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Registering for Confiscation

2nd Amend.

Registering for Confiscation

With Sen. Feinstein latest gun bill, and Sen Schumer’s call for gun registration (below), a reader dug up the following news report. It is by the Canada’s Sun News posted in January, 2013. It warns U.S. gun owners what will result with gun registration. He provides real world examples of what has happened in Canada where gun registration has led to gun confiscation and making gun ownership illegal. He even points out an example of a lawful citizen using a weapon to defend his home from firebombs by criminals, has led to the gun owner being charged as a criminal for using his gun.

Sun News’ Brian Lilley gives an important warning to his American friends: Registration of firearms will lead to the confiscation of firearms. Watch the following report while it is still available:



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  • $13614178

    I don’t need to be told this , and anyone that does is incredibly stupid . The goal of the progressive left is total disarmament , and to hell with people defending themselves and protecting their loved ones .

    • 44Mag

      And the hell with them. It will be over THEIR dead body!!!

  • 7papa7

    It may be necessary to get our guns on the black market so that the SS don’t know we have them. We must NEVER give up our Constitutional rights. We have the right to own guns and no stinking Marxist is going to change that. I fought to keep America free in the past and I will do it again if I need to. I am almost 70 years old but I’m a hell of a shot.

    • Spatcher

      papa I am your junior at 69 and agree with you 100%. 22 years in the military and I’ll have to be dead to get mine!

      • Dotti DeGregorio

        I am wondering why Obama doesn’t disarm the Secret Service that protects his family and that we, as American people, pay for. His family should have the same protection that we have – NONE.

        • S. Wicks Jr

          Why should we be paying for their protection when they are traveling all over the place and require lots and lots of secret service protection. Stay in the Capitol for a few months for a change! Any bets they NEVER traveled like that before he was president?!

          • Dotti DeGregorio

            I wouldn’t take that bet but I can guarantee he won’t be travelling to those exotic places we pay for if he ever leaves office.

          • $927781

            That’s because he never lived in the USA until shortly before his takeover of OUR house! His a fake and his life is made up. When people finally realize this it will be way too late!

          • Berzrkr50

            The only traveling they did was to “da sto fo anudder 40″…

          • John Paul Jones

            It’s only the taxpayers money and obozo spends this quite well! over four years the feds have had no budget but look how fast obozo and his democraps want to dis arm the tax payers! Better wake up America and smell the coffee before obozo fires up them ovens!

          • gutterfalcon

            Or his kids, around 12 years old & 12 friends, on a Spring Break to Mexico, with Secret Service Protection that WE Americans paid for. I bet they didn’t stay at Super 8 or Best Western, or eat Hot Dogs, & Pizza. I thought Spring Break was for college students. Or Paying to fly jets with wives to Paris for shopping, with Secret Service Protection of course.

        • Hawkeye3939

          Don’t even go there!! Do you want Biden in the White House???

          • Dotti DeGregorio

            Guess you are right. Could we impeach both of them.

          • Hawkeye3939

            Here’s the problem with impeachment: The House has to bring charges, then the full Senate holds the impeachment trial. Do you really think Harry Reid’s thugs would ever find The Sepia Saviour guilty of anything??

          • Dotti DeGregorio

            Again you are right. I just want them out of office before they destroy our wonderful country and turn it in a dictator state with slimy Obama at the top. If he continues with a lot of his policies he is going to try to make a run for a third time. And those stupid democrats will support a three year term.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            Better a fool than its diabolical master.

      • dreamour

        I am only 63 but would be honored to fight by your side because, sadly, it is necessary.

    • jong

      Always keep a throw away. IF they come give them the weapons then as they are about to depart shoot them in the back of the head. At that point any kill is a good one.

    • Locksmithbubba

      Papa, I am 67 years old and have served my country in 2 wars (Vietnam and Desert Storm). I will fight again if necessary and yes I still hit what I am shooting at.

      • 7papa7

        It looks like only those of us who are up in years are willing to fight for our country against a tyrannical government.

