those rules are not for them, just like in all matters. Besides they need their guns to protect them from us, the unwashed masses, the peons

    • TexasOlTimer

      Note that most of the liberals wanting our guns are themselves protected by bodyguards with guns. Ol’ Feinstein exempted herself from the gun control ban she put in place in San Francisco when she was mayor. They just want to control the people – not themselves, so they exempt themselves from the laws they pass – or want to pass.

      • TexasJester

        One of her first acts as mayor was to rescind ALL conceal-carry permits within the SF city limits – EXCEPT HERS.

        What in God’s green earth (want to say more but bad language ain’t good here…) makes HER life more important than the rest of the SF citizens?? Or the citizens of the US??

        • john Goult

          You just don’t understand do you? She’s so much more WORTH life that you P-ON’s! Just go out and DIE for her and be quite!

        • gregsmom

          I’m loaded and ready for anyone who ever breaks into my house. OTOH, just to keep everyone on the same page, Feinstein only because mayor because Mayor Moscone was shot and killed by a disgruntled former member of the Board of Supervisors. People were very shocked by Moscone’s murder, and that’s probably what gave Feinstein the window to pull all the gun permits. In general, she did a competant job of keeping things together after Moscone and Harvey Milk, a gay Supervisor, were killed. Unfortunately, that led to her becoming a Senator, and one of the worst ever.

  • rivahmitch

    Probably two dead ‘Bama voters. Good riddance!

    • Richard

      You must have forgot……Dead people still vote Democrat! Just look at the last two elections.

      • rivahmitch

        Apologies… you’re correct. OTOH, they’re no longer collecting benefits from our tax money. I see that as a plus.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Just another reason to post the addresses of all politicians that vote for gun control in “Hate America” websites.

    That way we find out if they keep guns themselves, and we find out if they know how to use them.

  • Lester Peoples

    Texas is how All 50 States should be protected under our Constitution and Bill of Rights and the sooner radical politicians and lowlife muggers and robbers learn, the better and safer we will be!

    • GG

      Actually we are supposed to be able to but the liberal idiots are trying their best to take it from us. And worse yet…we are letting them do it.

    • Ro Gal

      AMEN Brother!

  • 1776

    School system didn’t teach them to read “Don’t Mess With Texas!……………

  • 1776

    …. just think if it was a “democrat” house! But were in Texas. Not many of them around.

    • Steve Thomas

      There are quite a few. We need to remain vigilant and kick out some state congressmen.

      • kktex12

        Most are in three spots. Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

        • TexasOlTimer

          Don’t forget San Antonio!

        • TexasJester

          And El Paso..

        • Steve Thomas

          Definition; LIBERAL- someone that is so open-minded that their brains feel out.
          Austin has banned the use of plastic bags in stores.

    • GG

      Except in Austin …and those schools teaching that muslims are okay and the founders were terrorists….what about those people???

      • Wide awake

        Even though I am not religious, I respect anyones beliefs and their right to religious freedom. But the Muslin religion is really not a religion at all. They believe that killing Americans will get them a seat next to Allah in their heaven. Why in the world would we encourage that kind of belief in our country? We need to wake up and smell the roses instead of laying down with daisies on our casket.

  • unreal

    If my spouse’s roots weren’t so deep I’d be out of N.Y. In a heartbeat !


    • john Goult

      Leave SPOUSE! Move!

  • edro3111

    Michael Moore would have tried to bribe them to leave with doughnuts.

    • Thomas Gentile

      AND A KISS

    • James Foley

      WRONG…that fat pig Michael Moore would have eaten the doughnuts. Those intruders are from his political class. The propaganda media will never report about how that scum supports Obama.

  • Thomas Gentile


    • Arizona Don

      The real question is why would anyone live in that stink hole?

  • A. G. T. Jr.

    If only VC Schumer and Her Hypocrite Highness Fienstein would pay serious thought to the moral lesson reflected in this incident. These two lackeys of gun control are the most gruesome, fanatical, and vicious in the anti self- defense and anti self-protection bandwagon. It’s very doubtful if the muddled-brain Mr. Biden can comprehend the basic human implications of this tragic occurence.

    • george

      UHH not in self defense, they carry. It is just YOUR defense they brutally want destroyed. If regular people would refuse to vote for any senate or congress that passed a law that did not apply to them the same as it did to you, things would be so much different around here. Then we would only have the deceased and the entertainers to worry about, you know Donald Duck, etc.
      Maybe more of us need to consider taking jobs as poll watchers!

  • leesjokers


  • Patricia Byl

    Does this smell funny to anyone else? It’s too much like a terrorist set up. Nobraina has been training black kids on the QT and arming them with what Homeland Security has been buying. They were programmed to do this in another effort to force gun control down our throats. Since when do ‘home boys’ leave the ghetto to attack a lone farm house? Where did they get the ordinance? Trace the bullets from the scene of the crime and I’ll bet you can track them back to a government buy. These homegrown marauders are being trained and brainwashed into killing themselves if their ‘mission’ fails. It would NOT surprise me to find that this is the case here.

    • ves

      They were white …King looked like the BA Alpha and the other kid looked along for the ride ….. sad about the other kid …King was trouble looking for a place to happen!
      He just choose the the wrong state and house!

      Seriously if y’all don’t want your ass shot don’t come to Texas …really sick of out of staters and their twisted thought process! We aren’t just talk … my young cute niece is a blackbelt with kill training!

      We have enough trouble with ILLEGAL ALIENS and the drug lords they work for!
      We Don’t support Amnesty either!

