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Bipartisan Bill on ‘Straw’ Gun Purchases Clears Senate Panel

2nd Amend.

Bipartisan Bill on ‘Straw’ Gun Purchases Clears Senate Panel

In a possible harbinger of bipartisan support for a small piece of legislation to curb gun violence, the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved a measure that would make the practice of illegally buying a gun for someone else a felony, and increase penalties for the crime.

The measure, which addresses so-called straw purchasing, passed the committee by 11 to 7; the only Republican to vote in favor was Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa. Mr. Grassley’s nod on the measure, which already had two Republican co-sponsors, was significant because he is the most senior member of the committee. The panel is comprised of 10 Democrats and 8 Republicans.

Several Republicans spoke out against the bill, including Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who said the legislation seemed designed “to show we are doing something,” but in the end would not be effective in halting gun crimes.



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  • jong

    Well lets hope enough senators wish to be re-elected or have a happy home coming when it lets out. It stands little chance in the House which seems to finally to have found its balls.

  • rikker45

    do nothing, do gooder bills aimed at harassing law abiding citizens.

  • 7papa7

    What part of shall NOT be infringed do these gun grabbers NOT understand? Are they stupid or just want to destroy our Constitution or both?

  • Witt Dbs

    But they will gladly buy a drink for someone who will be driving dui on the way home and is 90% more likely to kill children.

  • Chuck S

    Great idea, but why would this law be enforced any better than the other several thousand or so?

    Last year something like 12,000 background checks were declined. Of those, only 44 resulted in enforcement action. Convictions and penalties? Thirteen.

    Along the way, the BATF allowed hundreds (thousands?) of guns be sold to straw purchasers, even when the dealers knew it was a straw purchase and wanted to decline the sales. How many prosecutions have come from that little bit of petty crime? None, and none expected.

    From now on we should demand that any new law have a realistic way to measure it’s effectiveness, and a requirement to be reauthorized based on that effectiveness, every 5 years. And, any law that cannot be demonstrated by the Justice Department to be effectively enforced (measured by successful prosecution of more than 33% of known violations) over the last 5 years, must be rescinded.

    These are reasonable and balanced approaches to gun laws. So let’s get them into effect. For the children.

  • reggiec

    A little clarification is needed here. Am I a straw buyer if I buy my granson his first 22 or shotgun as a gift? What if I sell a firearm to someone on a government “watch list” placed there for purely political reasons? Can I will my firearms to my survivors without having background checks done on them before I die?
    I just made up my mind. I will do what I darn well want to with my firearms. The government can travel to the earth’s center.

  • shamu9

    Speaking of Bogus Gun Control Bills–How much Welfare will The Great and Powerful Obama pay His and Holder’s “People” after they Dis-Arm and march all the White Middle Class Tax Payers to the OVENS?? Do these Nizzos think that the Kenyan will still Pay them to Lay around, smoke their Dope of Choice, and Breed?? Hell No!!, in the NWO, of Obama, they will be in Chains, Working for bare subsistence, Supporting their NWO Elitist Masters, like the Jews did, in Hitlers Europe! A person would think that these Recipients, who voted the Welfare Commie Dem-O-Crat- Ticket would Realize that They are the Next in Line! But, If you never had to Work (since Birth), and were A State Raised Recipient, your Thought Process does not Extend that Far!!

  • Frank W Brown

    Speaking of straw purchases and gun running, the first prosecutions should be e.holder and b.obummer over Fast and Furious!

    • Rosie46

      They broke existing laws and all proposed laws and hundreds were killed with those guns, many of which are still in circulation. They trafficked guns into another country without any notification or permission. The question is why is Holder not in jail?

  • Politicalchick

    Am I missing something, isn’t already a felony to purchase a gun for someone else?

  • harrison j. bounel

    no one address’ mental health. lock them up as they did prior to the 70s when they turned them all loose on the streets. try taking guns away from criminals,not law abiding citizens. they are stupid as can be

  • Frank W Brown

    If they pass this bill, the first prosecutions for straw purchases and gun running should be AG e.holder and mr. obummer himself for the fast and furious scheme! There are many instances of impeachable offenses that no one in congress has the balls to prosecute!

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