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Joe Manchin’s Had it Up to Here with Guns. Seriously. Really.

2nd Amend.

Joe Manchin’s Had it Up to Here with Guns. Seriously. Really.

Come on, have a heart. You have to feel for Senator Joe Manchin. At least a little. It’s been so hard for him since Sandy Hook. Put yourself in his shoes for a minute. He sold himself to the red-trending voters of West Virginia as someone with whom their gun rights would be safe, Democrat party affiliation or not. So to show his independence from his party’s orthodoxy, he plugged a copy of the Obama-supported cap and trade bill with his real-gun-owner huntin’ rifle to soothe all those Mountain State coal miners. And he wore his NRA A rating like Hester Prynne. Mission accomplished! Joe managed to get himself elected to the Senate, filling Bobby “I’m Moving As Much of the Federal Government to West Virginia as I Can” Byrd’s seat. And he was reelected to a full term in November. Then came Newtown . . .

That’s when the cracks appeared. A-Rated Joe began to waver in his much-touted Second Amendment support. He said he was “changed” by the horror that was Sandy Hook and signaled that no matter what he he may have posted to YouTube during that long-ago campaign, he was open to “common sense” gun control measures. For the children.

There was only one problem with his little epiphany — it didn’t sit well with the home folks. And they let him know about it in no uncertain terms. So Ol’ Joe, who can’t be accused of not knowing which way the wind’s blowing, tacked back the RKBA way. The most dangerous place in Washington suddenly became the space between the Senator and anyone who even looked like a member of the press who’d quote him as saying he won’t take away West Virginians’ guns.



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  • StarDust Dolittle

    WV are not happy with Manchin, He is too power hungry.

    • gwinf

      Specifically, he is hungry for personal power. To heck with power to the people. Does WVa have a recall clause? If not, that should be the first thing the people should work for. If they make a promise in campaign and then reverse course after the election, the people should have the right to recall them.

    • 11toes6

      Them they need to recall his ass and put him on the road to some of liberal state.

  • treas54

    “I’ve had it up to here” with Machin’s 1st Amendment rights. Our troops have given their lives for our God given rights.

    Rot in hell traitor Joe.

    • Doc

      Well said. Joe should be required to justify why he gets to speak; after all his speech MIGHT be harmful to the public. Only certain people, like those with special talents, should be allowed to speak their minds. Perhaps the First Amendment should be restricted to, ah, Democrats only?

  • $13614178

    Joe Manchin is just your typical politcal a–hole politician , they should ALL be burned at the stake just like a witch , I don’t really see much difference .

    • Black Rain

      Don’t be so hard on Ol’ Joe just yet. Lets see how it votes in the up coming senate gun bill.

  • jag57

    Joe Machin needs to wake up to the fact that there is no such thing as a “gun free zone,” only a “gun free killing zone.” Why is this so hard to see?

  • Daniel F. Melton

    I’ll bet that the citizens of WV are thinking serious about a recall election…..

    • alvin691

      No they aren’t, they love Joe. Look at the history of A James Manchin.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        They can’t be that dumb, can they?

  • rocka692

    All moves against the 2 Amendment of the Constitution fall on the shoulders of the House and Senate regardless of who they may be! “It shall not be infringed” There maybe a lot of house cleaning in the Senate and House in 2014.

    The communist in both parties have taken over and who’s left is afraid to stand up for our rights! Keep in mind Joe Stalin did it with a little truck and movies which traveled around in the USSR and showed movie in black and white tell everybody what a great person he was! I have read estimates of 30 million people died for not supporting the regime in USSR.

  • Bisley

    Hopefully, the people of WV will stop voting for the Ds, who continue to Destroy their economy and Destroy their rights.

    • 2bvictorius

      You have to remember WVA voters kept Robert Byrd in office for about fifty years and several other democrats including Rockefeller in office for decades, all of whom combined kept WVA ‘s economy about on par with the poorest countries in South America and were it not for food stamps, medicaid and other welfare programs, WVA would be more like Kenya or Mogadishu.
      The voters knew Joe Manchin was/is a socialist and that is why he won and will will win again.

      • alvin691

        Byrd did not loose an election, he DIED in office. Yes they are that stupid.

        • DrZarkov99

          Yeah, I even had a WV resident asking why I would want to live in a hick place like Oklahoma!

          • Chief_Cabioch

            Oklahoma is GODS Country, it has the most diverse terrain of ALL 50 states and the only thing we dont have are snow capped peaks…

          • DrZarkov99

            As a relocated refugee from the Washington DC crazyland, I appreciate the wonderful people and the variety of experiences to be found in OK. The fact that it’s one of the most economically healthy states with low unemployment and a growing business base doesn’t hurt.

