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Capt. Mark Kelly Doing His Part in Keeping Guns Off the Streets One AR-15 at a Time

2nd Amend.

Capt. Mark Kelly Doing His Part in Keeping Guns Off the Streets One AR-15 at a Time

Mark Kelly, on the afternoon of March 5, bought an AR-15 from Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to his impulse “assault weapon” purchase, Kelly also picked up some AR magazines and a 1911.

The fact that there was an AR-15 for sale in a gun store might deserve an article all its own, but we’ll hold off on that optimistic note. And doesn’t typically consider the purchase of a modern sporting rifle news. But let’s consider who ponied up for this weapon of mass destruction.

Capt. Mark E. Kelly, husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Capt. Mark Kelly, co-founder of Americans For Responsible Solutions, a non-profit created to “limit the sale of high capacity magazines, which are not needed for hunting or self-defense.” Kelly, whose own website describes him as “a combat veteran [who] know[s] the power and deadliness of assault weapons and believe[s] their sale should be limited.”



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  • fliteking

    I am convinced Mark Kelly was buying these weapons for personal use, but was caught in the act so he came up with his ultra-lame story.

    Given his history of military service and in-roads in the Gov’t . . .He felt entitled.

    Perhaps due to the same . . . he knows what is coming.

    • American

      What combat vet ??? he was a flier .(.NOT a GRUNT Rifleman ) Probably the only weapon he has seen is a Bigg boomer handled by his idol Pigglosie or Pigfinstine ,has a permit to own semi-auto weaqpon once upon a time .. The scum in this administration would make a gutwagom smell like a Rose .. LOL

      • Doc

        And I’ll bet he never even qualified with a M14, M-4, but for members associated with congress he might have qualified as a Daisy Shooter; with a Daisy!

        • mogul264

          He’d probably shoot his OWN eye out!

      • James Maxwell

        I was in the USAF for 23 years, 2 years of which were in Viet Nam (66-68). Fortunately
        The only time I came under fire was when the mortor or rocket attack happend or during
        the 68 TET attack. Yes I had access to a weapon if needed, but we had the US Marines,
        Army and our own security forces between us and the enemy. The fact that I was in
        country, to some qualifyes to say we were Combat Vets, in reality the only real combat
        vets were those who went into the bush and fought the enemy and the helicopter pilots
        who risk it all to insert or remove troops from the field. Pilots over North Viet Nam were
        combat vets also as they took fire and some were shot down. That is a confusing
        term that depends upon the point of view of various people and what they did or did not
        do if they were in the military. Bottom line though any viet who wishes to purchas a
        weapon for self defense should be able to do so without interference by some mindless
        left wing liberal socialist who wants to destroy our naiton. But be honnest when you do
        and don’t use some BS excuse for doing so. I will protect my family by any means
        necessary until the LEO’s arrive on the scene and take over.

        • IllinoisHostage

          …..”Bottom line though any “LAW ABIDING CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES” who wishes to purchas a weapon for self defense should be able to do so without interference by some mindless left wing liberal socialist”…..
          P.S. Thanks for your service James

        • mogul264

          As another 20 year (NOT combat-) vet, I’m with you! A “combat vet” is one who has had enemy fire coming at him/her, or was in a dangerous or probable fight area where he, OR she, could easily have had some! Personally, I’m glad I never had that ‘designation’! And, thank YOU, sir, for your service! I’m glad you survived!

    • Grelberforever

      Bet your bottom dollar on it. I heard about this yesterday and he claimed he was purchasing them to show how easy it was to get one. He neglected to mention the three day waiting period, however. He claimed he was going to turn them over to the Tucson PD. Like most Libs, the truth ain’t in him!

  • 4b4mac

    Gotta give these characters credit for their shrewdness. Interesting, isn’t it, that he came up with a “convenient” lie days after finding that he had been exposed for purchase of an AR with large capacity mags – plus a 1911. Such is typical of the liberty killers.

    • jb80538

      No he bought standard capacity magazines, not large capacity.

      • Maddie

        Standard capacity for an AR is 30 rounds.

      • Steve Thomas

        30 rounds IS the “standard” capacity in an AR. We need to stop falling for the liberal crap of calling them “large capacity”!!!!

  • Maranatha Mark

    Of course he was buying it for personal use. But the Dems think that they are above the law, and far smarter than the conservatives. They think of themselves as the Lords and Ladys of America, the monarchy of America; so far above the rest of us they don’t have to observe the laws passed for the lowly people of the general population. If we are talking about Obama supporters, I might have to agree, but the rest of us are more than capable of taking care of ourselves, and making decisions for ourselves.