        • m2

          I am in my 40’s and a great shot. If anyone ever comes to my door and wants to search for guns they will die trying, and that’s a guarantee. I don’t care what agency, law enforcement, DHS/CIA/FBI/ABCDEFG who cares. There are millions and millions of us armed and ready.

          • 7papa7

            You know the time will come when the entire alphabet will be after patriots. Good to hear some younger folks willing to fight for our rights as a country. I hope the millions of gun owners will stand strong and not let the federales win.

          • Rick

            Not all law enforcement are the enemies here. Some still believe in the Bill of Rights.

          • m2

            Good point. My comments were not to be construed as to think that there aren’t plenty of LE on our side. However it is hard to know what the real numbers are, who would be paid off, etc. Also we can count on groups like the Ad-Council to start running ads to muddy the water in the entire 2nd Amendment discussions. If anyone wants to debate it with me I tell them that it is NOT DEBATABLE.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            Couldn’t get a straight honest answer from mine, sheriff of the largest County in America.

        • Jonathan Lavender Jr

          i may only be 36 and my brother 34, but we are willing and trying to prep best we can with ammo shortages, they are NOT getting our guns, they will die trying. i got small caliber long rifles, a pistol, couple of long shotguns and one double barrel shotgun that works. also trying to get scopes, then i can get them from a helluva distance. the scatter-guns are for close range. i may suck woith a pistol but am good with a rifle. i am a 21st century patriot with a 1776 attitude. i may not b in the service but, when tshtf, and battle breaks out here in this country, i am gonna be pointin and clickin. NOONE, not even diane FRANKENSTEIN herself is going to get my guns. maybe i should not have said that, think i just insulted one of the greatest movie monsters of all time, LOL

          • 7papa7

            It is very encouraging to see the amount of people who are committed to an America as it was meant to be. You may want to consider reloading yourself.

          • $927781

            Great buys online for scopes, lasers, and ammo if you search. Don’t waste your bullets by missing a tyrant. Practice, Practice, Practice.

        • GAboy

          7papa7 my daughters, son-in-law, wife and I are a few decades behind you, but will be beside you if it hits the fan. As the saying goes, if they come for our guns, we will give them our bullets! There ARE young Americans who know what’s important, and are willing to risk their lives to defend it.

          • 7papa7

            We probably need to turn neighborhood watch groups into very local militias.

        • Rattlerjake

          I tell everyone that I hope the war starts soon so I won’t be too old and broken to participate. That said, even if I am wheelchair bound, I’ll still be able to shoot from my porch. The most important thing for us to do now is to establish local REACTIONARY FORCES of other patriots and friends who will come when called and surround the “cops/feds” en masse.

          • 7papa7

            Agree, the biggest thing that needs to be worked out is the ability to communicate without the feds being aware. We also need to make sure who is let in so as not to get infiltrated by the enemy.

        • JINX0490

          Sir I myself am only 23 but i already have a gun loaded by my side just in case. I will stand right next to you and fight for the rights that every AMERICAN has. Semper Fi

          • 7papa7

            It is great to hear that so many folks of all ages are getting the picture and that we are basically in the same scenario that we were when our country was founded. We will most likely also have to take the same action and go to war against a tyrannical government. It is our second amendment responsibility. The only good thing is that the anti Constitution libs won’t have guns most likely because they are so against them. That gives the Constitution loving people a tactical advantage.

      • S. Wicks Jr

        I’m with you, just a tad younger 65 and am pretty accurate with a rifle (most calibers). Also used to duck hunt so I do hit moving targets as well…

    • ves

      Yep! Just ask your local drug dealer hooker or Illegal Alien … they can supply all of us!

      • danstewart

        The Mexican drug cartels would probably sell you a few of the rifles that the US government gave them.

      • 7papa7

        A big Amen to that or we could cross the border and be supplied by fast and furious.

    • jag57

      I’m 76 and haven’t been in the military, but that hasn’t kept me from fighting for liberty, for the last several decades.

