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Vulnerable senators face lose-lose scenario on assault weapon vote

2nd Amend.

Vulnerable senators face lose-lose scenario on assault weapon vote

The Senate’s upcoming vote on the assault weapons ban is going to put vulnerable Democrats in a difficult spot.

Democrats facing tough reelection races will either attract the ire of the National Rifle Association or prominent gun control activists such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I). A vote against the ban could spark primary challenges that could weaken Democrats in the general election.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) this week decided to remove the ban from firearms legislation scheduled for the floor. However, he has promised Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) a floor vote on her assault weapons amendment.

Reid said Tuesday the proposal would not muster 40 votes, and interviews with rank-and-file lawmakers show that seems accurate.



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  • foxxybey

    Everyone that votes for this stupid idea is a nazi want to be and needs to go, buy them a gun and tell them to do what Hitler did in the end and save the nation, if the wicked witch from the land of fruits, nut’s and flakes should ever draw her concelled carry gun, she’d probably shoot herself, whats wrong with that?

  • TeaParty Patriot

    The assault weapons ban is not the worst part of the bill. And it never was the real object of the bill. It was and is the strawman to draw your attemtion away from the background check expansion in the bill. It still contains the person to person selling background check. That means EVERY TRANSFER of gun ownership will have a record and the affirmative action imposter in the white house will have a record of every gun and who owns it even the inoperable heirloom that great grandpa left to your children. We have to defeat the background check for private sales . . . .do not let it slip through the door because reid tricked you into thinking th assault rifle ban was the object of the bill. The real object is to register all gun sales and transfers.

    • wminaz

      Obviously on the off chance that this crap becomes law it will engender civil disobedience on a massive scale and it should. The gov’t has no business knowing who owns what in terms of guns.

      • rivahmitch

        I’ll go a step further and suggest that those who vote in favor of this curtailment of unalienable rights should lose much more than their jobs. Molon labe. Semper Fi!

      • James Fontana

        There is a lot more the government wants to know about our lives to gain control. All of it must stop. They are already in our refigerators, our food cupboards, and our internet. It ALL has to stop.

        • garysvent

          They snoop in your lamp sockets, toilets, and recycling bins; they sniff your exhaust pipes. They are the epitome of busybodies, made seriously evil by power.

    • John Paul Jones

      Adolph Hitler act #2 1934 all over again and all of those FEMA camps will soon be outfitted with ovens!

      • Rodney

        Guess we will just have to fill those ovens with them instead of us.

      • Steve Rogers

        You speak the truth! If we want to live we must destroy the socialist-democratic government!!!

    • 2War Abn Vet

      The Dedms learned from the best …
      “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie”. – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    • bunky doodle

      hitler was the first to register weapons in 1933. in he years that followed he confiscated them.

      • bunky doodle

        hitler, stalin, mao…..all tyrannical governments, including king george have either confiscated the populations weapons or tried. when king george tried, he got a revolution

    • GG

      It is actually about ultimate CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE…this is just another ploy to identify who has what so the storm troopers know which houses to raid. Makes it easier for them to round us all up for the boxcars and trains and trucks.

    • CarlosVHelms

      Probably. 65 million store purchases since 2008. Who knows how many private or gun show transfers there have been. I’m good now; but don’t like having my options limited. I may need to sell part of the armory to pay for health insurance – or feed the grandkids.

    • reggiec

      You Nailed it exactly. All the assault and large capacity screaming was Kabuki theater. The forever data base of background checks and weapons purchased has always been the goal.

    • JIM

      YOUR rights and its all about controlll ,controlling everyone ,I read an article just a few miutes ago wher the Obama Administration wants to control you moneys ,pensions and controll how much you can make ,how you spend the money you own ,Folks ,everyone needs to get utacked and call ery Senator there is ,all Senators are US Senators ,Thats Ametrican ,they work for you and I supposedly ?But it doesn’t hurt to call all of them,I have a majic jACK PHONE i Can call long distance tille hell freezes over on that phone ,it doesn’t cost any more $1.70 a month ,now i’m not a sales person for this company I just use them for my own use and they fit the bill .Ihave 6 tears of this service for $69.00 ,they may have gone up since then ,I’ve had it a year and half so far ,it works for me wAL MART ,BEST BUY ANS OTHER MAJOR SALES OUTLETSA SELL THEM ,tHEN CALL THOSE sENATORS TILE hELL FREEZES OVER!!

  • jstarusa

    I already thought they were after a list od everybody that owns a gun. Hopefully Obama will not pull his magic pen and decide to impose a high tax on every gun, to the point that we the people cannot afford to have them.

    • John Paul Jones

      A NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION with gelatins! it’s time to clean house.

    • rivahmitch

      Think they’ll accept payment in lead?