        • 2bvictorius

          Thanks: Yes I knew that Byrd died while still holding office but I have no doubt if his name had been on the next ballot he would have won by a landslide and the voting records would have shown he voted for himself. I lived and worked for about three years in WVA. and was also a frequent visitor there for the next twenty years, and when I spoke out against Byrd, it sometimes got pretty interesting, especially in some of the more fun bar rooms. AHH, it was indeed among the best of the good ol days.

        • Chief_Cabioch

          he was also a KKK Kleagle which is a “recruiter”

    • jong

      Or make it very very difficult when he goes home

  • Dempsey Coleman

    Joe Manchin I guess he would rather take your Guns than take
    one on his Glass Jaw or his Chin I guess for you you little PEONS
    (PEE ON YOU)

  • jstarusa

    Now theres a man that stands tall by his word, right? NOT! Typical politician, no more, no less. I dont feel sorry for someone who doesnt stand up for their convictions, and caves at the first sign of a problem. No Mr. Manchin, its not for the children, its for yourself!!

  • Doc

    I said it back then and I repeat it now; you cannot trust Joe, or any Democrat when it comes to the Second Amendment.

    • scsmec1

      Manchin is an Obama white boy!!!!!!!!!!

  • sassparilla

    To the people of the Great State of West Virginia: Piss On Joe 🙂

  • armydadtexas

    I hope to God, the voters of WV never forget or forgive the deliberate, sleazy, back stabbing LIE Manchin proclaimed to them about the 2nd Amendment. It is going to be lying pukes like him that cause our nation to melt down into Civil Unrest, that will not end peacefully. Americans SHALL not be lied to. Americans RIGHTS will not be stolen from them by LYING, LEFT WING, RADICAL, EXTREMISTs. This SHALL NOT STAND . The 2nd Amendment SHALL STand, whether the democ-RATS like it or not.

    • ves

      We have our own TRAITOR JOE sitting in Texas
      House … same bull*hit!!!
      He’s the reason Texas has not already protected itself!
      The only thing that will save any of the States is a lot of DoubleTaps!

  • disgusted

    To ALL Senators, Congressmen/Women, House Representatives. You do not Rule Us We Rule you. If more than half of your state is against gun control or anything else YOU will do OUR bidding. YOU work for US not the other way around. WE WILL FIRE YOU WITHOUT BENEFITS. I tell all of you to let your Senators, Congressmen/women, House Reps know. Write, Phone, do what you have to. We The People is who they work for. NOT some Agenda or Party. Put them on Notice. Be Strong and Move On. After we take them down one at a time for not doing their jobs then the President will be next. I SAY ENOUGH!

  • Chief47

    Wait until next election, Joe, and you are going to see how much the people of West Virginia are fed us to here with your shenanigans too. Enjoy your first term, it WILL be your last.

  • CyclingFoodmanPA

    Traitor Joe. Just goes to show you CAN NOT trust a Democrat. Believe me, I live in PA and too many morons voted for Bob Casey. He was “totally for the 2nd Amendment” before he was “against it because of Sandy Hook.” I will NOT forget how my Senator votes and WILL make notes for the next election and send those notes to EVERYONE I know! I don’t forget!

  • John Detwiler

    Anyone who votes for a leftist or progressive has to be an idiot. They have nothing in mind but their own agenda and it matters little how it will harm those not in their conclave. In other words they are so power mad that they are delusional, and frankly leftist thinking has been described by psychirists are a psychosis. So if you vote for them you are, or could be suffering from the same affliction.

  • chuckles1954

    The thing about Joe is 9000 coal jobs were lost Oct of 2012 in WV. To snuggle with Obama and then say uncle on guns, I don’t get the voters. Before Obama is done with coal, WV will all be on food stamps.

  • M.J. Nellett

    the Constitution of the United States says that our Second Amendment rights “shall not be infringed.” It means that no government entity has the right to take our guns away. Stop the lawful purchase of said firearms as long as we pass a reasonable criminal background check. The government cannot deprive Americans citizens of ammunition for those guns in order to curb the use of said guns. Obstacles, restrictions, and overly burdensome regulations are unconstitutional if they are merely intended to hinder the possession of said firearms, or the right to own them. Unless the politicians (especially in Chicago, and New York can guarantee our safety on their streets then they really have no business telling us that we do not have the right to carry our weapons on our persons for self defense. By the way, to the Police Chief of Chicago, I hope people stop coming to your city, you Moron. You will order your cops to shoot anyone with a legally concealed weapon if they draw to defend themselves, or another citizen in your city? Who in the H..l do you think you are, Heinrich Himmler??!! This is still the United States of America!! West Virginia deserves better than the late Robert Byrd, and Joe Manchin.

  • foghat

    Beware of democrats wearing Progressive clothing !

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