      Yesterday, I took my 12 year old Beemer to my friend that heads the service dept. at our Toyota dealer, to get a state inspection. He was telling me about what the British had done that brought on the revolution; they were trying to ban guns, probably the ones that were superior to the ones they had. Anyway, this brought the greatest experiment in human liberty, in the history of the world.
      How many are going to give that up? There wasn’t a very big percentage on the side of the patriots, in the revolution, but through divine providence, they prevailed. Thank God.

      • 7papa7

        It doesn’t require military service to be a total patriot, After I got out of the military I have probably done more things for the good of my country than while I was in. More things were open to me than when I was in service because of the military regulations we had follow. When the battle begins, I would not be surprised if the military fought against the government because of the way they loathe obama.

    • Trickydickie

      papa I am your senior at 73 and I also served in the military. I am also an “Oath Keeper”. The only way they will get my gums is to prior them from my cold dead fingers.

      • 7papa7

        I love hearing so many who will keep the oath they took many years ago. It is up to us to make sure that America stays free.

    • $26222150

      Please be clear on this – our rights are not “Constitutional” rights, but human rights!

      • 7papa7

        They are also Constitutional rights under the second amendment. They are both. In fighting in courts though it will be on the Constitutionality not the human rights.

  • jay

    They can go to you know where! I will not be telling the government what I own. Period!

    • Dotti DeGregorio

      Remember this when it is time to vote. No one who supports the confiscation of guns or threatens our second amendment will get my vote, regardless of what party they belong to.

      • Michael Williams

        Just a heads up, I saw 3 Chinook Helicopters circling Columbus, Ohio this morning around 8:00 AM. These are for large air lift troop transports into battle zones and can hold 50 to 60 battle ready troops and all their gear. I have never seen a chinook helicopter in the Columbus area and I have been around for a long time! DHS are prepositioning their troops and assests. I think I may need to quit my job, I don’t want to be near Columbus at this time!

        • Farmer

          Don’t sweat it. 4 million American troops and most of them push paper. The steely eyed killers maybe number 750K. We have that number beat by 20 fold. It won’t happen even if they try. Plus, we are all spread out all over the country. Not like shooting fish in a barrel; i.e. Iraq, Afghan.

        • jbaviera

          I’ve been seeing a LOT of military movement into and out of CMH for the last year, maybe more than I had seen over the course of several years combined.

      • dmoore1961


        • Dotti DeGregorio

          David, thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving in the Army and helping to protect this great country we have. When it comes time to fight I will be right by your side along with my family and friends.

  • jon

    this could be lethal,im gonna keep mine or die trying,my father took a bullet in ww2,and he made me promise to shoot anyone who would confiscate my guns,remember there are over 150 million of us.any way they try it wont be easy

  • yennikcm

    Look at South Africa………………FYI………….

    • Constitutionalgreg2ndamend

      Or Chicago

  • Constitutionalgreg2ndamend

    Well papa I am 78, served my country and won’t allow my country to be taken over by a bunch of commie’s and muslims. My guns will be smoking before they can pry them from my cold dead hands.

  • Chocktaw

    I’m 82 and still a crack shot, I pitty the crew that tries and take me down.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    No way any one will ever know if l have a gun, where it is or even if l own one, they can not search my house without a legal warrant for a leggal charge. And even before searching my house, l want witnesses around to prove they will not plant a gun on me. So, whatever the government do, they better know what our rights are also.

    • edodaniel

      You say – “they can not search my house without a legal warrant for a leggal charge”

      Now, I have to ask how disregarding Constitutional GUARANTEES within the Bill of Rights or the Constitution itself (Obama with a foreign father is not and cannot be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN) has hindered liberals or even many conservatives from such illegal actions. Look what happened to the Branch Davidians and at Ruby Ridge Idaho.

      You need to be contacting your representatives in your statehouse and in Washington to remind them of their oath to support and defend the Constitution and that the Bill of Rights is there as a result of delegates to the ratification conventions DEMANDING those unalienable rights as well as prohibitions of government interference with them be emplaced as a condition of ratification.

      Commenting in forums can’t replace actually contacting your representatives nor does it really do much good preaching to the choir.

