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PETA’s Ethical Treatment: Kill 90% Of Animals They Take In


PETA’s Ethical Treatment: Kill 90% Of Animals They Take In

Pets are people too, according to PETA, and it seems they’ve learned a great deal from abortion propaganda. If they can’t take care of the animals they claim to care so much about, the only compassionate thing to do is kill them. Just like the abortion supporters who want to prevent an unborn child from growing up in this cold, dark and cruel world. See? That’s what they call “ethical treatment.”

They’ll talk a lot about saving the animals, and they’ll go to ridiculous lengths in their own advertisements to convince people not to wear fur. So, a reasonable person might expect to find PETA shelters filled to the brim with animals and employees working overtime to care for them. But that’s hardly reality.

PETA might use hidden cameras and undercover agents to help make a documentary about the horrific conditions of mass slaughterhouses in order to garner more donations from emotionally naïve individuals and pseudo-philanthropic, public image-obsessed Hollywood actors.



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  • Jay W


  • Deidre

    This is not a surprise, I thought pretty much everyone (except those with their heads in the sand) knew this about PETA. They are no help to animals anywhere, just troublemakers and I sometimes wonder what their ultimate agenda really is because it sure isn’t helping animals.

    • JIM

      YOU’re Right ,You are really on to something !!! Make that call to all your Us Senators ,They all work for you and I every State has them use them to work for you and the things you believe in .Go Deidre, GOOOOOOOOOOo!!!

    • J

      I’m vegan and I never understood PeTA’s tactics. They don’t really help animals. They whore out naked women their agenda. They make ridiculous offers like $100,000 for a pro football player to go vegan. They put up insensitive and offensive billboards, only to get taken down shortly after. If they really wanted to help reduce animal suffering, they should become a respected organization known for their accomplishments. I ask myself: what have they accomplished? I don’t know of anything positive, so that’s why I don’t stand by them.

  • mesaman

    Remember this the next time your see the emotional, guilt-tripping advertisements on TV asking for your money. They need it for pet-sicide drugs..

  • JoeC

    Yaaay, PETA! How refreshing a bit of hypocracy can be in this so imperfect world. (*S)

  • don

    The reason that many of the rich and the philanthropic have gotten so rich is because they are the ones accepting all of those donations. Many of Peta have grown there personal wealth from accepting the donations and all of the fools that think they are helping the animals are jest making Peta even Richer. If people want to donate they can donate to the Animal Shelters and the animals will be the ones getting the help they need. There are to many stupid people that believe that PETA helps animals but that is so far from the truth and they make a few people rich. People like Mikel Moore because Mikel Moor uses the very same tactics as PETA does to make his Millions and he says look at all of those fools that jest keep making him richer.

  • horseridingplains

    Soooo much easier to kill something than take time, money, and effort to take care of it–PETA is a joke

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