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West Virginias Not Happy with Senator Manchin: Gun Control Getting More Attention Every Day

2nd Amend.

West Virginias Not Happy with Senator Manchin: Gun Control Getting More Attention Every Day

By Ray Vallorani

All the Oscars should have gone to the President, Vice President and the current administration along with 90 per cent of all the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and Congress (and of course the liberal media) instead of Hollywood.

What a great job of acting they are all doing! The political drama keeps going day after day as the administration keeps pushing its gun control agenda on frustrated American citizens.

The current sequester is the ultimate in high drama. Obama says thousands of jobs will be cut ! Everyone in Washington is passing the blame. Is anyone with any common sense running our government?

This administration is continually seeking ways to bypass the constitution in several areas since it has an appetite for more control. Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens won’t help. It’s just another “acting” excuse to disarm Americans and circumvent the second amendment. Having people get their guns registered to protect us from criminals and the insane is just another (they say harmless) attempt to fool Americans.

At a recent gun show in West Virginia the local TV station interviewed citizens. One concerned person in attendance said if the government tries to take guns away, the war will start in West Virginia because people love their guns here. Thousands were in attendance at this very large show up 30 per cent over last year.

West Virginians are not happy with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) who is pushing for a different plan to expand background check requirements. Manchin fired back recently on the news defending himself for his actions. Besides Manchin ,several other senators are calling for a larger gun control package.

American citizens in every state ought to find out where their senators and congressmen stand on gun rights and second amendment issues. This potential infringement on the second amendment must be stopped.



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  • mrsgunnut10

    This is a great and well written Article by Ray Vallorani. I also uderstand that Senator Manchin is very upset and has had enough of the Second Amendment and Gun Control itself. Sorry, Senator, what you have now, is what you get, when you ran for the Office of Senator. You swore to uphold The Constitution of the State of Virginia and ALL of your State’s Laws. If you don’t like or can’t take all of the pressure, then resign and let a Person with stronger mentality take your place. The way you are acting now, tells me that those same Virginia Voters, that put you in Office, do not want you there any more.Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired

  • Seeker1212

    The amazing fact, the forces that we pay to control our lives are really less than ten percent of the population that they control, and this is possible because we live by the laws that the ten percent establishes to protect themselves from the other ninety percent.
    As long as we the American public allow our elected officials to pass laws that strip us of our liberties, this emboldens them to further strip us of our constitutional rights as well.
    It would be no problem at all for the ninety percent of the population to correct this situation if they really wanted to.
    These elected officials should be considered as criminals of the state being Treasonous and should have to pay the ultimate price for Treason, only then can we restore America to the great nation it once was.

    • Bruce A Silver

      Great write, but it is far less than ten percent. Were talking about less than seven hundred people that try and ruin our lives in order to maintain their power.

  • Kartua

    I just heard on the NEWS that unemployment was down to 7%. HUH! Is that logical?

    • NRApatriot

      It is a LIE!!! After their unemployment benefits run out they stop counting them! The actual unemployment figure for the entire country is around 24 percent but you wont hear that from the Obummer controled media!


    why can’t i tweet over 117 characters?

  • fliteking

    We need to pay attention to all those that oppose the second amendment on any level.

    So, if you have any Bon Jovi in your music collect – – – throw it out.

    Typical hypocrite.

  • ReaganConservative1

    Just remember West Virginia you reelected this twit over Republican John Raese so now suffer with him.
    As your stuck him until 2018.Unless you have a recall provision is your state

    • edro3111

      Was wondering the same. If they DO have a recall provision, they need to go for it!

    • Randy Phillips

      Do you think that Robert (KKK) Byrd would have done anything different? Things in WV are starting to change since his death, as I knew it would. Dems have had a stranglehold on WV for years because of the unions and Byrd. Now that Obama has declared war on the coal industry and Byrd is dead, a lot of government money is drying up to WV. WV is evolving into a more red state now. Manchin has his job to fear. He promoted himself as a conservative Democrap. That is just about an impossibility. He said that Congress was not going to cram ObamaCare down our throats, but he voted for it. He was supposed to have an A rating with the NRA and yet wants to vote for gun control laws. Unless he can pull a rabbit out of his hat, Manchin is in big trouble. This might be another chair in the senate turn R from D.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Ban Manchin and vote him out

  • Russell

    Recall – Recall – Recall — What’s the matter with you people in West Virginia – are you going to get mad and throw a little fit behind the barn or get rid of that bloodsucking Anti-American parasite that takes your money and stabs you in the back!!!! Are you going to let him keep telling YOU what is best for you ?????

  • John Paul Jones

    Over four years the feds have had no budget but they are quick on gun/people control, this should tell you something about these ASSCLOWNS!

  • Fourth ID

    West Virginia has a Recall law on the books.It covers 2nd amendment infringment.Go get him West Virginia!

  • Bruce A Silver

    Well Obama has created hundreds of thousands of government jobs since he came into office, it wouldn’t bother me at all if those jobs were ended as we don’t need or want these non productive jobs anyway.

    • NRApatriot

      All those government jobs are actually doing more harm to our country than good! All the bureaucratic B.S. is the reason most manufacturing jobs went off shore not to mention the harm unions do to employers!

  • bananafanafo

    If U go to gun shows. Find the organizer & ask Y the don’t have a voter registration table!! You can take voter registration forms with you (free a post office in lobby) & Let them lay on someone tables. But NEXT show have them set up table with large sign (Really doesn’t need manned by a person/unless U have some1 who wants to)

  • Chief_Cabioch

    Federal Gun Laws are Unconstitutional, America went from 1776-1927 without a SINGLE Federal Gun law…..

  • Marlin208

    They know the war is coming, that is why they are stocking up on ammo and AR-15’s. You must ask yourself one question before it starts. Are you willing to live on your knees or die on you feet.
    When a government gets this far out of control there IS only one answer and believe me, it is coming folks.

    • NRApatriot

      Ready as I can be! Hard to keep in practice when you can’t find ammo! Reloading as much brass as I can find! Keeping my deadliest ammo stashed until the militia commander gives out the call to arms!

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