      • Conquis

        Edodaniel is absolutely correct. He has already disregarded the constitution. He has 2 court summons since has been stolen the office yet completely ignore it. He is above the law until he is brought to the law. The only way to do that is to force congress’s hands to arrests and impeach him.

        • Charles Jetter

          or we can go to washington and eliminate al the garbage there

          • Black Rain

            When you get there they will be in their demorat hole. Feinstein, Soetoro, Durbin, Chris Matthews, Schumer, Boxer and Biden will be at the door firing his shotgun through the door. If they are going to use drones, I’m going to DC, maybe the drone will miss me and hit the White House. Hope I’m that lucky. 🙂

        • Dotti DeGregorio

          I am all for impeachment and his taking Biden, Eric Holder, Carney and the rest of his a/s/s wiping friends with him. And above all we CANNOT allow Hilary Clinton in the White House.

      • Charles Jetter

        edodaniel, i’ve been suggesting that till i’m blue in the face…

    • MontieR

      Apparently you have not been paying attention. The last NDAA authorizes the president to without ANY crime being committed, to have you forcibly arrested and held without charge, without representation, without ANY contact and also includes termination should you become to aggressive. Read the last National defense authorization act. It grants the government COMPLETE dictatorial power WITHOUT ANY oversight.

  • Rick Zimmermann

    MY FELLOW AMERICANS:ALL of Us that have taken an Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution , “WILL DO JUST THAT” “NO MATTER WHAT” WE WILL NOT LET OUR COMRADES IN ARMS from days gone by “DIE IN VAIN” and I’m Sure that there are Millions of American Patriots willing to “STAND WITH US” DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. CAN YOU HEAR US OBAMA,BIDEN,FEINSTEIN,SCHUMER,Aand the rest of You TREASONOUS DOGS.????????

    • Jay

      I am with you Rick. We must stick together and beat back the treason!

    • $26222150

      I’d love to believe that – but what about the current “comrades in arms” who think they have to blindly follow their commanding officers and will shoot Americans if ordered to? How many of them know that would be an illegal order and would refuse to obey it?

  • Terry Adams

    i iike the saying you want them come and take them

    • Country Lady

      Molon Labe!!!

    • USA Choice user

      molon labe !

  • Truth Rules

    ALL I can say upfront is “ANYONE WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA AND THE LIBERALS ARE RESPONSIBLE for what we are facing now in this country. Don’t let these people take away our RIGHTS.”

  • Granny

    When “they” come for our guns..and they will…the last sound we’ll hear will be pssssst..the sound just before the drone strike!

    • Wayne Ogilvy

      Granny, I hope you are wrong about the drone’s but if you are correct I hope there are enough genious hackers out there that can turn those things around and send a message to the commie’s that it is time for them to go underground,So we can cover their hidy holes with about ten feet of concrete, Let’s see them dig their way out !!

  • Rick Rork

    This isn’t Canada. We will kill all those who come after our guns, end of story.

  • Rick Rork

    When they bring the fight to our homes, our wive’s and children’s homes, we fight. Then we take that fight to their homes. To the homes of their wive’s and children. Let’s see then if the have the guts for this. Let’s see what they are willing to loose for the god Obama.



  • Rick Rork

    I’m so sick of these people!! So stop talking Bloomberg and all the rest of you chowder headed politicians. Let’s do this thing. Come n take em!!!!!!!!

  • Rick Rork

    Remember, this will only last one day. After they drag off their dead they will loose their belly for more.

  • Conquis

    7papa7-Spatcher-Tom M.-Locksmithbubba–Constitutionalgreg–Rick–Chocktaw– Proud to read your post, I am only 37 but would stand with you Gents anytime! I am glad to hear your forever patriotism. I wish I could convince more of my Generation to speak up and stand up to this tyranny.

  • Phil Bronner

    I’ve talked to alot of people who have firearms….I have not heard ONE person say they will register, turn in, allow anyone in their home to check, etc.etc.etc….There is NO Constitutional authority to legislate an infringement on our right to keep and bear arms….

  • Jerry Lambert

    Molon labe!

