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Kids Fishing Teaches Violence – PETA


Kids Fishing Teaches Violence – PETA

This Could Have Been Me – Or You.

I’ve seen a lot of stupid in my day, but I must admit I can’t recall anything quite this outrageous.

Since my very youngest days on this planet, I’ve enjoyed fishing for, frying up and devouring fish. I’ve also enjoyed taking part in the catch and release program that was instituted many years ago as a way to preserve the breeding stock of various species, thus ensuring there would always be fish to eat, so long as I didn’t catch them all. To that end, I’ve learned how to release a fish back to the water very carefully, thus ensuring they’ll continue to live, reproduce and be a viable source for food, if and when I so desired.

The State of Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has sponsored a youth fishing program for many years. It’s simply called “Let’s Go Fishing” and experts conduct hands-on seminars to teach the ages old art of fishing – something that goes back to pre Biblical times.

Imagine my shock to learn that by fishing and teaching children to fish, I’m committing mortal sin and, further, glorifying and encouraging children to become violent!



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  • foxxybey

    I’m glad I taught my two daughters to fish and they can out fish many guys that I know, They and myself belong to PETA, “People Eating Tasty Animal”, steaks our on and fish tomorrow.

  • $12994363

    PETA can shove their collective heads up their collective arses. Won’t hurt a living thing since everyone knows you have to have a brain in order to feel pain.
    Me, I’m gonna go out and “Rip some lips”… WITH treble hooks, of course. Barbed ones.

    • violater1

      You could really have yourself a good time if you treble hook a few of them in the asss just for a good tug on the line! As big a bunch of whimps as they are anything over a 10 to 12 pounds would not be necessary to land them then break their necks like we do mullet down here they are known as lisa to youins yankee types!

  • Gregg

    3/12/2013 at 506Pm. Now fishing is off limits; what will they prohibit next– breathing ? Someone
    needs to yank funding on the NEA yesterday ! Gregg

    • violater1

      They absolutely intend on stopping our breathing why do you think they want to disarm us friend! If you oppose in any way obama and his sicko community of lazy shiftless moochers that will never amount to anymore than slaves and peons to bow down to and kiss the asss of obamas elitest imbeciles having crumbs from his table thrown at them for survival while he could care less if they live or die after their usefullness has passed! No brains no skills no ambition no good for anything productive just moochers, bums, and criminals that is the indoctrinated obamite destined for destruction by either the hands of man or ultimately by the one in which they do not believe exist! They will truely shiit themselves when he does return to put all things right!

  • Bandit

    If these peta idiots had their way then there would be no people on this planet. These animal rights idiots are just out to cause as much trouble for people as they can, don’t go hunting you can get your meats just like everyone else at the market, well who are they kidding do they even know where meat comes from. For that matter do they know where anything comes from. PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals.

  • armydadtexas

    PETA>>>>a group of morons lead by another group of idiots. Did I mention, emotional and illogical morons and idiots

    • violater1

      You only failed to mention that they are beneath the moron classification for they are imbeciles which by dictionary terms is even lower than a moron by psychotic unintellect! I wish I could recall the name of the psychiatrist author of a recent book that the media does not want to advertise like they did obamas piece of shiit drivel! But he clinically clasified the liberals as having a mental disorder well it is a disorder of great dimensions for they truely are imbeciles!

    • Midwestmike

      I was going to post but I could not say it better

  • ves

    Actually Fishing is a very productive teaching tool:
    Patience … control .. enviroment .. conservation .. food chain .. relaxation … good health … increased brain function … companionship … mediation … good clean fun …sharing … individual responsibility …good for the economy … etc!
    Sorry can’t find a down side!

    • violater1

      You are absolutely right on in you post ves! Kudos to you fellow patriot American! You have to really ate vthough these liberalese radical imbecillic.idiotic bunch of publicity seekin jackassses, fpr they never cease t find new ways to piss off folks with good common sense and respect for our Country and its vast recreational resources and fields of enjoyment! Hee I wonder what the fools will have to rape or otherwise assault bird watchers or even animal camera shooting lovers of the outdoors from fishing to hunting to just plain ole observing without infringing on the rights of other participants!

