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Smoke a Joint, Get an ObamaPass, Sell a Gun to a Joint Smoker, Go To Jail

2nd Amend.

Smoke a Joint, Get an ObamaPass, Sell a Gun to a Joint Smoker, Go To Jail

Sell a gun to someone who smokes a joint, get 20 years in jail

It’s Looney Toons on Capitol Hill.

Everyone’s heard about the “red herring” Feinstein Gun Ban, which “red state Democrats” will vote down in order to pretend they’re “pro-gun.”

But the bigger danger is that Obama will sign “non-controversial” gun control which is just as dangerous, but no one but us is talking about.

Take the gun licensure bill which anti-gunners are trying to dub the “gun trafficking bill.” In the Senate, the bill is S. 54, and was introduced by Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy (D-VT) — although it appears that it could have been drafted by an intern.



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  • Benjamin Fox

    Obozo thinks he is Hitler returned and is nothing but a Kenyian who needs to go home and herd Sheeple, a pure idiot. spend more money on a golf game then what would have been paid to over 300 federal workers. A real clown-in-chief.

  • sandman

    All the idiot is washington, must be smoking something, to think they can keep on BSin U.S. forever, even with the media at their beckond call! there is no other reason! other than they are a bunch of stoned out fools!

  • polmutant

    sheoples do not need guns anyways, they just need sheared, butchered. so whats the big deal? all the american sheoples cry ” take our wool, eat our children, only give us grass to eat”. they coarse ” I am a man! a proud American man! can i have a food stamp? someone pay my utility? my apartment? buhahahaaa, men and women in America? no just sheople and sheople do not need guns. after all there is your god, the commie pink kenyan, and the whole governemnt eats from his hand. bow you sheoples and kiss his feet.

    • jstarusa

      I dont think its his feet they are kissing!

      • polmutant

        well the other choices are just out of my imagination. do you know why barry wears hat while sitting on the toilet? so he can remember which end to wipe. see what i mean?

  • John Paul Jones

    obozo has had no budget for more them four years but his gun grabbing takes top priority in his corrupt administration, so please remember this when you have to deal with a libatard and most likely on welfare and food stamps and maybe illegal!

  • CaptTurbo

    Apparently, it’s OK for a pothead to have an armed Secret Service detail though huh?


    niggerization of a great white nation.

    • MarkEntry

      You sound like a liberal troll. Because, only liberals talk like that. Just another low blow from the leftists

    • Jay

      Go back to the HuffingGlue Post you racist troll.

  • Terry Adams

    shell game they use it all the time.. give you something else to watch while the slip what they really want behind you. and the dumb people of this country fall for it every time… wake up fools before its to late.

  • $13614178

    Hey , we apparently LOVE communist dictators , after all we keep electing them , and re-electing them , and just in case you are stupid , ALL democratic DEMONRATS are Communists . Obamass , Pelosi , Reid , Lee Jackson , Ellison , who the hell is so damndedly ignorant so as to vote for those kind of a–holes ?

    • Jay

      Good question. Ask the people of San Francisco, Chicago, New York, etc. etc.

  • AppraisHer

    Smoke a joint in public, the liberals cheer you for being “organic”. Smoke a cigarette in public and the same liberals will call you a risk to their health and the health of every living thing on the planet.

    The joint smoker is a free spirit, the cigarette smoker a pariah.

    Once they convinced the “free thinking” liberals to strip smokers of their rights, it’s easy to “executive order” all the other rights away. This is where it all started.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    What can we expect from the leader of the “Choom Gang”?

  • mthammer

    They will never take our guns bur remeber who the senators and reps are who want to take your guns . They will come up for election and tell them no guns no reelection. Hold them to it and bring it up when they want your vote , they will lie and tell you storis but keep their honsty above their lies

  • Centurion ‘

    If the same criteria for gun legislation was required to hold Public office the White House would be empty. Maybe that’s a proposal the people will get behind.

  • Sgt. York

    Sie mussen an der Aufmerksamkeit stehen, ist hier der grobe mann.

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