  • NymRod

    What do you get when you cross a hypocrite with a tyrant?
    Mark Kelly.

  • Mike

    Yes, he is a two faced hypocrite.

    • Barbara Anne Hess


  • Tchiock

    It would seem to me the more AR-15s we have on the street the less chance they would be used by criminals on that street. Mark Kelly should “do(ing) his part” to get the criminal off the street and the presence of AR-15s would help him do that.. What “part” might he do about kitchen knives on the streets when they are used as assault weapons by criminals….?

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Thing about Mark kelly is that he was caught in what they call is worse than the offense, it’s called lying for the cover-up. He’s a full blown Hypocrite and he just got caught.

      • Wayne Klotz

        yes dan..he is a military grad..lying should not come easy.

        • American Vet

          So is Mr John Kerry sec of state , Great hero on swift boat shot a dyng man vietcong Gutless wonder , Hanoi Janes john ,traiter but live democrat . LOL what is theis country going to do ????

    • Wayne Klotz

      that ar15 might have taken out somebody breaking into a place they should not be.

  • wyatt81

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Animal Farm on the present state of affairs in Dem controlled America.

    • ChicagoThunder1

      You know back in H.S. when they had us read Animal Farm and 1984 none of us
      realized that they were programming us. I called 1984 like it was and the
      teacher black balled me for it. In 1968 I was ten a small book store had opened
      up in Chicago off of Lawrence Ave. they had a story time for kids in the
      afternoon where the people would read to the kids and let them check out books
      to take home. It was the Chicago Weathermen and they were teaching socialism to
      us kids. My mom read some of the stuff went to the cops with it that was the
      end of that. However the rest of the summer she took me to see every vet and every
      Jewish person she knew that had those numbers on their arms and explained to me
      what was up. Then when that teacher tried to feed me a load of BS I lit in to her
      about what she was teaching and what the book was about. These people are weasels
      to the max!

      • Doc

        Well, God Bless your mother! It is Americans like her who will save this country from tyrants by raising their children with an appreciation and understanding of liberty.

      • aeronca7acnc85057

        As a flight instructor for forty years I have to think or I die.
        A school teacher has no good reason to think. Most teach only what they were tought to teach. Most can not be easely fired becouse they are public employes, so they take the easy way out.
        I do not know why this would be but through observation I have discovered an inverse relationship between education and inteligence. Mabey with a degree many simply belive the world now owes them a living and they no longer need to think.
        Samual Langley with two enginering degrees and a 50,000 doller grant failed to build an airplane that worked. That was left up to two high school drop out bycycle mechanics.
        Sorry for rambling, I just get fed up with people thinking that education and intelegance are the same thing
        Nothing intelegent to say, I am sure you can find some spelling mistakes.

        • ChicagoThunder1

          You don’t know how wright you are…;-)

        • Steve Thomas

          They are not just public employees, even worse…they are union members!!

      • Aristophanes

        I asked my kids what they were being taught about the holocaust and it was that it never happened. My kids know that what they were teaching was BS and I am glad of that. Unfortunately, there are (and were) a lot of kids who fell for the bull and now we are paying for it.

        • ChicagoThunder1

          “He who controls the past controls the future” It’s the first thing that gets shown in the first 1984 movie.

  • David

    I would like to interject just a little bit of balm onto this discourse.

    I know that I have not walked a mile in Capt. Kelly’s shoes, not have I wept over the grievous wounds his wife sustained at the hands of a madman. I suspect that all of the commenters so far haven’t endured that pain either.

    While we all disagree that it was not as much the implement that caused this tragedy as much as the evil intent of the warped individual, and that Capt. Kelly’s mis-labeling of the problem onto the instrumentality is also flawed, he is every bit as entitled to his opinion as we.

    We don’t have to agree.

    • Wayne Klotz

      YOUR TOO SOFT…. He is a military academy graduate, lying about his right to buy a weapon. That statement would have had him kicked out of the school.. You give him permission to waver from his oath because of his wifes shooting. If that is the officers we have the military is gone.

      • Just a US Citezen

        All the elitists believe they are more valuable then the average American especially those among us who are Veterans . He may have seen combat, However, it was from a fighter jet and /or a Helicopter! I doubt he has any hands on in your face combat experience.

        Anyone ever notice that, the anti gun folks have the Secret Service protecting them and /or the other state / politicians have the State police protecting them and guess who pays for that protection???