  • mesaman

    This is evidence that logic and rational thinking is extinct among the membership of PETA, in general, and the leadership of PETA, specifically. It would appear that the average member of PETA belongs in a mental institution.

  • Eugene Lubben

    Screw PETA and their fish brains,,,,,

  • UncleBuck

    If PETA didn’t say something stupid on a regular basis, then they would never be heard from again and drift off slowly into the sunset never to be heard from again. Probably be eaten by the sharks that they think should be hugged and domesticated.

    • violater1

      I have heard that they are not even good shark chum! Even The critters shun nonbelievers for they know that they were created and not evolved from seaweed or what ever they have for a theory nowdays! Sicko warped minds wasted on their drug infatuations!

  • Lester Peoples

    If God created them and Jesus told where to catch them, I don’t think Peta needs mentioning in the conversation!

    • Dawg

      Yep, if fish were good enough for Jesus, they’re certainly good enough for me! PETA, get a real life!!!

      • DenverKitty

        Dawg, you just earned “Comment of the Day!” Gratz!!

      • violater1

        The real hitch is they are nonbeievers in the aforementioned lovely name of Jesus Christ! what they believe in their name of the group is synonomous with they are sodomic people of illrepute!

  • Lester Peoples

    Ves, and worms, lol for Peta to eat!

  • Jorgy

    You can’t beat stupid!

  • gundog1911

    These whack jobs are the poster children for the fact liberals are mentally
    ill. These people are seriously deranged. They refer to fish as “someone” as in
    a person. Not something. Bat crap crazy!

  • barbiecakes

    I heard one PETA member call fishing,” aquatic torture.”

  • TexasJester

    Combine this with PETA going after the game Assassin’s Creed 4 because there’s whaling in the game, and PETA has officially LOST IT.

  • ezekiel22

    PETA got upset when they found that the domain was already taken sued and lost. People Eating Tasty Animals was there first the judge ruled. They have been in a snit since. I think maybe an informational protest at their headquarters should be set up. People could show up in leather and fur while eating KFC or a burger. I have yet to see one of them not look like death warmed over. Let the carnivores rule! ; )

  • leewacker

    Kids who are sitting on the bank fishing are kids who won’t be getting into trouble!

  • servant1jkb

    PETA, and we are supposed to be surprised, at their stand?
    After four generations of our children being taught via evolution’s pollutions, that humans are descendants of apes, and we are only smart animals, therefore all animals are equal to humans!
    Until you accept their foundation, we will always be at odds, with all who refuse Genesis i,2 chapters as the full and whole truth.
    AS IF one does not, then they have no base nor foundation to believe ANY OTHER parts of the Book, and that includes all denominations that teach, God created life, and then allowed evolution to take over.
    Sorry Rome, ET AL, it is as the Ten Commandments, we can’t pick and choose, as none are “SUGGESTIONS!”

  • jong

    How about teaching our children then how to catch PETA morons. Of course like many bottom feeders you will want to catch and kill. No telling what you would catch trying to eat one.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    PETA has got to be the most hypocritical, unbalanced organization on this planet. On one hand they want to kill a baby bear because its mother died and now they want us to think fishing is violent. AndI almost forget their ad(s) featuring naked females to protest something or other. Reiman, you and your organization are definitely wackadoodles(thank you big bang)!

  • Jeannie

    PETA needs to be disbanded, defunded, etc., etc., etc. They Are idiots and morons, you are all right !!!! They are delusional in their demands and ’causes’ !!!

  • harkus

    out of 8 kids all but 2 fish which includes 2 girls now women, my 4 yr old great granddaughter is quite a fishergirl as she calls herself along with her parents. kids that fish are not out doing things they should not. I seen a bumper sticker on a car that kind of sums it up, kids that fish, hunt and trap are not out mugging old ladies. not sure if i agree with the trapping part but the fishing and hunting are fine.

  • sgtshel

    Better to train our kids to grow up and become zombies and stand in a bread line!

  • justamused

    If we could just get these PETA idiots to eat each other!!!

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