      • lbdodger

        Might even go one better. Would give them jacketed with an excellent destination, and it might not be so messy. Of course, we really won’t worry about the mess; because we could have the illegal buddies of the recipients, clean up the garbage.

        • rivahmitch

          “Messy” is good. It lingers on the mind. Semper Fi!

  • watchdogman

    Old Harry should remember the NRA patted him on the back for a shooting facility in Nevada…The NRA can also spank his ass if he tries banning anything related to gun control…

  • gutterfalcon

    Socialists’, Liars..Sneaky, Nazis. It IS for Confiscation ! Have you ever been to a “Third World Country” with Marshal Law–a Police State ? It’s coming here, Because the intellectually Superior elite are guaranteing it.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Instead of actually protecting, preserving, and defending the Bill of Rights, the worthless politicians continue to play games to subvert our gun rights. These politicians operate in a treasonous manner. Everything they do, in the end, supports the United Nations, and not the Citizens.

  • hangman57

    I would like to have a vote on Dianne Feinstein recall from Congress and send her Liberal A—— back to her ( Calif)

    • Rodney

      By presenting this bill she has violated her oath of office and should be impeach, hung, shot and then tried for treason.

  • Gary Ray

    anybody who votes for this will not and I do mean not, will get re-elected

    • dave

      unless they steal the election just like obummer did the last two

  • StarDust Dolittle

    We need to vote the lying democrats out of the WH for honest ones.

  • John W.H.

    They all should be put on record, either you swore to uphold the constitution, and you say no to any more gun laws or you are a lying S.O.B. that needs to tried for treason. Where do they stand??

  • Chuck Fowler

    GOOD! They all should be made to declare — either support the Constitution and Second Amendment or the latest liberal power grab. Hope it bites some of them in the you-know-where.

  • Nikita63

    The background check and other limiting laws on magazines and types of weapons to be covered are more important. The amendment is written as it is to GUARANTEE the right of the CITIZEN, to defend themselves against a government gone wild. Technically, there is no literal legal qualification to the right to keep and bear arms. There are already sufficient controls in place but, there needs to be even enforcement, uniform firearms laws from coast to Coast and the cessation of the use of mind altering drugs in schools to those deemed to have ADD, AHD or Aspberger’s. Alternative treatments must be found. We can limit the sociopaths by observance and equitable reporting to authority, the obvious signs of troubling tendencies. These are the things we ought to be doing to relieve these events, not punishing law abiding citizens in perfect compliance with existing law. Furthermore, We must NEVER cede the right to self determination to the UN on any level. Were I the President, they would be defunded and thrown off American soil. I am a disabled Vietnam veteran. I did not become so to be told what to do in my own country by Russians, Chinese, Hispanic illegals, Muslims or Europeans or anyone else; and, those pols who violate their oaths to defend and uphold the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic as I did and with the requisite HONOR and valor, are, in my opinion, TRAITORS: If the shoe fits: WEAR IT! Eventually, America is going to hold you ALL both responsible and accountable for your actions.It is nothing more than human nature and the birthright of FREE American citizens, to do so.

    • sootsme

      ALL LAWS INFRINGE! No “law” creates or allows any more options or choices than already exist without said “law”, but rather limit (infringe) the choices and behavior of free Citizens. “Law” and “Infringement” are synonyms, folks. Not only do we need to defeat all new arms “laws”, we also need recognize the illegality of existing ones and get rid of them. (Darwin will take care of those that the “laws” have not been able to address. I also suspect we will see fewer crazies abusing guns- even crazies are mostly smarter than to pull a gun where others are likely armed- DUH…) Our Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that unconstitutional “laws” are null and void, and create no duty or obligation to comply. Here is where fully informed jurors can wreak havoc with the tyrants’ agenda, by trying the “law” as well as the alleged offense, and voting “no” if the Constitution does not specifically grant the government permission to interfere in that particular arena. Period.

      Oh, yeah, in order to do this, one must turn off “America’s Next Top Model/NFL/NASCAR/The View”, etc. and go register to vote to be in the jury pool. Maybe even vote to retire your favorite domestic enemies of our Constitutional Republic while you’re at it…

      • Nikita63

        I have obviously agreed in principle with everything you have replied to. I also am sure that as you point out, eventually Darwin and the ultimate “survival of the fittest,” will prevail.
        If we could depend on the SJC and other courts to do their jobs; particularly the SJC and, determine Constitutionality of US Law based on prior precedent as is their obligation rather than politicizing the issues and now attempting to use the application of FOREIGN law to determine domestic issues. we might have far fewer problems than we do. It might also be nice if Justice Roberts would stop turncoating to inferior and newly appointed justices appointed to “liberalize ,” the court in contravention of the Rule of law and common sense.Had that been so, we would not be trying to defund Obamacare to save ourselves from it. Uniform gun laws from coast to coast and equitable law enforcement in all states where it became a situation of most either being armed or carrying concealed would, I am sure, based on studies of armed peoples and communities world wide, result in fewer gun crimes,period.

