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Did Obama Cave on Gun Ban?

2nd Amend.

Did Obama Cave on Gun Ban?

As President Obama prepared to set off on his Middle East tour, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid delivered one heck of a bon voyage present, declaring dead the Obama-backed proposal for a ban on certain guns.

Either Reid ignored the president’s tearful pleas after the [Newtown, Ct.] shooting, thereby declaring Obama a lame duck who can’t control his own party in Congress or Reid spiked the legislation in consultation with Obama.

Reid said that he was bowing to political reality, saying that the legislation crafted by Sen. Diane Feinstein and passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee could barely garner 40 votes, even though Democrats count 55 in their caucus.

It would be a big slap to Obama if Reid is pulling the plug on the measure so soon and not giving the president time to try to rally support for the legislation in the Senate. Obama has made the plan a centerpiece of his second-term agenda and his team was hoping to at least force Republicans in the Senate and House to vote against the measure.



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  • hagar2935

    Reid had no choice but to face REALITY!

  • Constitution101

    FOLKS: you should know DC by now. Those gun ban languages just went into different places. The Gun ban effort has NOT stopped:

    • GDC97

      They ARE trying to sneak it in some other bills. ALL gun rights Organizations should inform their members of who are supporting ANY gun laws and VOTE them OUT!!!

      • leviguy1947

        Any gun laws? Maybe read a bill before deciding whether it is a bad idea?
        It is unrealistic to expect zero changes in gun legislation at this point. And, there is room for changes that do not water down 2nd Am rights.

    • fliteking

      Ms. Lyons – – -Thanks for the links, good stuff.

      Likely Ob*ma did not cave, he figures with the re-shuffling of the military, huge ammo purchases and many new armored vehicles for domestic use . . . he is sitting pretty.

      • Constitution101

        Thanks. The links I saw last night. Glad to be informative.

    • Steve Thomas

      Cindy is right. Just read the article. They will bring the same crap in as amendments to other bills…the expanded background checks, the 30 round magazine bans etc.
      If ANYONE believes expanding background checks is necessary, listen up. I cannot buy a gun and walk out of the store with it, as my wife can, because of an arrest for shoplifting in 1973 that was to be sealed in my juvenile record. It is the arrest that stops everything. I had to have my attorney help me get a FOID in IL in 1978 and again in 1990. I am currently fighting with another ageny that wants me to have my record searched to show there was no resulting conviction. That’s OK. But they want EVERY year searched from 1973 to 2013. 40 years??? I think that might be excessive, statute of limitation and all.
      How much more do they want???

      • leviguy1947

        You are 100& dead-on accurate. One change needed is to toss all laws that prevent people with some criminal records from owning and carrying a gun. If you pay your debt to society and are free of probation or parole you should have your civil rights restored including the right to vote and own firearms. Just silly and cruel to treat citizens like you as if you are a proven public safety risk.

      • Roy

        They will attach it to a budget bill, so either they wont have a budget or they will get gun control, either way they win.

      • Constitution101

        I agree with Steve. There should be a time when any record can be expunged. It used to be that when a person finished their time they were literally a free man. And shoplifting as a youth is not something that should ever follow any one. There is a stateswoman named Perry Buck who introduced into the Colorado legislature a bill that would have addressed this issue. But the Democrats voted it down. And getting arrested should never be used as a weapon to deny one’s 2nd Amendment rights. What if you protested too hard and got arrested? So common. So that should stop anyone from getting a gun? Thats wrong.

  • My Constitution

    Finally some sanity from his highness Harry “Bleed em Dry” Reid. The American people are beginning to be taken seriously. The candle of Liberty still flickers.

    • kodster

      It was a trade-off… he needed to position those candidates that are up for re-election (Democrats) in 2014 as pro-gun, so he would’ve instructed them to vote nay on Feinstein’s ban legislation. As others have stated… beware the snake in the grass, because the bill Reid is really going to push is the Leahy/Schumer legislation, requiring universal background checks, which will lead to gun registration, and ultimately, gun confiscation… it’s all a ruse… do not sit in a state of complacency.

    • Dotti DeGregorio

      Harry Reid is just another “yes’ man for Obama. Obama did not want to loose face especially at the beginning of his trip to Israel. Be very wary, very very wary. Sleep with your eyes open. They are conceding nothing. Wait until after the 2014 elections.

  • Les Rogers

    Be very wary of snakes in the grass, or snakes in the government. They say one thing, do another. Lull the victim into a false state of complacency.

  • Chuck

    Remember that it took a democrat to get NAFTA through. I think it will take a republican president to disarm us and then…


    actually we the people made it pretty clear we were coming for his a666.

