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Adam Lanza plotted Newtown shootings and carefully researched mass murders


Adam Lanza plotted Newtown shootings and carefully researched mass murders

A state police spokesman called it “unfortunate” Monday that details of a state police official’s presentation on the Sandy Hook shooting investigation, which suggested the shooter may have planned the massacre well in advance, leaked out before it had been shared with the victims’ families.

But in a written statement, Lt. J. Paul Vance did not take issue with specifics of the report that Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza planned the massacre in obsessive detail on a 7-foot-long, 4-foot-wide spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet chronicled many other such crimes, down to how many people were killed and which weapons were used — with research worthy of a doctoral dissertation — according to a report in the New York Daily News.

Existence of the spreadsheet, which was said to essentially be a “score sheet” that Lanza hoped to put his name at the top of, was first reported by Mike Lupica of the Daily News after someone who attended a law enforcement meeting in New Orleans last week shared details of a Connecticut state police colonel’s presentation on the Sandy Hook shooting investigation.



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  • JDub1701

    No amount of gun control or bans will stop a guy like this, folks.

    If someone is determined to do something, they will find a way to do it… no matter what.

    • fliteking

      You are right and the concept is a logical one.

      Oddly the Gov’t sees a need to CONTROL the normal & good citizens of the USA while Lanza and Criminal Street Gangs are the real problem.

      The Gov’t ain’t out to save lives, they want complete control.

      • reggiec

        Why does a person become a politician? Because they want to be the one in a position to have their ideas put into practice. Control is their goal.

  • GDC97

    That does fit his personality from what I have learned.

  • conservative

    All of the information should be released to the public. We had no part in this shooting, but are the ones being punished for the act by the liberal morons and their gun control laws.

  • ron

    ADAM LANZA wins we loose every time a new bill is passed or introduced to a legislature. I live in COLORADO and am watching my state slowly being turned into another progressive milestone of putrid laws and ungodly speech. I am being sickened by watching the education system slowly sucking the life out of children who really want to learn but are pawns in an evil stage production by a bunch of lunatic lefties who have no moral code.

    • MichaelPerkins

      If you are in Colorado, it falls to YOU to change it. Show the libtards the door back to Cali. Tell em not to stop at AZ either, they Screwed their state & now are leaving the carcass to spread like plague to parts east.

    • Black Rain

      Sorry to hear you live in Colorado, Ron. Hope you can do something about it in 2014 with a pen. Remember their names and pass the word, vote them out. Maybe you can start a recall of representatives and governor.

  • metro143

    The only thing that will stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun

  • June Gagnon

    Mark -Would you please do some more research on this; according to social security bureau of vital statistics, Adam Lanza died on “December 13,2012”- -the day “before” the Sandy Hook massacre. If you find it to be factual, please correct the article!

  • Fred_Shrinka

    Hummm, planning – long term outlook – so he was LESS crazy than the people RAMMING thru “more of the same” – “gun control”?

  • horseridingplains

    Gun control is not about the guns- it is about control of the populace- control of the food, control of the religions, the Constitution, Bill of Rights===Brennan took Oath on Original Constitution- which does nt include the Bill of Rights

    • BeautifulAmerica

      So glad to see people recognizing this.

  • foxxybey

    A evil person who murdered to get a gun to do his evil. I don’t see honest people killing people to kill others. What they don’t get is guns, can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t think, can’t load itself, so it takes a person with evil intent to pick them up and kill others, the person, not the gun. I sleep with my gun and it has never killed me, or went down the hall killing people, gee left wing, do I have a sick gun?

    • BeautifulAmerica


  • Stephen N Russell

    NRA should use his research into mass killers for NRA report on Solo Shooters or Shooters in the Ed environment to make NRA more legit for Today.

  • ves

    There is something very wrong with this!!
    The sheriff that was supposed to be first on scene is one of those diaster drill trainers and yet the entire setup of his vehicles looked wrong!! Why were ambulances parked way down the street instead of by the door!
    Then I saw one of the Conn Officers in what looked like the basement …with computer equip etc …and he said a hammer was used on the mother and that she had a secure weapons area in the basement and it was in use!
    Then they changed which weapons were used too many times to count!
    The time and number of shots fired don’t make sense!
    Then the other car with weapon on scene and the dude in the woods … why??? he had to have heard the gunfire!
    The same with the fire department??
    Correct everyone gun laws and gun registration would not have stopped this!
    Speedy committed might have helped but we don’t know enough of the details to even guess on that!

  • Starbrander

    Lanza Was Dead The Day Before Newton….FEMA Did This With 2 Professional Hitters, Red Flag Gun Grab

  • Adrian Vance

    Having been married to a paranoid schizophrenic and a Swede I am an authority on female mental illness. Yes, they plan and very well….

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Truth

    This whole story is one big lie that was concocted for the purpose of disarming Americans–Ask yourself this, what have you seen in this case other than the live “HSEEP” shooter drill that FEMA did at that school with Lt Vance running the drill–You’ve seen none of the 600 kids evacuated, no pictures of any damage, no video of Adam blasting his way into the school, no survivors, no blood, no bodies removed, no autopsy results, no evidence, no death certificates—You’ve seen nothing—Because it never happened—Adam was a vegetarian because he didn’t want to hurt any animals–Doesn’t exactly fit the profile of a mass murderer..

    Where is Ryan Lanza that was led away in handcuffs the day it supposedly all happened–NO ONE has seen him since, or the father–Can you say–NDAA, I knew you could!

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Wait, I want to understand. You mean that because of the illegal NDAA, Adam’s brother is being detained so he won’t spill the beans, right?

  • GetAGreencard

    Funny because I heard that there is no digital record of this kid anywhere to be found.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    If these nut jobs can’t get a gun, they’ll build a bomb. If they can’t build a bomb, they’ll poison cafeteria food. If they can’t poison cafeteria food they’ll cut the brake lines on school busses. If the can’t cut the brake lines on school busses they’ll intentionally drive at high speed into crowds of children waiting for a school bus. The possibilities are endless if some nut job wants to hurt kids. Going back to California past governor Edmund Brown when he was pressured to close mental institutions by the left-wing bleeding heart liberals, “because even mentally ill people have a right to live their lives,” nut cases we’ve seen lately, who should be in a mental hospital, are free to do their crazy deeds. They make a good excuse to disarm the 99.99% of law abiding citizens who aren’t criminals or are crazy. But then, we know this isn’t about guns: it’s about total control of citizens who cannot resist an out-of-control socialistic Washington administration as is developing now under Marxist Obama.

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