    This Greek phrase has been used for almost 2,500 years around the world to signify the heart of the Warrior. The Persian Emperor Xerxes came with 600,000 of the fiercest fighters in the world at that time to conquer and invade Greece, then the center and birthplace of civilization as we now know it. King Leonidas was the Spartan General tasked with defending Greece. The conquering Xerxes offered to spare the lives of Leonidas, his 300 bodyguards and a handful of others who had volunteered to defend their country — if they would but lay down their arms.

    In reply, Leonidas shouted back these two words, “Molon labe!” which means “Come and get them!”

    These two words continue to live on as one of the most notable military quotes in human history. Their earliest proclamation began the tradition of true courage and valor in its opposition of overwhelming superiority of numbers.

    So, fellow Sheepdogs, if and when our government officials demand our weapons, reply with the hearty exclamation, “Molon labe!

  • Xplorer

    A new development-All medical equipment manufactured must now pay a new medical sales tax to fund Obamas medicare program. It is supposed to be hidden in a line item sales tax. Cabelas is refusing to do
    so and shows it as a separate tax. Why is Cabelas involved? The inclusions have been manipulated to include all sporting goods, hunting, and fishing equipment. It includes guns! Now, since our guns are now medical equipment, how can they take away our medical equipment rights or regulate our use of medical equipment? Its very confusing.

  • Michael Hallett

    What in the hell is a Firearms Office/Chief Firearms Officer?

  • UnCL3

    One day, the Marxists in this country are going to REAP IT.

    • USA Choice user

      for they shall have sown the wind, and now they shall reap the whirwind !

  • Ian

    Well, I hope that you people mean what you say, because gun confiscation by force is exactly where this is headed. 2 billion nasty rounds of ammo, none of it target ammo, 3000 heavy armored personnel carriers, FEMA troops…WHY??? for WHAT???
    Only a true dumb ass or liberal Kool aid drinker won’t know the answer. I KNOW the answer.

    • Jonathan Lavender Jr

      i know the answer too, that is why i am getting scopes for long range shooting, any armored vehicles with tires, they gonna be changin tires a mile up the road, giving me time to alert the people who live around me to make sure eir arms are loaded and they are ready. the armored vehicles and tanks are so they can blow your house apart if you refuse to let them have your guns, that is why right now everyone needs a long rifle and lots of ammo and get good with it, QUICK! they will get my guns when they pry the smoking hot arms out of my cold dead hands!

  • Buddy

    Im 79 yrs old but can still hit a 5 inch target at 100 yards with my 30 30 and the only way ill give it up is after the fight. I know its possible to take it but ill take several with me.

  • Mickey

    We need to stand united, all of us. I am trying to start a movement…google We need to return this country to Gods principles and let everyone in “Office” know that there are more of us than there are of them. Be one of the patriots walking the sidewalks of your cities capitol on April 30. We need to show our numbers. Lets make April 30, EVERY year, Re-dedicate America Day. Are you with me.

  • JJ_Swiontek

    Some of you don’t know. Registration invariably leads to confiscation which invariably to Democide. (The killing of a ‘undesirable’ demographic, usually killed by the government.)

    Old Armenian saying, “He who wants to take your gun, wants to take your life.”

    Those who love liberty and freedom are the current ‘undesirable’ demographic.

    They mean to subdue us. Those who resist, they mean to try and kill.

    Spread the word and prepare.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    If you haven’t already, don’t register what you have then follow 7papa7. There is also hope that Feinstein’s and Schumer’s unConstitutional attempt to help criminals will die a painful death

  • AL, Orange Park, FL

    I don’t care what the threats are or whatever illegal law they create I WILL NOT register ANYTHING with the fed, state, county, city or whatever government agency …. PERIOD!

  • Daniel Gray

    Ok Once more for the people who refuse to look, ANY attempt at requiring a registration of any gun if said registration list can or will be used as a confiscation list at any time in the present or the future is a FEDERAL FELONY! Title 18 USC Section 926-Gun Control Act of 1968. Punishment for violations of this law are 10 years in prison and or a $250,000 fine. According to federal regulations and statutes, each separate day the law is in violation is a separate chargeable offense complete with prison time and or fines.