  • watchdogman

    I just cannot believe a huge uprising has not taken place..I mean Huge. Tossing those crooks out of office and putting many in prison would be a blessing on this country..


      so be it;; the quick fix is not through diplomacy; he is a fu666cking despot and we all know how that is fixed.


      he has set the stage and dictated his communist agenda assuming we the people would lay down ; not going to happen; it is our nation NOT HIS.

      • Alexander Davidson

        How so very TRUE, as Obama was not actually BORN on USA soil! – His own grandma said he was actually born in KENYA, before she was told to shut up! (Who did that? CIA? HS? NIA?) – anyhow, Obama and conspirators have managed to get O elected by fraud!

    • Ron

      we the people are being BRAIN WASHED, T.V. is the big Brain washer they are putting things in shows that you dont see! Trust me subliminal messages are still in our shows! i saw an anti-NRA message on the side of a bus on a show i was watching, so they are doing it!!!

    • Roy

      Most of the military hater him, so attack with what?

  • Kenneth Arnold
  • pduffy

    The NRA backed Mr. Reid’s re-election because he vowed to support gun rights – they just cashed in on their ‘investment’. But rest assured, I am sure he will be back for more ‘protection’ money in the next election. Can you see how corrupt this system really is?

    • cactusbob

      NRA told me that they donated money to Reid because he got a nice gun range built (with our tax money). I doubt that he ever said he would support gun rights, as no one would believe him.

      • pduffy

        It does not matter what he really believes, he killed the bill, and it was most likely because of financial support from the NRA that got him re-elected. It’s called a ‘quid pro quo’. That’s how things are in the corrupt world of politics.

  • foxxybey

    Would be nice but his cool-aid drinking govenor’s are doing the work for him in each state, New York, Colorado and California for a few, will be moving soon.

  • jukk0u

    SPOT on. Cindy. Don’t let up now. Keep the heat on your elected congress-critters. The strategy is the only thing that has changed. The fight is being waged on the state-level. The aftermath of the 2014 senatorial elections could be another renewal/starting point for the struggle at the federal level.

  • jdangiel

    Just because the ban is out doesn’t mean there still isn’t a gun control bill of some kind, and we know that that is still there. There shouldn’t be ANY legislation! Kill it all.

  • Terry Adams

    obama cave on gun way. watch out. he is so used to using back doors when no one is looking its not funny. Iam suprised hes not using the back door of the white house. he is a liar and a cheat and thief. he is now over lieing to the jewish folks. i just hope they have enough common sense to not belive him.

  • The_Tallness

    The real prize these tyrants have their sights on is expanding federal background checks on all firearms purchases. Don’t be deceived. They gave up on the scheme they knew they wouldn’t get anyway, to achieve the one thing that everyone can agree is a “reasonable, common sense” law. Even the Judas Goat NRA is working with legislators to craft a law that would put the government’s nose in every firearm transfer in the U.S. Then they can stand up and claim, “Well, at least we beat the Assault Weapon Ban”, and all the sheep will cheer.

  • lokiswife

    I don’t think he really thought he could get his gun control agenda through, with almost half the homes in America having at least one gun, and an estimated 330 million guns in the country. Those numbers were too heavily against him, but his gun control agenda did one thing: it took the heat off Benghazi. Heard anything about that lately? The last story (I believe it was the fourth or fifth version) came from the senator who blabbed about Stevens being there to stop gun running in Benghazi. Hillary’s testimony full of “I don’t know” and “I don’t recall” didn’t really give much information. There are still about 30 witnesses who have not testified. Frank Wolf has House Resolution 36 to get a REAL investigation and report to the American people, who deserve to know what happened that night, who did or didn’t do what and why. 59 co-sponsors have signed onto the bill, what about the rest of our elected officials who swore to represent us in DC? The bill is at:

  • edro3111

    That’s right! Anyone who thinks this is a victory is crazy! The REAL battle starts now finding the hidden agenda and watching these idiots try and sneak by us!

  • wowman

    Reid hasn’t went against his ole bud obama. Elections are coming up for the Dems in the Senate which is were the Tea Party Azis should be to get them out and give us a GOP Senate as well as House

  • CARL


  • Steve

    So come and take mine democrats. Come on, man up and try.

  • JamesB

    Are you kidding me?? Feinstein’s ban was ALWAYS a sacrificial lamb, offered up as a bargaining chip that could be dropped so the universal background checks could be negotiated thru since it gets the anti-gun lobby just so much closer to the goal of gun registration! If they could force ALL gun transactions to be recorded in one central place, they could then have a gun registry (by NOT destroying the records, which doesn’t always happen even now) that not only included new gun sales but would also contain used guns as well and over time would be as complete as any gun registry could be.

