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NY Governor Exempts Hollywood From State’s Tough Gun Law

2nd Amend.

NY Governor Exempts Hollywood From State’s Tough Gun Law

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t intent on letting the NY SAFE Act, his State’s extremely restrictive and reactionary new gun law, hamstring police and the film industry from access to weapons that are now illegal for residents.

After rushing to pass one of the Nation’s toughest gun laws on Jan. 15 (without public hearings or the three-day waiting period required by the State constitution for any new bill), Cuomo is now telling reporters the Legislature needs to revise its language to accommodate screen productions filmed in New York so they can portray assault weapons.

Also under the “corrections,” as Cuomo describes the revisions, cops would be allowed to continue wielding high-capacity guns now off-limits for regular New Yorkers. They also would be allowed to bring their firearms onto a school campus without clearance from school personnel.



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  • fliteking

    The headline is not a shock.

    A recent poll demonstrated 88.7 % of NYS Citizens lacked the ability to use common sense when making decisions.

    • joanc

      It’s obvious that Governor Cuomo is the one who lacks Common sense. He seems eager to make a name for himself and he has succeeded, only it can’r be used in polite company. How do people vote these ##*#*#* into a ruling positions, or is it just one more case of voter fraud.

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    How long are New Yorkers going to put up with this clown and his boytoy bloomers ? I know there are still Americans in NY so what are you all waiting for ? He/They are violating the constitution of your state and the bill of rights of the USA. Can you say RECALL ELECTION, TREASON, HIGH CRIMES AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE. Dammit do something, Or is that a crime against our King’s and rulers now ? If you have lost the will to live free and self govern then do nothing and submit to your superiors, If you wan’t to return to them working for you and self reliance then we will as a nation of free born citizens, Not subjects have your back as they say, We will also restore the rights of the free people all across America as will be required. Your state is not the only one with corrupt self serving lying politicians, Yours just happens to be high profile and they don’t care who knows about their BS because they view themselves as above the law and are of the opinion that you and I are spineless worms to do with as they please. If you decide to stand up and say enough, No more, You have gone too far and we are done listening to you criminal’s. Let the rest of America know what we need to do to help ! Don’t be too proud to ask for help that’s what we American’s do. God bless and good luck !

  • steve

    what does hommo think hollyweird is a part of congress that laws written for Americans dont apply to them!

  • $13614178

    They ( the New Yorkers ) elected the stupid b–t–d , let them live with it .

  • Jay

    Of course the Cuomonist will allow his propaganda wing and private army to have whatever weapons they want as long as the sheeple are disarmed.

  • Cooleemee Edd

    Cuomo is just another big-city thug who must be getting Hollywood payoffs to encourage violence and crime while keeping law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. His day will come. Keep reloading, America!

    • joanc

      He is probably aligned with former Senator Dudd, oops Dodd, who skated for so many years in DC by XXXing the ### of lobbyists and creating a flawed bill with Barney Frunk,sorry oops again,that should be Frank. Dudd is now a Hollywood Honcho and no longer tied to Connecticut– for which many residents are grateful.

  • ves

    So as long as you are rich trash you can keep your weapons….why should anyone be surprised!!

  • Richard Broussard

    That’s about right wonder why all Firearms Manufacturer s are leaving or refusing to sell in this state or any others that impose illegal laws. This a sad sad time for our country..

  • LatterDayEsther

    Why don’t we just favor certain sectors of the population???

  • pduffy

    How about we make a new law, punishable by life in prison, for any politician that creates a new law that ‘exempts’ a special group? Either the law applies to ALL CITIZENS or it is NULL AND VOID, and that politician is NULL AND VOID!

  • william C

    So Cuomo is using Obama tactics – bypassing the state legislature in this case. I have seen reports that a number of gun manufacturers and vendors are threatening to refuse to sell any weapon to the state’s police authorities that is illegal to sell to a civilian – including ammo. Some have even decided to leave the state. Good for them.

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