        RIGHT the TAX payers who aren’t as important as the Arrogant !@#$%^&*(). Something is strange when we are willing to protect ourselves. I served 20+ yrs in the Marine Corps then 20+ years in Law Enforcement protecting the US Constitution. Only to hear people like

        Diane Finestine tell me Veterans shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms. Politicians and others who are already NOT allowed to own a firearm will vote in favor of more GUN Control.

        Politic ans with GUNS at their disposal and criminals are the dangerous ones.

        We the voters who pay their salaries and retirements of course people on welfare and who receive other free-bees will always vote with the clowns who are so eager to give away our hard earned cash.

        Yet we the voters caused the problem our former employees have become the Royalty in this country and we all have become the peasants!

        • Doc

          Well said ya old grunt. Semper Fi from an equally old Corpsman (1,1,1)

          • aeronca7acnc85057

            And an old Buzzard from Navel Aviation

    • Doc

      No, we do not have to agree but it appears you are saying we should calm down and back off. Why? It seems far better to call a hypocrite what he is rather than allow him to continue to spread lies. There is no need to compromise the Constitution. Every time we meet the Democrats half way we get the shaft the whole way. No more balm. No more compromise. It is time to stand and speak. It is time to fight.

  • hijinx60

    With him being a veteran now having a weapon ( AR15 or 1911 ), heis officially a terrorist by the definition of Miss Fienstien. LOL

    • edro3111

      Yeah! You’re correct! Wait though…..he’s a Dem-Lib. Never mind. It didn’t happen.

  • Lester Peoples

    Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    • Doc

      More likely it is a case of a Democrat smoking pot!

      • Steve Thomas

        Why should the government be allowed to DICTATE whether or not pot is moral??? I am conservative and I think it is just another government intrusion.
        It also costs us $100 billion per year!!!!

  • Jeronimo Dan

    I still say: Let us all step back and say “Hypocrite”…

  • $6006786

    Five youths with guns invade your home. Good luck in stopping them with a 15 round mag. FBI agents invade you home with no warrant, tell me 15 rounds are enough. Military under the orders of a tyrant President invade your home to take your family or guns. Tell me 15 rounds are enough. As a state militia designed to keep the Federal government in check and not give into Federal tyranny, tell me 15 rounds are enough. This man is clueless as to the purpose of the 2nd amendment. The founders said the government is evil by its very nature and must be kept in check. Trusting government is naive and unAmerican!

  • ron44

    hypocrite..that is the only thing i can think off with getting really obscene about him

  • omega2

    I have a MILITARY HISTORY so acording to KELLY, I also have the same right as he does to purchase one of these AR-15 and an 1911 45 AUTO!!!!!!!!! Only difference I dont go around PREACHING HOLLIER THAN THOW TO THE FOLKS AND THEN SNEAK TO THE GUN STORE. Another OBUMMA LOVER, say one thing then go 180 degrees in saying to HELL WITH THE HONOST GUN OWNERS!!!!

  • Dotti DeGregorio

    What a joke. Using his wife’s tragedy to hold press conference after press conference criticizing everyone else and wanting to deprive them of the 2nd amendment but it doesn’t apply to him. He is no better than the rest of the hypocrites who preach one thing for everyone else and another for himself.

  • Rick Zimmermann

    JUST ANOTHER TRAITOR SWINGING ON OSAMA’S ooops OBAMA’S NUTS. COWARD THAT HE IS.and his wife talks out of her ass also.

  • jong

    A combat what??? The man was a aviator not a grunt. He probably has not touched a weapon in years since basic training.

  • Deplorable Ralphwylie

    Maybe Gabby will hold his targets for him at the range? She seems impervious to lead. (I know that is mean to say , but this lying, gov’t-fed tit sucker hypocrite deserves it)

  • CaptTurbo

    Looks like a male body part with ears though lacks the class.

  • paulrph1


  • MarkEntry

    You, the one who’s been waivering over being involved with the evil that is spreading, step forward and reveal the truth. It will set you free, & those who believe in the great delusion will be shocked to learn the truth from an insider. Your time is short, speak out against the destroyers, before it’s too late to speak out at all. God loves you, & he doesn’t want to see you perish. AR15’s are not the problem. Family, & friends who refuse to reveal those who’s stated goal is to massacre their fellow man are the problem. Remember, no speaking out means you are guilty of aiding & abetting by the sin of omission. Treat other people the way you want to be treated, & the world will be a better place for everyone.