    On second thought, maybe we should let Schumer and Feinstein try and get this passed as then we can charge them with the intentional violation of federal law, a felony in and of itself. That means once convicted, BOTH would be forced to resign under federal law and Senate Rules as well as they would be looking at prison time and or a hefty fine. Maybe this would place a cold wet towel on anyone else in Congress that dares try to violate the law?

  • Steve

    so man and woman up and come take them yourselves

  • spinner2

    I was born in 1955 and my father fought in WW2, and my grandfathers in WW1. I was raised to be patriotic and my dad would be rolling in his grave now if he knew there was a Marxist president who is tramping all over the Constitution and Bill of Rights. My dad and all of his cousins were hunters and owned guns. Biden showed his ignorance of guns by saying he told his wife to “get the 22” and point it at anyone coming towards her at their house. Obama is trying to take away all the things that so many men and women have died for. He has made conservatives and Christians and veterans the enemy, rather than the Muslim extremists. Romney won every state that required ID for voting, while Obama won the states that didn’t require ID. Why is it that the liberals fight so hard to get the votes of felons, illegal aliens, dead people, and fight against showing a simple ID and actively hinder getting the votes of our soldiers? One side is clearly evil, and the other side is only partly evil. We need more people like Rand Paul to protect our Constitution.

  • Michael Williams

    We the People better start getting organized it’s about to begin…and we all NO what IT IS…!!!

    • Tom Walter

      See You On The Battlefield. Pass The Ammunition.

  • Molon Labe

    Patriots and Liberty loving Americans:
    We are simply prolonging the inevitable here, the marxists have invaded and will not stop until all of our liberties are taken away.
    I say oathbreakers vote ALL anti-Constitutional, anti-2nd Amendment God given rights OUT NOW, remove our rights and ban our Constitution NOW.
    This “death by a thousand paper cuts” incremental bleed out of our Republic, our freedoms and our liberty is not working in our favor here folks-
    And then try to enforce these laws…. COME AND TAKE THEM, LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED AND FINISHED NOW, on our watch!

    • Indentured

      They have been building their power for many decades. Your vote no longer matters to them as they will have their team invent all the votes that they need to stay in power. Liberal progressives. are the true disease of the USA and Mankind. Their minds are truly demented. They cannot be trusted to include mental problems for gun control because they are mentally unfit themselves. Really. Look at “Do you know who I am?” Frankenstein. Come on! Does everyone need to remind her of who she is? They honestly believe that they were born to dominate as many people as they can. They call that power!

  • ves

    This is happening in California NJ and NY right NOW!!

  • ves

    Everyone I know has been broken into by some of the THOUSANDS of ILLEGAL ALIENS that Janet Illegally set free to menace and attack LEGAL US CITIZENS!! Takes a lot of time to fill out ALL these Reports to let them know ALL of Our Guns and Equipment are gone!
    The Mexican Gov is Demanding a List of US Gun Owners and China the UN and other are Demanding we be disarmed!!
    The IDIOTS in Our Gov are already making the list from all the gun reg records!

  • Eugene Lubben

    That’s what ODUMBA and the socialist want here , to take all guns away from freedom loving americans , they can have my guns when I run out of ammo. and they kill me,,,,,,

  • hangman57

    Sorry I will not give this Government a pick up list of my weapons.Register hell no.

  • moparfan54

    Anyone that registers their guns would have to be a moron.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie”. – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
    Registration facilitates confiscation.

  • sudsy

    I will NOT register my guns for anyone! That is unconstitutional /Bill of Rights! I have had most of them for the better part of my life and they have never been used in an arbitrary manner and
    I hope- I never have to!

