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New Video Destroys Myth About Large Capacity Magazines

2nd Amend.

New Video Destroys Myth About Large Capacity Magazines

A new video obtained by the Citizens Committee for the Right to keep and Bear Arms destroys the myth surrounding so-called “high capacity magazines” by proving that determined shooters using smaller capacity magazines can fire just as fast, and in some cases even faster despite having to reload.

The startling video demonstration, conducted under the supervision of Boone County, Ind. Sheriff Ken Campbell and funded by ArmaLite, “throws cold water on anti-gunners who argue that magazine limitations are necessary to prevent mass shootings,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb. “We are all indebted to ArmaLite for this informative effort.”

“Under Sheriff Campbell’s supervision,” he explained, “two shooters – an experienced man and a novice female – are able to repeatedly fire 30-round shot strings at three targets, using 15-, ten- and six-round magazines, all in under 30 seconds.”



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  • bhudda

    That’s the gospel in a nut shell .

  • shrgngatlas

    But we have to do SOMETHING. Whether it makes sense or not, or whether it might work or not, and even if it will probably have unintended consequences way worse than doing nothing doesn’t make any difference. We just have to do SOMETHING! */ sarcasm off

    • Steve Thomas

      A definition of insanity is “to repeat an action and expect a different outcome”. By that definition, anyone supporting the ban on “assault rifles” is insane because IT DIDN’T CHANGE ANYTHING LAST TIME!
      If we must do SOMETHING, why don’t we try something that actually worked…somewhere…anywhere.

    • cool breeze

      hey dumb ass how about we shoot back

      • shrgngatlas

        I didn’t really think I needed a sarcasm warning. Duh. But I put one in for you.

  • John Kugelfischer

    I’m a gun owner, and second amendment proponent. I’m carrying RIGHT NOW.

    BUt, this study is skewed, unintentionally or by flawed design.

    THe flaw is that a bad-guy shooter will invariably FUMBLE with his magazines. They won’t be sitting on a nice blue barrel at chest level for him to grab and reload. They’ll be in a coat pocket, or a tac vest or a shoulder holster-carrier, or in his carry bag, or something.

    And that is the point, is it not? Which this “study” studiously ignores.

    You guys are like Republicans. If you PRETEND that the issues AREN’T really the issues, you just make more democrap officeholders.

    The problem is that with 30-100 round magazines, a crazed nutjob shooter DOESN’T FUMBLE in order to commit his killings. HE HAS no problem killing, and swapping out a 100-round AR magazine is no sweat. Of course, if there are any gun owners in the room, they’re hearing NONSTOP shooting. If one of the men present is thinking of being a hero, he won’t know when to make his RUN.

    The portion with “runners” is deceptive, sorry fellas.

    • pduffy

      Columbine shooters didn’t fumble.

    • AtlasObjectivist

      The bigger point to take from this would be the difficulty of reloading for the law abiding citizen in a self defense situation. What is your point? Let me guess – “what do you need a high capacity magazine for?”

      • NolanR

        For when the fema thugs come to haul your ass to the concentration camp to await the death squad.

    • LLinLa

      The point of this exercise is to highlight that there is little difference whether you have a 6’er or a 30’er if you know what you’re doing. Sen. Feinstein is a “do-gooder” Democrat and as usual practices the usual “compassionate” exercise of legislating “unintended consequences” laws that sound good to ignoramuses and make no sense to people who know what the issues are. The boondoggle “straw man” argument of being “pro-gun” to protect hunters but limit murderers is highly unconstitutional without a logical argument to be had in the terminology nor the precedence and intent of the authors of the 2nd Amendment. But trying to explain the Constitution to her constituents and other (p)sycophants who can’t do other than read into an agenda what they want the Constitution to mean, I know bricks that listen better. I praise the good sheriff for his fine logical demonstration. Fine for this choir but wasted on the brain dead . . .

  • conservative

    I did note one small trick that they used. They fired one round short on the first magazine. This kept them from having to release the slide on the reload. Just an observation.

    • Jay

      And a good “trick” to learn from a self defense standpoint.

  • Sloblo

    I note with interest the very last screen in the video where it says something to the effect that there are thousands, even millions of high-cap mags already out there. Banning new ones would take at least one, perhaps more generations to have any real effect on any crazed shooters accessibility to them.

    Not my comment, theirs.

  • gailfilerino0403

    Oh my goodness! When the lying leftist see this they’ll try to ban this gun. You do know that they’re goal is to disarm Americans like they did in Australia. In fact they are using the Australian tactics. Make the sane look insane with the low information Freebie voterS that have no idea what living in a communist country means. They think freebie city will go one as usual but as more and more people go on the take less & less they’ll get on the road to pure proverty. Isn’t that exciting! See nothing is better than being free & working for your own stuff. But take our guns & freedom to speak and you have NOTHING MY FRIEND! NOTHING!

  • Jay

    For an inexperienced shooter, Christy counts her rounds pretty well.

  • NolanR

    I bet in those jews Poland and Germany would have loved to have com AR-15’s and 30 round mags.

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