  • J L Brown Jr

    This guy really has no idea about the constitution, the bill of rights, what the 2nd amendment is all about,

  • Darius the Mede

    Interesting story here. The jerk probably felt “entitled” to be able to get things that the commoners couldn’t be trusted with. Hey, Nancy Pigosi!! This guy is ex-military. He fits your definition of terrorist. In my book, the real terrorists are in Washington DC, where they are busy trying to abridge the rights and freedoms of citizens in this country. Never forget, the writers of the Constitution insisted on the 2nd Amendment so that common citizens could fight against unjust, tyrannical government.

  • JackDW this will show his Military bio, and that his Combat was off Aircraft Carrier as a Fighter pilot. ( I thank him for his Service.) now the “assault weapon” that is being threatened is not on the fighter planes he was piloting. 2nd amendment is in relation to WE the people being as equally armed as the government so that we can prevent any threat to our liberty, whether it comes from other nations or from within our own borders/government. e.g. Hitler/ Stalin/ Mao/ etc. Refer to the writings of the Founding Fathers in reference to the 2nd Amendment.

  • Sue Grimes

    what a hypocrite.I am really tired of them and their constant “victimization” speeches. They had their 15 minutes,now they need to fade from view.

  • Scooter Orsburn

    I say ignore this whinin’ jerk ! If he had been armed and workin’ the croud , he could have protected his wife as he should have ! The next time he spends a billion $ of someone elses money on a space trip , lets give him enough fuel to get there………..

  • Jackdw ( I thank him for his service) the 2nd Amendment is about We the People being Equally Armed ( as the Government ) in order for us to fight a Corrupt/ Tyrannical Government.e.g.Hitler/ Stalin/ Mao I may have forgot some. Refer to that which the Founding Fathers wrote in reference to the 2nd Amendment.

  • jimmy john

    What a stupid ass, it”s ok for them but not for us piss off

  • jb80538

    Right….He bought it for self defense before he is unable to make that purchase sdue to bans. He also bought several 30 round magazines.

  • 9Spoon9

    He’s Lost in Spaced-Out like a puzzle on the Wheel of Misfortune!

  • Dlbnfla

    So, let me get this straight. A straw purchase is the act of buying a weapon for another person. I can only assume that since Mark Kelly completed the background check form, and was allowed to purchase a weapon, or two, and that his intent was to give those guns to someone else, that his purchase was illegal. He obviously lied on the form. If not then he answered the straw purchase affirmativally, in which case he would have not been approved for purchase. Either way he has committed a crime in the completition of the form or in the transfer.
    He has commited a crime. Where is Eric Holder, shagging balls on the east lawn for odumbass

    • aeronca7acnc85057

      Thanks for pointing that out I missed it

  • Kathy Skaggs

    If he had any experience with guns while in the service he would know the difference between an AR 15 and an assult rifle. It appears that he doesn’t.

  • Stephen Russell

    He gave the gun back to Tuscon PD, how lame, what message?
    Get the Gangs to Zero out thier guns first.

  • jstarusa

    Then he should know the AR15 is NOT an assault rifle.

  • mickey

    Has Mark Kelly lost his mind, throwing in with Obama on gun control. What respect I had for this guy, has gone by the wayside, he’s turned into an unpatriotic jerk.

  • servant1jkb

    WOW! Speaking of “DO NOT DO I DO, BUT DO AS i SAY” Right Captain?

    No, I place no blame on your purchase, to protect you and your family, but do YOU not think this smells of hypocrisy? Meaning you you think it’s A- OK for you to have maximum self defense power but it should be wrong for the rest of us to do the same?
    Yes I wish all humanity would follow all ten of God’ s Commandments, then none have a need to self defense, but that NOT the world we live in now is it?

  • James Kroeger

    Mark Kelly you are a sorry-a$$ hypocritical liar…get a life moron!

  • Steve Thomas

    I don’t understand his statement “background check that only takes a few minutes”. Duh, he does NOT have the gun yet. They are not done with his background check. It is not like going to the doctor where you have to be present for them to draw blood.
    When someone with his military background and political stature cannot take immidiate possesion of a gun, I think the background checks are stringent enough. I also cannot take immidiate possesion of a gun because of an arrest in 1973 for shoplifting that was supposed to be sealed in my juvenile record. How much stricter can they get???????

  • mogul264

    Once again the hypocricy of the liberals is uncovered! It’s “do as I say”, not “do as I do”! Just why is it OK for an avowed liberal extreme-gun-control advocate to buy a ‘forbidden’ weapon, yet not allow any other U.S. citizen do the same? Shame!

  • NRApatriot

    What a freaking hypocrite! May that lieing ass burn in hell! Where his wife got shot was a place that didn’t even require a permit and why the republican judge that died in the same assault wasn’t armed is beyond me! All those people there and no one had a gun but a lunatic?

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