    Then what? History shows us that registration (by hook or by crook) always leads to confiscation. Always!!


  • Frank W Brown

    Yep, there is still the MAIN prize to watch out for, that being the background check (registration) they will somehow try to backdoor it in! Vigilance Always!

  • John W.H.

    I trust harry reid about as far as I can throw the little troll, he doesn’t have the backbone to go against borack insane noboma, so do not ever quit fighting these pigs at ever turn, They lie, and when all else fails they lie even more !!

  • Frank W Brown

    My FAVORITE color, BLUE HELMITS, easy targets! We SO need to get the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN! Congress uphold the constitution or ELSE!

    • colsooonscoorner

      Get out of the UN altogether, & lets not be a member state either !!.

  • Frank W Brown

    Keep the pressure up on Benghazi and Fast and Furious, both impeachable offenses! Congress needs to MAN UP and get it done!

    • colsooonscoorner

      You mean to tell me that there any men there, look at bodhner!

  • IamWhoIam

    WHY should Obama be given time to rally-support for this ridiculous anti-gun scheme by Feinstein?
    The People HAVE SPOKEN and what we said is NO NEW GUN LAWS!!!!
    What Obama should rally-support for is a way to get California and many of it’s towns a way OUT OF BANKRUPTCY! California Feinstein, Pelosi and the rest of their Liberal buttheads should be focused on getting California out of Chapter 11 instead of whatever else they are doing, but of course the Liberal Democrats always have their priorities wrong!
    Pelosi, Feinstein and any others should be fired for letting their State be the only State to go Chapter 11 – WHAT an abarassment to OUR Country!

  • JIM

    It’s time for this current Administration and any Future Administrations , to Know , WE will Defend Our Laws The Constitution and the Admendments there in !!! WE own America ,Not a President serving his term or No Tin Horn Dictator, Owns Amy part except that which they have Purchased,Leagly !!! If you don’t like us or the Us ,I Pray that Great Jehova God ,will send you Packing Quickly ,Never to return to our BEloved Nation and the people that have made her !! WE the people have made America ,Not some Tin Horn Polititian !!! I Pray in Jesus Christ ,Holy Name !!!! Jesus heal our Nation .

  • moparfan54

    I will believe this crap when we have a conservative President and Congress in power at the same time, and they pass a law that forbids any law that circumvents the 2nd Amendement.

  • niteguy

    Senator Reid is playing politics.He knows if he pushed the gun ban his chances of being re-elected as Senator from Neveda would be political suicide and he knows enough not to up set the voters in his home state. He almost lost the last time.

  • The Flying Dutchman

    BEWARE Harry “The Turd” Reid.

  • $13614178

    I would hesitate to call backdoor deceptions to get around citizens demands as ” caving ” . Just watch your back , concealed or otherwise .

  • KDS

    Come collect our guns Obama! Will make you wish you never stopped in this neighborhood!

  • cactusbob

    I wouldn’t trust anything Reid says. He’s probably trying to lull the opposition into a false sense of security so he can spring the bill on us in the dead of night when there are only Democrats there to vote.

  • hangman57

    Obama is a real piece od S——-. Violating our Consitution ,the Bill of Rights ,2nd Amendment ,and our way of life. The very laws he took a oath to uphold.

  • Alexander Davidson

    A diversion, to halt the anti-Constitution attacks by Obama and the senators n representatives! Don’t stop now, go full steam ahead!, lobby those ratbags to pull out of their anti-citizen attacks, or face the music!

  • colsooonscoorner

    Just ’cause they let it slide for now, don’t trus t’em, They’ll be back !


    it will happen

  • john

    you are right……they will do it behind closed doors, like most of obama’s so called laws…..a snake doesn’t just strike once…..he will wait till it “cools” down a bit….

  • Ron

    Thats an act of WAR! Aim for the Blue helmets!!!

  • Constitution101

    While I appreciate the NRA’s efforts I see their support of Sen. Harry Reid as something that has and will continue to back fire on them. I can’t trust any Democrat (they are marxists in my eyes).



  • metro143

    Well. we thought the healthcare bill was also done also.. Then less than a week later it rose again and passed.

  • metro143

    They will attempt to add the bill into another bill and trap all the pro freedom senators. Probably a bill that prohibits people with psychiatric problems from purchasing firearms. then the pro freedom senators will be forced to vote against it. Then they appear to allow people with psychiatric problems to obtain firearms

  • usmc1063

    Beware, nothing in Washington is ever that simple. Nothing!!!

  • Roy

    Harry Reid is a life member of the NRA, but with that said he believes in himself having guns but not us.

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