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Sports Illustrated Names Obama One of the Most Powerful People in Sports


Sports Illustrated Names Obama One of the Most Powerful People in Sports

The media’s adoration of Barack Obama knows no bounds.

This week, Sports Illustrated actually named the current White House resident one the most powerful people in sports.

In case you missed it, SI this week released its list of the 50 Most Powerful People in Sports.

Coming in first was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Makes sense, right? Can’t argue with that.

David Stern, the NBA commissioner was next. Fine.

Then SI got a little bizarre for one would think the MLB and NHL commissioners should be next.


In third was Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz who’s looking to sell his sports and entertainment division AEG. Does that make him more powerful than the MLB and NHL commissioners? Or how about John Skipper, the President of ESPN who came in fourth?

MLB commissioner Bud Selig came in fifth, but NHL commissioner Gary Bettman came in 27th. I guess SI doesn’t consider hockey very important.

But the real shark jump – hockey fans should get the pun! – was number 44:



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  • Politicalchick

    Oh my God!. O’Bama one of 50 most powerful figures in sports? For what winning at destroying the country? I didn’t know that was a sport!.

  • Ed Barton

    I’ll never buy or read SI again.

    • Docs357

      I believe that us an excellent suggestion count me in.

    • David Hinsdale

      Likewise. Separation of sports and state. I used to listen to Bob Costas and Michael Wilbon too until they went off topic. Screw ’em all.

  • NotYou

    I guess it makes sense because he has managed to sell more guns in the last five years than anyone thought was possible.

  • GDC97

    Another reason for NOT buying that “magazine.”

  • Crowds Gather

    Obama!? Then again, isn’t SI owned by the Time magazine group? Time is nothing more than a Dem party trade rag these days.


    Yes OBOMA may be the most powerful person in sports it take an ass hole like him an his NATZIE Party to stop the america PEOPLE from have the pertection of the 2 Amendment. So congratulations on the title.

    • Robert Mo

      Hum, I still have my firearm and we still have the 2nd Amendment. The only way the government will get my firearm, is bullets first. You can stop by my place and I’ll show you what I mean.

  • wesvet69

    What a joke, like the Nobel Prize for what?

  • foxxybey

    I won’t let SI anywhere near where I live. How does this guy keep getting awards he doesn’t deserve? I forgot he is the messiah-in-chief, little god of the world, the son of satan and Hitler and is nothing but pure evil.

  • edro3111

    I’ve seen him throw a baseball….he’s a wuss!

  • Bobbi Sue Myles

    SI will never see a dime from my pocket hard enough to keep obama from stealing that dime from my pocket. Not sure what ‘catagory’ obutthead would be in to be Honored by SI as i didn’t know nation destruction was a “sport”

  • Constitution101

    This reminds me of the idol worship of dictators in 3rd world or communist countries. The Nobel Peace prize, the celeb’s, this award, etc. is an example of such misappropriated adoration.

  • fliteking

    From this day forward I have never heard of Sports Illustrated – – – since they have illustrated they are politically “correct”*** morons.

    ***Just how CORRECT can they be when making choices like the one above?

  • Jay

    Sports Illustrated… I’ve heard of them, aren’t they a swimsuit magazine or something like that?

  • mickey

    Since you saw fit to Praise the Arrogant/Illegal/Muslim/Fraud/OBAMA. as a great influence in Sports, let me ask you, do you think that ruining America is a sport? I will no longer be buying your magazine, and I’ve been buying this mag for a lonnnng time.

    • Black Rain

      He’s running America. I haven’t seen him lead anything. Even Michelle tells him when to go to the crapper. When to eat and sleep. Running America, who have you been listening too. Another Barry lover heard from.

  • watchdogman

    I heard that Obama was on his knees in front of Costa….


    Is it that SI is trying to lose readers and influence idiocy????? They will succeed with that kind of garbaaage…The wrong thinking Faker in the WH is selling guns for all the right reasons.

  • barbiecakes

    How silly. The media again kisses his butt. He throws like a girl. I don’t play golf but I know what a proper swing looks like and he doesn’t come even close. He shoots basketballs with the same hand. He’s a Tinker Bell.

  • chet

    Another liberal rag!

  • Steve

    Someone at SI must have a liplock on the little black snake.

  • jong

    Remember as a Stalinist Marxist Obama can not allow anyone to be more popular than he is. No matter what it is. Remember what Obama said about his golf game and “said ” Tiger complimented him??? Made up of course. but, Tiger may have to run for his life



  • sandsto7

    Oh, I know, I KNOW! He hit a few golf balls around one weekend, with Tiger Woods, costing us millions of dollars for his little vacation, so THAT must be why they counted him as so important to sports! That must be it!!!

  • Drout

    Conservatives have got to stop consuming these products from liberal minded corporations. They have seem
    to have forgotten that capitalism is what made them

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