  • 9Spoon9

    I’ve been extolling the goal of the Marxist Regime to the naysayers for the last 4 years. DHS & the State of Missouri ‘messed up’ a couple of years ago and label me and all other vets as “possible domestic terrorists to be watched”. That has only sped and increased my efforts to inform anyone that will listen. So many ignorant or ill-informed people from across the spectrum of racial and social statuses. I don’t give a hoot about labels from the destructive clan of politicians. I’ve called some LIARS and have yet to receive any form of rebuttal. There’s a mysterious agent in the air in the Halls of Congress as well as in many city & state office buildings. This ‘agent’ doesn’t affect all; some are immune (very few) and they stick to their guns…literally! Those employed by anti-American departments within the framework of government that continue to work against LIBERTY are either foolhardy, ‘dumb’ or there just to collect a paycheck. They lack any indication of INTEGRITY and will bow and kiss the ground the ‘leadership’ walks upon.

    The Feds may get some of my firearms should they come and break in when neither my wife or I am home…which happens on occasion, but to attempt such moves without absolute stealth will lead to the release of precious metals from my weapons. I’m a career military retiree that ain’t got much but I very much willing to give up my last breath to uphold the Oath I repeated from time to time specifying that “I will defend against enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.

    Amendment II is the Keystone of Liberty. Without the RKBA, not one other law is applicable. Step One is registration, Step Two is selected confiscation of weapons from those declared ‘hostile’ to and by the Fed with Step Three concerted efforts to remove ALL firearms from the citizens. Step four is internment with the Final Step being mass reductions in the number of living, breathing human beings. See Agenda 21 for details.

    I gotta go sooner or later as a place has been prepared for me. By golly…”Let’s go out…In a blaze of Glory” so all good things won’t end for those we fight to protect and provide a future for in this once-great Republic called America! This country can be great again if the corrupted problems are removed with great malice and determination. Local cops, Sheriff’s Deputies and the majority of State Police will not comply and will stand along side the rest of the Patriots as we’re all prepared for and expecting the worst is yet to come but drawing ever closer as the clock ticks off the minutes.

    BTW-That’s a 50 cal spent brass I had just unleashed in my teeth in my Icon. I don’t think there are enough of these powerful tools in the ‘good old boys hands…yet!

    Molon Labe`

  • DLeeHarley

    Papa I’m guess I’m a youngster at 55 but I’ll swear to you on my mama’s grave I’VE GOT YOUR BACK SIR! And always will along with the rest of these here people! You all make me feel proud to be an American! Keep Your Powder Dry! Dennis

  • John W.H.

    Over my dead body!! they can try, I will be damned if I will roll over for these treasonous A$$holes I am 66 and a Navy vet gunners mate we didn’t fight for this country to be over run by commie liberal douche bags. bunch of pantywaist running this country now don’t have a clue about the oath of office they took, When I took that oath their was no expiration date on it !!!!

  • Gary Rister

    it probally won’t let me post but I am 58 and yes i can dang sure what is in my sights/sites and they are dang sure comming for our guns … look at what they did in Australia !! Now you can’t even protect yourself with a firearm … No wonder those Aboriginy Indians still pratice with those blow guns …. lots of string & willow sapplings left in the south … don’t make much noise either !!

  • Jay

    Here comes the “fundamental change” 0 promised us. Wait ’til the low information voters figure it out. That probably won’t happen until their food stamps run out then look out. Zombie Apocalypse! Lock and load.

  • 1trupatriot

    Im still in the National Guard, 3 deployments. This conversation has been around my unit. I havent met one soldier yet that would fire on Americans for not giving up their weapons. Myself, I will be one of the ones they label a terrorist for fighting for the Constitution that I took an oath to defend. I cant beleive by me just beleiving in freedom and the constitution, my own government calls me a terrorist! What the hell is wrong with these people?!

    • Tom Walter

      MOLON LABE III% My Brother. KUDO’s To You. (Army Vet. Took My Oath ’81 13 Bravo) Never Comply

  • 7up

    If they intend to prosecute people for protecting their homes, I imagine home invaders will be buried in people’s back yards and crimes won’t get reported.

  • Hawkeye3939

    Of course I don’t own any guns. But if I did own guns, I certainly wouldn’t allow anyone in government to know that I own guns. Not that I don’t dearly love my country, it’s that I don’t trust the government as far as I could throw it. But just to make it clear to Big Sister: I don’t own any guns. Do you hear me Janet???

