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Why Joe the Plumber is Giving Away an AR-15


Why Joe the Plumber is Giving Away an AR-15

Despite what national news commentators say, the AR 15 is NOT an “assault weapon” or “weapon of mass destruction.”

In honor of this magnificent rifle, is giving away a new AR 15 to the lucky man or woman who wins this drawing.

If you support Americans’ right to own the AR 15 and want a chance to win this one, simply register below by submitting your email address. That’s it. Good luck!



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  • Adrian Vance

    It is becoming more and more apparent we the people are going to need arms to protect ourselves against the elected ruling class. The first thing we should do is audit Congress and put the thieves in zoos where we can watch them.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

    • jong

      Sorry dont need two minutes to make a liberal cry. Takes about ten seconds.

  • Tonto

    Great idea! What size clip? I have several 30’s in aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. Also, my wife gave me a 42-round clip from Academy when they were still on shelves.

    • Phil Bronner

      You mean magazines…..

    • wildturkey

      They are called magazines, not clips!

    • Tonto

      I stand corrected, twice. I always called the non-removable part a nagazine and, if it were removable, a clip. Thanks for the education. I have a couple dozen NIB 30-round magazines and one 42-round magazine. Do you think it would be better to “exercise” the new ones or keep them new? When the SHTF I might want to swap these for food or water.

      Still buying ammo for a NIB Colt LE6920 as long as it is brass case and less than $1.00 per round.

      • gutterfalcon

        If you have ammo, I would use them at least once, just to make sure they feed.

        • Tonto

          Thanks. That makes sense.

  • MeMikeT

    The elected ruling class is the doing of We the People. Hence the word ‘elected’. We must win this battle against so called ‘gun control’. I believe we are sending a message loud and clear with the amazing response by We the People against gun control. There are more gun owners than ever before. Standing room only at CCW classes. Private citizens are buying out ammo far more than the government. The elected ruling class has misjudge We the People. They were believing the power was with government and not with the people. We must win this sending ‘them’ a wake up call. They work for us. Gun control should be the number one issue that determines our vote. Without the Second Amendment all other issues will be controlled by the elected ruling class.

  • Victor Galbraith

    Very nice gun to add to my collection.

  • KDS

    Is it true a 10 million man march is scheduled in Washington D.C. May 29th? I hope this is true. It would be a definite blow to the Obama Administration. 1 million would impress me.

    • June Gagnon

      On another part of this website, they corrected march date to May 25th and that makes sense; the 25th is a Sat., whereas the 29th is a Wed. Most people still work for a living.

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