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Colorado ban on campus concealed weapons defeated

2nd Amend.

Colorado ban on campus concealed weapons defeated

Update: … or is the bill really dead? The plot thickens as the Denver Post updates is original reporting, and says Sen. Heath might not have made up his mind… but his Democrat colleagues insist that no, his mind is indeed made up… but the Senate President says those guys are just peddling rumors:

The sponsor of a bill that would ban use of concealed weapons on college campuses said Friday he hasn’t made a decision whether to debate the bill, or just kill it.

Four Democratic lawmakers say Heath plans to set the bill aside.

“I haven’t made my decisions. I’m still working” on it it, said Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, the bill’s sponsor.

But Democrats insist to The Denver Post that Heath had agreed to kill his measure, but then later questioned whether he was doing the right thing.

Senate President John Morse said of those sources: “They were going off rumors.”



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  • USA Choice user

    does’nt matter, the majprity of us will continue to carry either way ! molon labe !

    • violater1

      Pry our cold dead hands huh!?

  • Benjamin Fox

    It’s a start but need to repeal all gun bands, the crooks don’t care about on ink on paper and the nazi’s in government don’t care about citizens and never have.

  • James Somervell

    I thought this was already done in Colorado and waiting for their Governors signature, and then the court fight. Am I missing something here?

    • $26222150

      The bills are in debate now. There’s a confusing medley of them originating in the House, Senate, in debate, amended in committee, etc. So far nothing has passed both houses, as far as I know, so nothing is waiting for the governor’s signature yet.

      • DenverKitty

        And Higgenlooper is an azz.

  • wminaz

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a law enforcement vehicle near my very rural home so no one will be taking our weapons. They are a necessity. Sounds like they are very confused up in Colorado. Probably getting a lot of justifiable heat from the citizens.

  • foxxybey

    I don’t know where this site got their information but, Colorado did pass the ban on campus’s and the other five nazi bills. Setting up more victims for their little hitler in the White House. They will have to guess if I am carrying or not?

  • mickey

    IMPEACH the Muslm.

    • violater1

      No balls no majority no way!!!! Will not happen how much you wish and hope!


    I hate to put it this way but every place the lib easterners have managed to infiltrate has wound up in squalor and disarray, they just manage to squelch commonsense and love to spread misery as they build up their elitism…

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    CO is going to have to hit bottom before they can regain sanity. There’s just too much CA in CO, and CA thinks there is no limit to the damage they can self-inflict in the name of progressivism.
    Good people from CO will migrate to Wyoming or Montana. Colorado is little more than a playground for the left-coast liberals. Pity. It was rather nice when I lived there.

  • DenverKitty

    Praise God! We Conservatives are SO surrounded by liberal democrats that sometimes it’s difficult to breathe. Thanks to all the people who prayed for us, here in Colorado.


    Remember most of the Democrats in 2014. They will take your guns. Then your money and your cloths.

    • violater1

      And your homes and then your life!

  • bob novak

    Why does the left insist on punishing me for a crime I have never, or even thought of committing? My guns are innocent, I’M innocent. Yet I’m the one being punished. Lets punish the pharmaceutical companies for making drugs that caused all these killers to create the mayhem they have. Leave me the hell alone.

  • Rodney

    Vote everyone of them out next time. That is what wakes them up. TERM LIMITS !!!!!!

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