      • TexasOlTimer

        Wish we could set up border crossings with Texas Rangers at all roads coming into the state – keep out the illegals and the liberals!

    • ves

      Pat … you do have a point way too much going on in too short a time and I’ve actually wondered about the same thing!
      A few years ago I would never have thought my government would be capable of something so horrendous. …now nothing would surprise me!

    • danstewart

      I think you are absolutely correct.

    • bo

      Wow Pat, that is something to think about!



  • Stealth

    Go Texacans!!

  • Sinatra98

    Don’t mess with any law biding citizen who owns a gun and is protecting themselves from intruders
    or you could take Joe BoBidens advice and just fire two shotgun blasts through the door, then they will put you in jail

    • TexasOlTimer

      Wonder if Biden’s son (the Attorney General of Delaware) ever told his dad that the advice he gave is illegal? But when did that ever stop a liberal anyway?

  • $5905143

    They really should have used their ball point pens…. or maybe the Joe Biden approved whistle..

  • slickzip

    And as “Paul Harvey” would say ” And thats the way it is ” !!!!!

  • sertnz

    Great story! Obviously, the couple discussed and/or practiced what they would do in these types of events. Hooray for them and thank God Almighty for the 2nd. Amendment!

    • TexasOlTimer

      Oh, yeah! That’s what we do! My sons and I definitely have a working plan for what happens if… and where we might be when if… happens. We’ve no intention of winding up in cross-fire!

  • JacktheFAC

    Sounds like the husband needs shooting lessons. He should have dropped them himself and saved them the trouble of doing the job on themselves.

    • Arizona Don

      In a life or death situation such as this the normal citizen loses perhaps 50% of his skill to hit his target. Those who are trained in combat or different police academes know this. It is not unusual however, it did work out ok. This does however, underscore the fact a 12 gauge greener may very well be the best close range in home protection available but it should always be backed up with a good hand gun of 357 caliber or better. For inexperienced shooters a 44 is usually not recommended without lots of practice and training. Consequently a 45 may be best.

  • GG

    This is a great reason for open carry …at least at home. want to have defensive means close at hand.

  • The Old Man

    It’s a shame what kids will do now a days for money, drugs or just excitement

  • don

    This is going to be what happens to many more and it will jest rid this world of many more criminals.

  • Telling the Truth

    All police know that they cannot protect us. That is why the honest ones tell you to have a plan for defense for your family. Not rely on them to come rescue you.

    • TexasOlTimer

      Our sheriff gave a talk to a local organization a couple of weeks ago. He said he definitely will not enforce any federal law that would involve any taking of guns. He and the few deputies that he can have on his payroll along with the fact that ammo is so hard to come by even for his department, he wants armed citizens – we have a large county for him to cover. He also said that knowing citizens are armed also cuts down on the crime rate which helps him as well.

  • fliteking

    “The two teenaged intruders must have realized that they were over matched and rather than face going to jail, they took their own lives.”

    What a couple of turds . . . such pansies.

  • RLM357

    I have a sign posted on my property that reads,
    “CAUTION : Attempts to Steal, or Steal from this property will be met with Deadly Force by the Owner. (This includes You, Mr. Federal Official.) Malon Labe ~~Rick Magee, FL

  • nobodysfool

    Perfect ending!!!

  • jetmech97

    agressors taking there own life? sounds funny? I think theres somthing else driving these things, its happined to many times

  • Shambels



    I’s hard to deny that self defense is prolife…..

  • brabbie2002

    From one old lady to anyone with a gun – Remember – body, body, head. Saves us taxpayers millions. You may have to listen to Sharpton and Jackson telling you what a good child you just shot. Just ask them politely “Then what the hell were they doing in MY home?”

    • TexasJester


  • Foxmuldar

    Sounds fishy about them taking their own lives. But then thats possible in Texas. im sure in other states there would have been more of an investigation. I like the way Texas law works. Kill the bastards and let God sort em out. This proves once again Gun control does work when the laws on the books are enforced. Texas gun laws that is.

  • conservative

    These two dead teens is not a tragedy. They will never harm anyone.

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    In the UK, the family defending itself would now be in prison. And due to the ridiculous laws, the intruders not only could sue them, they never would have taken their lives since the UK does more to protect the criminals than the homeowner. One man in England defending himself with a firearm just got a 30 year prison sentence. This is why it is important to push back against the Marxist, Hussein Obama ( aka Barry Soetoro)…and the criminal DNC like Chuckie Schumer and Dianne Feinstein. If you fall asleep at the switch….they will steam roller us, and lay the foundation for what they fear the most, a disarmed citizenry, thus paving the way for their ultimate dream………..a Marxist State.

  • Watchdogman

    They took their own lives!!!!!!!! Geez they were cowards on steroids…Good shooting homeowners…

  • Watchdogman

    I wonder how these home invaders know they are invading a Conservative, God loving home…Do they really want to commit suicide by homeowner? But, why dont these idiots invade liberal homes? No guns, no guts and no problems…

  • Cooleemee Edd

    Good riddance! They could have kept their lives if they had some lessons in morality. No telling who is “to blame,” though. Sometimes there are good parents who have bad kids.

  • Confusious

    Confuscious Say….don’t mess with Texas and good riddance, oh sorry not PC? So!

  • AZWarrior

    If you click and read further in the article, the writer asks: What would have happened in NJ or NY? Funny, but those idiots are more afraid of OWNING a gun than being KILLED with one!

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