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Patriot Special Forces Reaction Teams Forming

2nd Amend.

Patriot Special Forces Reaction Teams Forming

Special Forces veterans are teaming up with Bill to form Patriot Special Forces Teams that will disrupt the liberal agenda and sow chaos among the enemies of freedom.

Do you want to fight the liberal agenda on their own turf, face to face, watch my video and learn more about the Patriot Special Forces.

Email Bill at if you are interested in volunteering.




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  • jdangiel

    Let’s roll!

  • GDC97

    I would like to see a 10 MILLION man and woman MARCH on Washington DC. Composed of NRA member, Gun Owners of America, 2nd Amendment members, and ALL other Gun Rights Organization and Patriots. I believe it could be done and it would show the government that we will NOT allow them to take away our rights. To many have fought, were injured or died for them to let ANYONE over throw or Government from within our Government.

    • Charles Jetter

      i’m with you gary.. how are we gonna get the rest of american to march with us???

    • MollysYes

      There is a ’10 million man march’ on Washington DC on May 29th I believe. It’s 2A supporters from all over the country.

      • Walter Jenisch

        if true spread the word!!!!

        • MollysYes

          Sorry, it’s on May 25th.

          10 Million Gun Owner March – Washington, DC – 25 May 2013

          • spyderdalton

            can this be confirmed? is there a web page?

          • MollysYes

            I am a part of a 2A group and we heard about it a couple of weeks ago. When I looked into it, what I found was that it is a grassroots thing. I can’t find an official page of anyone who started it, but you can google it and find thousands of webpages promoting it. I went to several of them tonight and still did not see an official organization putting this on, but there are MANY people promoting it.

  ,,, etc are just a few of the first ones that pop up who are promoting it. Her’es the headline from Saturday May 25th, 2013: 10 Million Gun Owners March On Washington D.C.
            If you do find out who actually started this, please let me know, but it is a pretty big event as far as I can tell.
            P.S. I’d advise staying away from the April 20 rally at DC. I looked into that also and these guys are pulling an ‘Occupy’ type event: advising to bring gas masks and pepper sprays, and saying they are going to tell Congress they have 24 hours to evacuate their offices (Apr. 20 is a Saturday!)

          • MollysYes

            Shane, read below. It’s all I’ve got on the event, but it’s legitimate.

      • Rodney

        Too bad I live in Alaska or I would be there.

        • Rosie46

          Maybe someone should start a fund to help those who cannot go because of distance or finances.

    • Keenan Lee

      Unfortunately the criminals would be looting our homes and businesses while attending such a function. The police in Washington would harass us by searching us for illegal weapons of mass destruction (10rnds or more).

      • Rodney

        No one can be stopped searched or questioned without probably cause. Just say no thank you and asked if they are detaining you without a warrant or Probably Cause.

    • BradR

      We can only hope. However, note that 30% of NRA members, of voting age, are not even registered to vote. Hope to see you in Washington on May25th.

  • John

    Massachusetts stands ready let me know where and when. Former USAF S/P ranger trained current LEO.

  • fliteking

    Clearly a different approach. Insightful and creative. I support this effort.

    • the hermit

      so do i–iv been wishing for this ever since this mooslum prez took office. his jack booted thugs aren’t so tough when some one is shooting back. remember waco on the roof the gov thugs ran like rats. if i wasnt so damned old (82) i would be up front with you.

  • Batman’s Batmobile / Facebook

    I’m in…..

  • act

    I am retired US Army Special Forces. I am here to do whatever it takes to save America.

  • Stephen Russell

    Im Ex vet, have some firearms exp, NO Spec Ops exp, Hon Discharge.
    Have No Gun/s at home yet
    Plan to move to Kona HI with co worker buddy
    How may I serve U
    See my profile on LinkedIn.

  • Adrian Vance

    I really doubt that our own National Guard people will shoot citizens.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Frank W Brown

    Here comes the new world order and nobody cares to wake up!

  • ron

    this is awesome..we need this with all of the radicals now running this country. My plea is just be careful as i know you will. This well could be an endeavor we all might need in the future if the UN gains control here.

  • wminaz

    In my little hamlet of about a thousand people in northern AZ we know if the church bell rings, other than at ten a.m. on Sunday morning, to bring weapons and gather. Shades of our ancestors at Concord.

  • Don Ruane

    How about this 4th of July 2013. Only 6 million are need to shut down all road access in and out of DC for a week.

    It would be wonderful, if we all just showed up outside of the Capitol Building , on June 30th and stayed the week..

    It could be termed the worlds biggest TAILGATE party.


    WE can do just that in November, 2014 by voting for the other GUY or GAL,

    Dem in office, vote for the Republican. Republican in office, vote for the Dem..

    Fire the first SHOT, in the 2nd AMERICAN REVOLUTION.


  • Tamara Scott

    I am an Oath Keeper and a III%er, if I could I would proudly march alongside you. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to do it, but I will be there in spirit.

  • ebowers3

    I’m an old Special Forces Soldier. I go back to the early days when SF was first formed. I went through jump school with the 82nd Airborne Divison (and later their Jump Master School) while assigned to the 77th Special Forces Group on Smoke Bomb Hill, Fort Bragg, NC. (1954). I also served with the 10th Group in Bad Tolz, Germany in the early 60s. I was with SF when President Kennedy authorized the Green Beret to be part of the Class-A uniform. If I were younger, and didn’t have any physical disabilities, I would be leading the charge. My family has almost 100 years serving this nation in our armed force, and many if my friends have fought and died defending our nation and Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Our Nation can be destroyed from within; we must NOT let that happen. I support your efforts.

  • Berzrkr50

    I hope all concerned remember that the Usurper-in-Chief has already labeled NRA members and gun owners as domestic terrorists. Please act accordingly and don’t give them ANY reason to drop the hammer (so to speak). Hope to see millions there in DC!

  • Rod Crews

    I took the oath to defend and protect our country and our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic over fifty years ago…now that the Marxist in chief and his Muslim brotherhood pals have totally infiltrated our government at every level…we will either take our country back or we will be enslaved.Like most thinking Americans…I don’t plan to go quietly.Sign me up

  • William Flesch

    I’m retired LE and a vietnam veteran (USAF) you can count me in.

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