  • Dylan Hunter

    Vietnam Veteran of the United States Marine Corps here as well as a News Director for 8 radio stations in Southwestern Kansas. Kansas is in the process of passing the FIREARMS FREEDOM ACT:

    which was first passed in Montana while I was working at some stations in Great Falls a few years ago.

    This Canadian reporter is a smart man and I appreciate his warnings. Did anyone else notice about halfway through the video that Canada did the EXACT SAME THING Feinstein and her lackies are trying to do, ban weapons SOLEY ON HOW THEY LOOK!!!!!

  • Berzrkr50

    I made the decision many years ago to only buy firearms from private parties. I understand the thrill of buying something shiny and new and the pride that can come from that purchase, but something in the back of my mind told me even then that things might get to where we are today. And I’m glad I decided to pass on the shiny and new part. Today I have many fine pieces in near new condition that have no paper trail and I intend to keep it that way. I REFUSE TO REGISTER… EVER! If they want someone to register let them chase additional pedophiles…

  • James Maxwell

    I’m 71 years of age and have owned, shot and enjoy weapons as long as I can remember from the very
    first Rubber band gun made out of old inner tubes, black power up to modern weapons and pistols.
    Shooting is run and relaxing, plus it allows you to put food on the table for your family and defend
    yourself and your family from fools, idiots and criminals until the police arrive. If any political wannabe
    dictator thinks I will ever surrender my weapons or my ability to remain free as an American they need
    to be committed to the nearest asylum for the criminally insane.

  • John Paul Jones

    History when forgotten has a repeating cycle of coming back to cause problems once again! Remember all those Jews did not go to those work camp and the ovens on there own, Adolf Hitler had gun registration and shortly after wards was national gun confiscation! and these STUPID LIBATURDS are the ones that need to go to the ovens.

  • Frank W Brown

    2 BILLION bullets, 7000 AR-15 select fire (automatic), 2700 armoured tanks???????
    Seems to be pretty clear-cut to me that we’re in for a WILD RIDE!! Lock and Load and stock the pantry!!

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    “Yes, that’s right Mr. Gun Confiscation Officer, ya see I gave away all my guns to the Mexican cartels just like Obama and Holder did, so I no longer have any guns in my house.” “Try my school teacher neighbors across the street, I hear they are anti-gunners.”

  • Made_in_the_USA

    In one of the posts below, Dotti rightly states we can’t let our country be turned into a dictator state, but unfortunately we’re just an executive order away. We’re already on the fast track to become the newest 3rd world nation under the failed attempt at leadership by people like bHo, dirty harry, and pelosi, plus a lot of other lower level traitors.

    Now is the time to start letting your state rep’s and senators know that you want voter ID in your state to have it in effect by 2014. That’s the only way we’ll even have anything close to an honest election.

    This is where Texas is currently on voter ID, but I believe anyone can get a photo ID if they really want to vote, all this burden crap is just an excuse to allow fraud.

    >>> From Google (of all places): “The Texas legislature passed a strict photo ID law last year (2011), but it was struck down by a federal court in August and is therefore not in effect for the November election. The three-judge panel ruled it would hurt turnout among minority voters and impose “strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor” by charging fees for those who lack documentation to obtain a photo ID. Texas plans to appeal its case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    ((my note: unless they’re really old, like 200 years old, or are here illegally, they can get the documentation needed. If they’re too poor to pay for it, the state can start a program to charge it off to Medicaid or some other simple method to get a photo ID for everyone. I can’t withdraw money from my own bank account without a photo ID, and the teller knows me personally – I used to work for that bank. Voting IS just as important.))

    Currently, Texas voters do need to present some form of ID, but it does not need to have a photo on it. Current utility bills, government checks and paychecks with the person’s name and address are all acceptable.” <<<

    BTW, it doesn't matter if it's 'slimy obama' at the top or anyone else, we can't let our Constitutution be nullified and we certainly don't want hitlery and/or moochelle on the 2016 ticket!!!

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