        However, it appears that since there is a near lethal shortage of one commodity in the US government, the aforementioned Common Sense, which is nearly extinct, it may be that one day we too will be. I firmly believe that is the final goal of the Pretender in chief and his minions.America, of late, seems to be awakening from a major period of torpor and becoming aware of the dangers inherent in this totally unacceptable circumstance. We will see if it is too, little too late and, in the not so distant future, I fear. Let us hope we are courageous enough to do whatever is required of us if we would retain our freedoms and the legacy we were given to pass on to OUR children.

  • fliteking

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been drinking directly out of the Gravy Boat for years now . . . time for her to go.

  • Rodney

    One thing about it that they have done that is a good thing. They have united a lot of us and we are now listening to what is going on. About time.

  • bunky doodle

    bout time democrats cut their own throats, republicans have been doing it for the past 8 or 10 years

  • silvernotes

    Check this link out!!


  • CARL




  • bob novak

    The assault weapons ban is a knee jerk feel good move by the demoncraps. What the didn’t count on was all the heavy opposition from the gun rights folks of the country, even after Newtown. No the big danger in all of this is the universal background checks. That’s the camel nose in the tent. This battle is far from over. Reid took the assault weapons ban off the floor for a vote, and made it an amendment so he can attach it to some other bill that either needs to be passed or one that has overwhelming support of the American people, much the way pork spending gets passed. He also did this in a maneuver to make the gun rights people off guard, thinking, “ok we dodge a bullet there”. We didn’t dodge anything. This was just another move on the political chess board. And the games just started. MOLON LABE

  • Brian Bertha

    I see many stories like the above and they always mention some large special interest group or rich person. In this particular case the grass roots is the driver. Its the average traditional American sick of the erosion of their rights and traditions. To not point that out is a disservice.

  • Lester Peoples

    Let the guillatine drop where the democrat places their necks! They vote for self preservation and personal gain–lets see how this goes’

  • Lorenzo Llama

    Most states already have a mandatory de facto registration in place. If you think they really destroy the data collected from your purchase background checks, I have several bridges you’d be interested in.

  • Doc

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I, for one, am delighted to hear these Dems and RINOs are afraid of us! It’s time they have something to fear and that means we need to keep the pressure on them. The alternative is we will be afraid of the government and I won’t accept that. I would rather die than live as a government slave.

  • $13614178

    We the People are no longer a concern in Washington , the majority did NOT want Obamacare , but we got it through subterfuge and outright fraud , The majority has NEVER wanted homosexual marriage , but it is relentlessly pushed on us , we will soon have it , ( it is now being pushed through individual states even after the people voice their dissatisfaction ) , this is to help make the Supreme Kangaroo Court more open to it , less than 20% of Americans want anymore gun control laws but they are STILL being shoved down our collective throats . The only ones that get what they want in Washington today are the mainstream media , they push their agenda and shutdown anything they don’t want .

  • Cooleemee Edd

    Can we push bill to send Diane Feinstein to Turkmenistan? I hear that’s where the USSR sent people who were rejected by Siberia!
    Ms. Diane would really enjoy the climate. It snows during sandstorms there sometimes. Since she is already so “gritty,” she would enjoy the wet stand in her hair. As an added bonus, she would be in an environment where only the secret police have guns. That way, when they want to persecute someone, they don’t have to worry about people defending themselves. It is easy to get a confession out of people when you are willing to tie them to the bumper of a police car and drag them to death if they don’t “confess.”
    Oh, almost forgot! The government controls prices. You can get gas for mere pennies per gallon! Unfortunately, you may have to wait in line for four hours in one of two or maybe three gas stations per city.
    Lots of stuff is free, too. Unfortunately, you have to pay bribes to get it even so. Health care is WONDERFUL, as long as you are well. When people die, death is described by “Grandpa up and died.” No one really knows why or how.
    Oh, yeah. Almost forgot about the cheap air fares! Unfortunately, the old Soviet aircraft aren’t terribly safe…you may have to load your own luggage. If it is foggy, the pilot will guess where the airport is based upon his flight time and circle lower and lower until he sees the tower at the airfield (if he doesn’t hit it first). That’s what happens when your radar hasn’t been working for 20 years or more. The only airline is “AEROFLOT,” which foreigners call “Aero-Flop” because they crash so often.
    Anyway, Diane needs to go to a place where her favorite plans are already in place…and STAY THERE!
    (PS: If you haven’t guessed already, I personally lived in the above location for a loooooong time.)

  • servant1jkb

    I guess the “Cat’ s outa the bag”, their re-election needs are stronger than their personal convictions!

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