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House, Senate members call on Obama to reject UN arms treaty

2nd Amend.

House, Senate members call on Obama to reject UN arms treaty

Dozens of members of the House and Senate are once again pressuring the Obama administration not to sign onto the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

More than 100 House members and 28 senators — most of them Republicans — have sponsored a resolution that calls on the president not to sign the ATT, and says if the treaty is transmitted to the Senate, the Senate should not ratify it. It also says no federal funds can be used to enforce elements of the ATT.

The ATT would regulate trade in conventional arms, and members of the United Nations are expected to meet next week to continue negotiating it. But opponents of the ATT say it could impede on the Second Amendment right of Americans to possess firearms.



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  • fliteking

    The House and Senate can “Call On ” the King all they want, in the end he will do as HE wishes and it will be against the will of the people & counter to the Constitution.

    • Rosie46

      The Senate has to ratify it by a 2/3 votes, so start calling your Senators and let them know they will not be reelected if they vote for this. And it will impede our rights under the 2nd Amendment. Start calling, faxing and e-mailing every day.

      • medic2003

        We should all go one step further and demand that our state legislators keep on writing legislation to nullify federal crapola if our US elected officials dont do their jobs,

        • Rosie46

          I have been doing that too. Thank you for reminding everyone. We are seeing some results too.

  • cae973

    Not only is this treaty counter to the consitution but it takes away our soveigntry as a nation

  • jong

    Fortunately the Demoncrats in the Senate like to go home once in a while and get re-elected. This was originally signed by King Bill the first and never ratified. King Barry would love to just enforce it but, in this would find no help even from his own party.

  • criagm102

    maybe then we can have this imposter impeached

  • Gary Rister

    where did my post go ???

    • Jeff

      Its called Censorship, welcome to the land of Obama!

  • Ranchman

    There’s absolutely no way Obama will not sign onto the ATT. It’s his [wet]dream come true. We need to be ready and prepared for all the tyranny this small person has in mind for the American people,


    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

    • bob novak

      I have to agree Ranchman, this dictator and thief, will go to any extent to get his hands on our guns, and at the same time destroy whats left of the Constitution.

      • Walter Jenisch

        the red coats are coming!!!!!!!

  • leewacker

    Watch Obama sign it just because he wants to show “who’s boss!”
    WHEN are we going to get this imposter out of our white house, our country and our lives?

  • bob novak

    Why the hell should we allow a foreign body dictate what the US citizen can and can not do? This is a criminal organization responsible for more death and murder than Hitler and Stalin combined, and we’re suppose to go to them for humanitarian reasons? Give me a break.

    • Millard Huff

      I would say it’s time for the UN to leave America DON’T YOU?

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    The UN and Obama can take their ATT and agenda 21 and stick it where the light don’t shine !

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Why would any American who is not Insane want to give the power to a group who hates America and Americans, except for the money they can get from us! Any elected person [ including the president ] who votes to give that power to anyone other than an elected American needs to be in prison!

  • rp

    Some have said that if Congress doesn’t ratify the treaty, that Obama can sign it into law. What has to be dealt with then is funding for the UN. If all US funding is cut off to the UN, how much teeth will this treaty really have? If the US funds about forty or more percent of the funding and our military is at least forty percent or more of their forces, how far can this go? BO may allow the troops to come into the country, but these foreign troops will have to encounter the wrath of the citizen army.

    There are still a lot of unanswered questions. We don’t know how many people are in BO’s homeland army, but would they all fall blindly behind him when they realize what he is trying to accomplish? Would they turn against their families and friends that might be on the other side of the fence? We know that BO’s homeland security forces have ammo and some armament, but how well equipped are they? Are the recent stockpiles of arms and ammo just to scare the public? Were these purchases purposely leaked to the press in order to intimidate the public into thinking they must to give up their guns? So far, their plan has backfired. Those in the beltway, I think, thought this would be easy after Sandy Hook and other mass shootings. This was part of the mass brainwashing that Holder wanted to accomplish to turn against firearms. Like anything else this idiot has tried, it has failed to. If most of his failed ideas, it has had the opposite affect. There are protests from all over the country and attendance at gun shows are at all time highs. This is not what BO wanted or expected. He may have to act fast before the 2014 elections to accomplish making himself emperor.

    There are other unanswered questions that the other side has about us. How many people are going to stand against them? I think they are finding out there are way more than they originally thought there would be. With his infinite and superior arrogant wisdom, I think they were expecting that Cuomo would have an easy time of establishing gun control, especially after BO signed his 23 executive orders. Other states are also not cooperating with this lunacy. I think that this administration thought that people would follow his words and blindly follow his words and comply by turning in their weapons. How’s that hopey changey thing working for you, BO? Not too good? How many guns do you think we have? There have been over 120 million firearms sold in the past 12-14 years. There could be over 300 million in our possession that are fully functioning and ready to use. How many rounds of ammo do think we have? There are those that have anticipated this situation and have been preparing for several years for this event. With over 140 million gun owners, each person just having a box of ammo for their firearms would amount to more than what was purchased by HLS. There are people that have thousands of rounds of ammo. There may be more than six or more times the ammo your groups have, that we have to shoot back at you and it is not all in one place. There would have to be a house to house search in the whole country to try and find some of the ammo and arms. How long would your people last doing these searches, if people fire back? Do you think they will continue to follow you, if they are getting shot at and losing people every day in these searches? They will not be fooling with the Taliban. There are a lot of sharp shooters and snipers on our side too. How many people are you willing to kill on both sides to get your way?
    The way to stop the insanity is not to forget this. 2014 is around the corner. Tell everyone you know to vote against every Democrap and turncoat RINO that is up for election. If we can get a majority in the House and Senate, BO is history! He can be impeached, arrested, and prosecuted for his crimes! We have to hold Congress’s feet to the fire! It is time to put an end to his imperialism! The only thing we have to watch for is BO to pull some incident where he can declare martial law and postpone indefinitely any elections. He is not above doing something like this.

  • donald oesau

    Any politition who has sworn to uphold and protect the constitution and then signs a u.n. treaty that negates any part of the constitution would be guilty of treason and should be jailed.

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